FE:H – Amelia & Tana vs Horses

Today sees the arrival of the newest Bound Hero battle, this time facing off against Amelia, Tana, and a horde of reinforcements. Despite the fact the map has quite tight terrain, which restricts your movement, I still decided to try it out with my horses. Fortunately, you have plenty of defensive tiles to take advantage of.


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FE:H – Devs vs Horses

Today brings us the first new content since I started writing, with the return of the Dev maps. These are usually an interesting showcase of creative teams that the Devs have been using, and this time was no different. To make things a bit more interesting, I decided to try and clear everything with my Horse Emblem team. Since they cover every colour in the game, I didn’t need to worry about changing anything to suit the Quest requirements.


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Fire Emblem: Heroes – Arena

I’ve usually been able to make it into Tier 20 of Arena, but never come anywhere close to staying in. However, this week, for the first time I’m likely going to fall down to Tier 18. This is likely due to things like the weapon upgrades, which I don’t currently make use of. Another contributing factor is my unit choice, with two Cavalry and a Singer. I’ve gotten away with this up until now, but maybe not any longer.

My Arena team usually consists of Reinhardt, Xander, Azura and a bonus unit. Winning maps is usually easy, but Reinhardt’s low stats probably bring my score down.


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Fire Emblem: Heroes – To Do Week 1

Given that I’ve basically finished Story Mode, I need to do something to keep me busy. Normally there’s a new Tempest Trial, Quest or Special Map to keep me occupied, but we’re just about in-between events at the moment. This means I’ll mainly just be levelling units, and working out what to do with their skill-sets. Hopefully there’ll be something new tomorrow!

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Fire Emblem: Heroes – Magic

Magic users in Fire Emblem come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Often high Res, low Def, they can tank other magic users, but need to avoid getting into direct combat. Usually the aim is to defeat your opponents before they ever get a chance to get close to you. There are some odd cases like Booey, but I don’t have him.

Blade Tomes are a popular weapon of choice, converting stat buffs into even more power, with examples found in all 3 colours. However, this is by no means the only way to play them.


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