FE:H – Week 4 Progress

This week has had quite a lot going on, between the Tempest Trial, Voting Gauntlet, January Quests and New Year’s related maps. I’ve been chasing Azura from the new Banner, but with no luck so far. I have however managed to get both Takumi and Camilla, so that’s something.


As before, progress on most of my units is locked behind specific summons, or my stock of feathers. Although, I am gradually working through the latter.

In terms of merges, Reinhardt is now up to +6, whilst the 4* Olivia is now +8. From a quick check, Reinhardt now seems to be my most valuable unit with his default set, falling just short of 720 points with the high SP set.

I’ve done some SP farming, so a few more units are ready to go. However, I couldn’t be bothered finishing the Askr Trio. As a result of the Tempest Trials, Christmas Robin & Tharja, Nowi, and Lucina likely have more SP that they’ll ever need


My first new unit of the week was a Takumi who really likes Soup. He seems like a decent Dagger user, and has certainly been more helpful in Arena than the Askr Trio normally are.

I’m not really sure what to do with his skills, so have mostly stuck with his default set, and put on other skills that seemed useful. I refined his weapon to the +Res version, since he already has pretty good Res, and it’ll probably be useful against Magic units. Even though I have lots of units who would like Reposition, Takumi got it because I’d be using him in Arena. He also needed his C skill filling out, so Threaten Speed seemed like it might be useful.


My second new unit is Camilla, who much like Takumi I’m not really sure what to do with. Brave and Firesweep builds seem popular, but I don’t have either going spare. It’s now a little bit unfortunate that Caeda ate my Ogma for his Brave Sword+, since she’ll probably be taking a backseat in my Flier teams.

As with Takumi, her default skills are pretty good, so I’ve mainly just filled in the gaps. Lack of assist skills means she’s ended up with Swap. I had no idea what to do with her B skill, so gave her Hit & Run, which can be quite useful with Fliers. She’s overall a pretty defensive unit, which is why I enhanced that further with her refined weapon.


This week I finally got 200 Dew again, thanks to all the ore from quests, so I had to make a choice who to use it on. I’d previously done Ephraim, and was contemplating Jaffar or Eldigan. In the end I settled on Michalis, since I was interesting in his healing wall build.

With the upgraded Hauteclere, Noontime should activate immediately when attacked, and he can heal lots back with the +10 damage. I’d still like to finish him off with Close Def and Quick Riposte 3, but this should be good enough for now

Arena & Arena Assault


I was unable to stay in Tier 20 during the previous period, despite improving my score to 4970. Since there’s a new set of bonus units this week, I’ve been using New Year Takumi. I’m not sure if Camilla is actually worth more points, but I didn’t roll her until later into the week, and haven’t tried. My new score of 4946 is more than enough to climb back into Tier 20, so I’m not bothered that I’ve had a higher score before.


I’ve also started to take Arena Assault a bit more seriously, to earn resources a bit faster. Previously I always did 1 Advanced and 6 Beginner battles. This week I managed 1 Advanced and 6 Intermediate. This will hopefully put me in the 17 ore/coin reward range, rather than 14 like before.

I’m also finally bothered to do the daily quests in both Arena and Arena Assault. This usually just means I’ll auto-battle on Beginner and call it a day.

Tempest Trials & More


I’ve been very busy gathering orbs and feathers, in order to chase Azura and upgrade my units. This means I’ve already finished everything in the Quest tab, and all the new maps that have come along. For the first time, I’ve even hit the reward cap in the Tempest Trial. This does mean that on non-SP boosted days, I’ve run out of stuff to do, outside of the new dailies.


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