Card of the Day: Catch up

I’ve been very busy with things like helping Bushiroad at Hyper Japan, so have not had a chance to update things since last Thursday. As such there are now 3 days worth of cards to cover. Last Friday as the final Madoka and Fate/Zero day we got 3 cards, but this week we’re onto Da Capo III, which means we’re back to single cards every day. This means we’re going to have a rather long post today consisting of 5 cards.

Ultimate Madoka

Green / Level 3 / Cost 2 / 10000 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic»

[A] When this card is placed on the Stage from your Hand or via Change you can put the top of your Clock to the Waiting Room.

[A] [Make this card Memory] When “Wishes of Madoka” is placed on the Climax Zone, you can pay the cost. By doing so, you look at your deck and choose up to 1 “Carry on fighting, Homura” and place it where this card was. You then shuffle your deck, and until the end of your opponent’s next turn that character gains Power + 3000.

Ultimate Madoka is the standard 10000 attack Heal 1 that you get from Level 3s, but she is also the second to last stage of a long combo leading to the Homura card that follows. The combo starts off with the level 0 card [The girl who holds the bond, Homura] who has a Bond to [Unstable Feelings, Madoka] who in turn is a level support card, but is also the card which Changes into Ultimate Madoka. This means it is very easy to get [Unstable Feelings, Madoka] to your hand either early in the game, or as soon as you hit level 2 assuming you’ve not drawn a copy yet. From here you can get Ultimate Madoka on the stage a level early and get ready to bring forth an even larger powerhouse once you draw your Climax card. I’ll cover the rest as we get to the next card.

Carry on fighting, Homura

Green / Level 3 / Cost 2 / 10000 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / « 時間 Time»

[C] Memory When you have “Ultimate Madoka” in your Memory Zone this card gains Power + 1500.

[A] When this card is Front Attacked you look at the top of your Deck and place it either on top of your Deck or in the Waiting Room.

Carry on fighting, Homura is the final stage of this long winded combo. When she’s brought out by Madoka’s effect she will start off as a 15500 (10000 base + 1500 from her effect + 3000 from Madoka + 1000 from the Climax), drop to a 14500 in the opponent’s turn, and finally sit as an 11500 from then on. Even once the main combo has worn off this is still very good for a Level 3, especially since you’ll probably still be at level 2 at this point. Once you pull the combo off it will also mean that every copy of Carry on fighting, Homura that you play from this point will also be an 11500. This means the Homura/Madoka deck can be a real powerhouse once you start to get towards the late game.

The final effect of Homura is useful whether you have successfully pulled off the Madoka combo or not. It essentially means that every time she gets Front Attacked you can either reduce the damage by 1, or increase your chance of cancelling the damage. Combined with the healing power of Madoka the deck can have a very long end game and be quite annoying to defeat.

Simple and innocent, Irisviel

Yellow / Level 0 / Cost  0 / 1500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«ホムンクルス Homunculus» / «錬金術 Alchemy»

[A][(1) Place 1 card from your Hand into the Waiting Room]When this card is placed on the Stage from your Hand, you can pay the cost. If you do, search your deck for up to 1 «マスター Master» or «サーヴァント Servant» character, show it to your opponent and place it into your hand. Shuffle your deck.

Irisviel here is a key support card for decks based around «マスター Master» or «サーヴァント Servant».  She will be useful at any point in the game, changing a card in your hand into whatever card you need for that situation (assuming of course they’re still in your deck).

Girl in love, Rikka

Red / Level 3 / Cost 2 / 10000 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«新聞 Newspaper» / «生徒会 Student Council»

[A]When this card is placed on the Stage from your Hand you can put the top of your Clock to the Waiting Room.
[A] When this card attacks, reveal the top 1 card of your Deck. If that card is a «新聞 Newspaper» character, this card gains Power +2000 for that turn.

Here we have our first of the new Da Capo III cards, and we start it all off with one of the lead level 3s from the Trial Deck. As you would expect from a level 3 she comes with 10000 attack and heals 1 when you play her. However she also comes with the capability to become much stronger than that depending on how many «新聞 Newspaper» characters are in the set. So far both cards revealed have been «新聞 Newspaper» attribute, so it’s looking quite likely it will be a central theme to the new cards. Assuming that everything, or near everything will have this attribute means that she will regularly reach 12000 attack power, and be quite a force to be reckoned with. One downside to this is the timing of the effect, which means the opponent can still prepare a counter card to overcome this power boost.

Younger classmate, Sara

Blue / Level 1 / Cost 1 / 6000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«新聞 Newspaper» / «スポーツ Sports »

[A] When your opponent’s character is placed on the Stage from their Hand, this card gains Power +500 for that turn.
[A] ENCORE [Put 1 character card from Hand to the Waiting Room]

Sara here can be quite annoying to face, especially if your stage has just been cleared. Not only does she have encore to make her harder to kill, but she also restricts your opponent’s ability to play cards and attack. Since she gets bigger for every character they play your opponent has to think wisely about how to play out their cards. They can either remain conservative and play cards like 1/1 vanillas to deal with her, they could rush the field with cards and hope to deal with her on the following turn, or they could be forced to use powerups they might not otherwise want to use at this point. Depending on what other level 1s the deck has access to the opponent could be left with a tough choice of what card to take down this turn, especially since even if they defeat Sara she could still be around again the following turn.

To me she seems like quite an interesting level 1, but her usefulness could vary wildly depending on the level of player you face with her. She will leave them with tough choices whatever though.


Card of the Day: 23rd of Feb

Today brings us yet another tough to kill Sayaka card in addition to a support/Bond card for Fate/Zero. Chances are this will be my last Card of the Day for this week that’s out on time. I’m going to be helping Bushiroad out with Cardfight! Vanguard from Friday – Sunday at Hyper Japan, so might not have time to fit in Friday’s Card of the Day until next week, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Getting hurt but still fighting on, Sayaka

Blue / Level 2 / Cost 2 / 9500 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «愛 Love»

[A] When this card is put to Reverse in battle, put the top 1 card of your Deck to Clock, and put this card to Rest.
[S] [Rest 1 of your «魔法 Magic» Characters] This card gains Power +1000 for the turn.

Given how many other Madoka cards that have been revealed so far, and other similar cards there are it only makes sense to look at this card in the context of the other cards on offer.

First it must be noted that this is one of the pseudo-change choices for [Empty stare, Sayaka]. (Note I used the translation Fighting While Injured, Sayaka before, rather than the name given above on the Bushiroad blog. These are the same cards.) Rather than being a change up a level, this is a sideways pseudo-change. In this case you exchange a 2/1, a Climax and 1 extra stock for a 2/2, draw a card and a power boost. In terms of costs going via the pseudo-change it costs 2 stock and no cards overall, whereas just playing this card also costs two stock. The pseudo-change does let you use a Climax without losing a card though, and does dig slightly into your deck. It also offers the flexibility of fetching this card from the Waiting Room, rather than hoping to draw it, or holding it in your hand. The power boost also allows this card to start at an 11000 base. I’m currently still not sure what the Climax does, so I can’t say if it’s worth using outside of this combo, or would only be used to facilitate this.

If the Climax would be in the deck anyway I could see yourself being able to justify using the pseudo-change into this card, however it seems like a lot of effort when you could just play the 2/2 from your hand anyway. Another problem is the fact Madoka decks have access to a lot of support cards, and especially the Red/Blue deck who in addition to Kyubey also have Sayaka and Kyoko to choose from. Playing [Empty stare, Sayaka]  could be overburdening your number of support cards, and weakening your ability to attack otherwise.

The first effect of this card is the same as [Healing prayers, Sayaka], making her very hard to get rid of. Unfortunately as a level 2 card she is a riskier prospect that than card because you’re closer to the end of the game by this point. She does also have 500 attack over the vanilla (unlike the 1000 the other Sayaka had), but by resting other characters you can get up to an 11500 base fairly regularly. Unfortunately it would seem Madoka has a lot of cards which work by resting cards, so you’ll have to be very careful managing all these cards, so you don’t get cut off when you need them.

By comparison to other cards the Red/Blue deck has access to she matches the base of the 2/2 Kyoko, but has the potential to go higher, and beats out the 2/1 Sayaka by 500. In terms of pure power this card has them both beat, but carries a larger cost and is far riskier, but she also helps support the level 3 Sayaka as well. I’d probably personally favour the 2/1 Sayaka myself right now, since she’s safer and cheaper to use, but it might turn out that the power of today’s card outweighs its risks.

Ryunosuke’s teacher, Caster

Blue / Level 0 / Cost  0 / 500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«サ-ヴァント Servant» / «本 Book»

[A] When this card is placed from Hand to the Stage, choose 1 of your other «死 Death» Characters and it gains Power + 1000 for the turn.
[A] BOND/[Ryunosuke Uryu] [(1)]

Now I’m not sure if this cards Bond target has been revealed, yet so I can’t really comment on how good it is, but Bond abilities are generally valuable for maintaining Hand size, so it can be useful even if the card isn’t brilliant. It would certainly help if it was though.

His other ability powers up a «死 Death» character, which presumably is useful for some Fate decks, but I don’t know what right now off the top of my head. It does mean that he does something beyond just being a Bond card though, so you can help take out another character as well. It also means that he’s not utterly useful on occasions where you cannot do the Bond.

Card of the Day: 22nd of Feb

Today we get another Shift card for Madoka, which is I believe the 2nd time Homura has appeared with a Shift ability so far. I wonder if they’re playing off the fact that she has Time attribute by giving several of her cards Clock icons? Today’s Fate/Zero card on the other hand is a support card and a costly Change card.

Sad resolution, Homura

Green / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 7500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / « 時間 Time»

[A] When this card attacks, if “No Longer Relying on Others” is in the Climax Zone, and you have no other Front Row Characters in Standing position, this card gains Power +7000 for the turn.
[A] Shift Level 2 (At the beginning of your Main Phase, you may choose 1 Green card from your Hand and this card in your Clock and exchange them.)

I previously talked about the idea of Shift cards, so you can read about the benefits etc of them here. So today I can just focus on the main ability of this card. As seems to be common over the past couple of days we’ve got another Climax Synergy card. The Climax card in question is a +1000 + 1 Soul card, so that also has to be factored into the power of this card. This means that when this effect activates Homura will have a base attack of 15500, which is amazing for a level 2. As a comparison [Summer Fesitval Nagato] who can also be played at level 2 only goes up to a 14000 base with her Climax. There is very little outside of decks like Fairy Tail that could successfully defend from an attack from Homura here.

Due to the restriction on her effect it means that unfortunately you can only use the effect once at a time, which is understandable since a Stage full of 15500 base attack level 2s would be a bit too much. You’ll either need to leave Homura to last to attack, or have no other characters on the Front Stage to use her effect, so this can sometimes be quite restrictive on you.

So far it looks like the Green Madoka decks have access to lots of high attack cards, but that’s the point of Green afterall.

Trump card of Einzbern, Kiritsugu

Yellow / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 500 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«マスター Master» / «武器 Weapon»

[C] Your other Front Row Middle Border character gains Power +1000.
[A] CHANGE [(3) Put this card to the Waiting Room] At the beginning of your Draw Phase, you may pay the cost. If you do so, choose 1 [Ruthless and Heartless Hound, Kiritsugu] from your Waiting Room and put it in the Border this card was in.

Unfortunately without knowing what the card Kiritsugu here changes into does, it’s hard to say too much about him that would be meaningful. Some people predict that for a cost that high it’ll allow a skip to Level 2, but we’ll have to wait and see if the Change is worth it.

His other effect provides a powerful boost, but to only one of your characters, however in the early game you’ll likely not want more than 1 character Front Stage to avoid depleting your resources too early. In that sense he does the job of 2 of the normal +500 cards if you only keep 1 character on the Front Stage. Another interesting thing is the fact you can play him Front Stage as well and they’ll still get the boost. This means that in rather unlikely situations your centre character could get up to +4000. Chances are that under normal play you’ll never see much beyond +2000 though.

This card’s change ability will ultimately decide it’s worth, but if you don’t mind restricting your early game plays it can be quite a powerful support card.

Card of the Day: 21st of Feb

Today sees a new event card for Madoka, and it’s a rare piece of character removal. For Fate/Zero we get what looks to be a Climax synergy card that’s anti-Encore.


A sudden mishap

Yellow / Event / Level 2 / Cost 2 / No Trigger

Choose 1 of your opponent’s Front Stage Level 2 or below characters and put it to Memory.

In Weiβ Schwarz it’s usually very rare to get rid of characters via methods other than battle. You usually need to meet very specific conditions to use them, or can be restricted to only lower level cards. This card allowing you to pick what you get rid of makes it a very easy card to use by comparison. In addition since it sends the card to Memory the card can’t be Encored, and very few decks can do anything about cards once they reach Memory. Basically something hit by this card won’t be coming back.

Since it can only get Front Stage cards it can’t get rid of those annoying support cards though, and being capped at level 2 means it can’t take out the opponent’s real power houses.

If you can afford it the card can be very useful against Encore based decks like Angel Beats! that can be otherwise hard to clear off the Stage. However in most cases it’s actually better in the long run just to play a character to the Stage that can beat the card in question anyway. It’ll often cost less or the same amount, and you can also cause damage, protect yourself and gain the stock back.

Cursed yellow spear, Lancer

Green / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 8000 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«サ-ヴァント Servant» / «武器 Weapon»

[A] [Put 1 [Mortal Yellow Rose] from your Hand to the Waiting Room] When this card attacks, you may pay the cost. If you do so, search for up to 1 «武器 Weapon» character from your Deck, show it to your opponent and add it to your Hand. After that, shuffle that Deck, and for that turn, this card gains Power +3000 and your opponent cannot use [[A] ENCORE]. ([[A] ENCORE [(3)]] from the rules cannot be used as well)

Lancer here appears to be another one of the type of Climax synergy cards, where rather than activating his ability when you have a Climax card in play, you have to discard the Climax card to activate it. This means you give up the potentially powerful effect of the Climax card for this ability. The worth of this will depend on what the Climax card in question does. In some cases you might not want the Climax effect, for example if it boosts Soul a lot you might want to avoid that to have more control over the damage you cause, and make it more likely you won’t get cancelled. Other times you’ll have a tough choice deciding between a power boost to all your characters or just 1.

This card’s actual effect should hopefully make up for giving up a Climax card though. Firstly it fetches a «武器 Weapon» character, which I believe Fate has quite a few to choose from. This means you break even on discarding the Climax, and can exchange it for a card you need next turn. The power boost places him at a base 11000, hopefully meaning that he can take down most threats once supported. After this since you turn off your opponent’s Encore for the turn, whatever he defeats (which is likely near anything) won’t be coming back any time soon. In addition all your other characters benefit from the disabling of Encore, meaning that if you use this effect at the correct time you can clear your opponent’s whole Front Stage in one turn, leaving them to pick up the piece next turn. This can be especially useful against decks like Angel Beats!

Card of the Day: 20th of Feb

Welcome back to another week of Madoka and Fate/Zero cards.  Both sets are released this weekend, so this will probably be the last week of previews for them. From next week we’ll likely start seeing cards from ther new upcoming sets, like Symphogear or Zero no Tsukaima F (The Familiar of Zero F). Today we get yet another card linking Kyoko and Sayaka together, and a card which  you can use as many copies as you like of.

Shouting, Kyoko

Red / Level 2 / Cost 2 / 8000 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «お菓子 Sweets»

[C] If you have any other character whose card name includes [Sayaka], this card gains Power +1500.

If you’re playing a deck based around Kyoko and Sayaka this card will basically be treated as a 2/2 9500 vanilla with 2 Soul. Chances are you’ll always have a Sayaka card on your Stage, whether on the Front or supporting in the Back, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever have a time when this effect isn’t active. This card sits in between the attack powers for a 2/2 with 2 soul (9000) and the 2/2 with 1 Soul (10000). This card is undeniably better than the 9000 vanilla since it comes with 500 extra attack, and you could argue the 1 extra soul is a bonus over the 10000.

Unfortunately no one really uses these vanillas anyway in the first place, since it’s usually better to find a 2/1 or something with a useful effect. It probably won’t make much of an impact, unless the deck has no better options, or you really want to stick to this pairing.

Zabaniya, Assassin

Blue / Level 2 / Cost 2 / 6500 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«サ-ヴァント Servant» / «仮面 Mask»

[C] You can put as many cards as you wish with the same card name as this card in your deck.
[C] All of your other 「Zabaniya, Assassin」 gain Power +1500 and [[A] ENCORE [Put 1 character from your Hand to the Waiting Room]].

Zabaniya, Assassin is the 5th card released so far that you can play an unlimited number of. However unlike the other cards there are multiple different cards in the set with the same name, but different effects. So far two have been revealed, but we can probably expect to see more in the future. The other version revealed so far was a level 1 which gives Power +500 to all other Zabaniya, Assassin.

This deck is an interesting concept in theory, however I’m personally not too impressed by it. Since they only power up the other copies of Zabaniya, Assassin on your Stage it requires large numbers, or multiple copies of the same card to be effective. For example today’s one could power up and grant encore to the level 1 card, however by this point it’ll be outmatched by the opponent’s level 2 cards anyway. In exchange this card would become a 7000, which is poor for a 2/2 for attacking, and far too costly to leave in a support role.

They only really start to become deadly with multiple copies, which is the point afterall. But it’s incredibly costly at 2 stock per card. Since you can have as many copies as you want though there should be no major problem getting them to your hand. At 2 copies you get 8000s with Encore, 3 goes to 9500, 4 to 11000 and finally 5 to 12500. If you get 5 onto the Stage you deserve to get a wall like that.

If you built a deck around the Assassins I’m sure you could construct a fun deck, but they have no place outside of that deck. I wouldn’t expect you to be able to swarm the field with all of these in a single game consistently, but it would make for an interesting Stage to be staring down.

Card of the Day: 17th of Feb

Today we get two new Madoka cards that work together as well as a new Saber card with Climax synergy. Based on what little I’ve see of Fate cards before they seem well known for massive attack boosts.

Time Traveller to the Past, Homura

Green / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 7500 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / « 時間 Time»

[A] When this card is put from your Hand to the Stage, if your Deck has 5 or less cards, return all the cards from your Waiting Room to the Deck. If you do so, shuffle that Deck, choose 1 of your [End of Fate, Madoka] and put up to the top 2 cards of your Deck under that character as Markers, and all of your characters gain Power +2000 for that turn.

End of Fate, Madoka

Green / Level 2 / Cost 2 / 8500 / 2 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic»

[C] For every 1 Marker under this card, this card gains Power +1500.
[A] When you Refresh the Deck, you may put the top 1 card of your Deck under this card as a Marker.

Since Homura and Madoka are designed to work together I’m going to cover them both at the same time.

Normally Homura doesn’t do anything, but when you’re close to a deck Refresh she can refill the deck for free. This avoids you taking 1 Refresh Damage, as well as giving your characters a massive attack boost. If the Madoka card is around she gains 2 Markers, making her become an 11500, which is enough to overpower even level 3s. This isn’t even counting the extra +2000 everyone gets. At 13500 before you even consider support cards there’s very little that can stand up to Madoka outside of massive Counter cards. During the following turns even at 11500 she’s still a massive threat.

Without Homura around it’s unlikely Madoka would gain more than 1 Marker, making her a 10000. This makes her no better than a level 3 vanilla, and to be honest you probably won’t be refreshing until you hit level 3 anyway.

Homura could be useful without Madoka, because she provides a free deck refill, and gives you a massive power boost for the turn. Madoka on the other hand isn’t really any good on her own. Together the cards work together really well, as they are of course meant to. So I could see a Green deck utilising both of these cards being quite interesting, although I’m not sure how consistently you could have them both whilst having a 5 card or smaller deck.

Steel Blue Gale, Saber

Yellow / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 5000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«サ-ヴァント Servant» / «武器 Weapon»

[A] [(1)] When this card attacks, if [Hammer of the Wind Sovereign] is in the Climax Border, you may pay the cost. If you do so, choose 1 of your characters. It gains Power +5000 for that turn.

Saber has a Climax synergy which provides a massive power boost to one of your characters. At +5000 even Level 1 cards could gain enough power to challenge Level 3 cards. In early to mid game this pretty much means you’ll guarantee defeating a character, since even counters won’t usually help over the +5000. Late game it can either force a counter, or push through against any character your opponent controls.

Card of the Day: 16th of Feb

Apologies for being a little bit late on this, but I’ve been a bit busy, so only just getting time to do the cards for Thursday. Since Friday has 3 cards I’m going to still keep that as a separate post. This time we’ve got a Sayaka card with a quasi-change effect, and a card with a sort of in-built counter ability from Fate/Zero.

Empty stare, Sayaka

Blue / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 5000 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«魔法 Magic» / «愛 Love»

[C] During your opponent’s turn, all of your other characters gain Power +1000.
[A] [(1)Put this card to the Waiting Room] When [I’m Really a Fool] is put in the Climax Zone, you may pay the cost. If you do so, choose 1 [“Mermaid Witch”] or [Fighting While Injured, Sayaka] from your Waiting Room, put it in the Border this card was in, draw 1 card, and that character gains Power +1500 until the end of the opponent’s next turn.

The power of this new Sayaka card is entirely dependent on how good the cards it can switch into are. Under normal circumstances it can be a support card giving +1000 to each other character. This makes it better than the ordinary +500 supports like Kyubey and can match level supports during level 2, and the Kyoko/Sayaka Assist supports revealed previously. With all the different cards revealed so far capable of powering your characters up you’ll be spoilt for choice, and will have to pick the ones most suitable to your deck.

The 2nd ability is a Climax synergy effect, which allows you to perform what is essentially a Change, however there are two possible characters to choose from instead of the normal one. Not being an actual Change ability means you can’t combine it with Kyubey though. Unfortunately neither have been revealed so far, so we don’t know if either are worth it yet. Undoubtedly one will be better than the other, but if you can gain quick access to two powerful cards all the better. Of course in the worst case scenario neither will be worth switching too.

In addition to the quasi-Change you also draw a card and boost the switched card by +1500 until the end of the opponent’s turn. Drawing the card covers the cost of the Climax card (assuming it’s not a Draw 1 Climax), and the boost will allow the switched character to act as a powerful attacker and wall until your next turn. Until we know exactly how big they are though, we won’t know how important this +1500 is.

Volumen Hydragram, Kayneth

Green / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 5000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«マスター Master» / «錬金術 Alchemy»

[A] [(1)] When this card is Front Attacked, you may pay the cost. If you do so, this card gains Power +1500 for that turn.

This card is interesting from the point of view that it’s essentially a card with an in-built counter. Personally I’m not too impressed by Kayneth, but I’ve seen people interested in him. The most obvious way to look at this card is by comparing him to the 1/1 and 1/0 vanillas.

Compared to the 1/0 this lacks 500 power under normal circumstances, meaning it will lose to vanillas unless you use his effect. It also means he’ll only trade off with all the other 1/0 5000 attack effect characters out there. After he uses his effect though he can take out either of these types of cards, but it comes at the cost of 1 stock.

Compared to a 1/1 he will lack 500 attack after using his ability, however you can play him whilst you have no stock and use the stock from him attacking to make him a 6500 next turn. If you have no stock you simply can’t play a 1/1 by comparison.

In my eyes as a cost 0 he lacks compared to the 1/0 vanilla, and as a cost 1 (using his effect once) he lacks compared to a 1/1. However he is more versatile than either of these cards. Sometimes you won’t need the boost and can save a stock, whilst other times it’ll help you beat 1/0 cards.