Today’s card: 26/07

From【Angel Beats! Extra Booster】

End of friction Kanade
Attribute: «死 Death» «生徒会 School Council»
Card text: 【C】 During your turn, this card gains +1000
【S】Concentration[①] Reveal the top 4 cards of your deck and put them in the Waiting Room. For each climax card revealed, you can choose one of your «死 Death» card and gives +2000 during it turn.
Flavour: “The mental conflict Yuri had has been resolved already.”

The official website edited the card saying the initial one was wrong..^^;

Resolved conflict Yuri
Attribute: «死 Death» «武器 Weapon»
Card text: 【C】 All your other 《死 Death》 characters gains +500
【A】If another of your 《死 Death》 Characters gets reversed in battle, you choose 1 of your characters and during this turn, it gains +500
Flavour: “Aa..What is this feeling?…”

The first cards to be revealed of the Angel Beats! Extra Booster pack and what a great start!
So AB! players now have a chance to put +500 to «死 Death» character, which attribute all the AB! characters have, all the time and on top of that add +2000 +500 to someone when someone else gets reversed.
This means having two of her on the back row makes the opponent really hard to reverse 3rd or even 2nd character.
Of course, there already is the expensive and AB! player’s must-have encore giving Angel card for the back row. So having one each of them at the back row makes the field quite stable for the player during the Level 1.
Kanade card shown on top is rather useful too as the first Brainstorm character card for AB! (there’s the “Operation Tornado” but it’s an event card).
She also become a vanilla size during your turn so she can be an attacker too.
And the quality of images always add the value to the cards 🙂

All the rights of cards and images belong to Bushiroad and original contents holders.
The translation of the cards are made by namimo so do not trust too much…

Haruhi: Blue and Red

Having now looked at the series behind the cards (or for those of you only interested in the cards), we’ll now turn our attention to the cards that make up the Haruhi series.
So far there has been a Trial Deck, a main booster, an extra booster and plenty of promotional cards, so there’s more than enough to choose from.
The cards are split into the four colours of Weiß Schwarz, with each main girl taking a colour and the main guys and minor characters taking the last.

Haruhi gets Red, Mikuru joined by Tsuruya gets Green, Yuki with the other 2 interfaces get Blue, and Kyon and Itsuki get Yellow along with minor characters such as Kyon’s sister or Mori.

Here we’ll take a brief look at what the Red and Blue has to offer. Unfortunately I’m not as well versed in some colours as others.
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The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Welcome to the first of hopefully many articles about the many series represented in Weiß Schwarz. These will be split mainly into two parts. One part will look at the series the cards come from, whilst the other will focus on the cards themselves. To start things off we’ll be looking at the series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Originally a Light Novel, Haruhi shot to fame after the 2006 anime series by Kyoto Animation. It focuses on an eccentric high school girl called Haruhi Suzumiya, who has no interest in the ordinary, instead seeking out the supernatural. She gathers a group around her called the SOS Brigade in order to search for weird phenomena. Told from the point of view of the sarcastic Kyon, who Haruhi drags into all this, it follows the group as they try to uncover the mysteries of the world.

The series is perhaps most well known amongst the anime community in general for its many gimmicks, some a bit more successful than others. The most successful of which was probably the dance number (Hare Hare Yukai) in the closer for the original season, which was soon being repeated by fans all over the world, and it some cases even non-fans. Some of you might remember from a few years back the prison in thePhilippines where inmates were made to do massive choreographed routines of famous songs such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller. One of the routines they performed was the ending dance to Haruhi. Probably the least successful and certainly most infamous gimmick was Endless Eight. During the second season the characters become stuck in a time loop, and sticking true to the title of the arc this was repeated for 8 episodes straight. Whilst there were slight variations in events, all the lines rerecorded and slight changes in art style from episode to episode it was still a massive waste of time and put many people off the series for good.

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TCG, Shiyo?

Welcome to the new blog by namimo and Xagor! Here we’ll be talking about TCGs and related subjects with most of the focus on the Japanese game Weiß Scwharz. For those of you who’re not already familiar with the game, Weiß Scwharz is a TCG by Bushiroad where some of your favourite anime, manga and video game characters can go head to head. More information about the game can be found on the official website or the english blog.  In addition I have previously written articles about the game for the Hyper Japan website, which could be of use to those of you just getting started. There are also a couple of useful resources for those of you looking for english translations of cards.

In the future we’re hoping to write articles about a variety of things related to Weiß Scwharz, looking at both the cards, and the series from which the cards come from.

In addition I might write a few Yu-Gi-Oh! articles here and there.

Hopefully you’ll be able to join us soon for our first few proper articles.