FE:H – Week 6 Progress

This week has been slow on the units front, but I’ve been kept relatively busy with the  new Tempest Trial. The biggest addition this week was arguably the Quick Riposte seal, which opens up a lot of options for team building. I’ve also decided to rethink my unit goals, to better focus where I put my feathers.



The only new unit of note this week was the New Year Corrin from the Tempest Trials. As an archer with very high defence, I’m sure he probably has a niche somewhere, but not sure if I feel like putting in the effort. Apart from giving him a special, he basically just has his default skills at the moment.

Outside of this, I got a 5* Booey, but I really do not care for him. I may eventually make him level 40, just so I have another Green unit.


With the QR3 seal, I now no longer need to worry about getting that skill on lots of my units, and can use a different B skill. (Outside cases where I want multiple on the same team). Most notably is Michalis, who will use the QR3 Seal and Renewal. Now I just need Close Def, and he can become a pretty formidable physical tank.

After looking a bit closer at my barracks, I’ve decided that I’m going to be a bit more focused with my units going forward. I currently have ~50 5*,  including several merged units, and my 4*+10 Tiki. Even discounting the ones I never use, this means I have more than enough units to cover modes like Squad & Arena Assault. I’m unlikely to be able to do 7 Advanced battles in Arena Assault, but I’m not really too bothered. Small updates to my teams, like upgrading skills from QR2 to QR3 really won’t add much, especially with the seal around.


With this in mind, I upgraded my 4* Cordelia, with a much better IV, and merged my old 5* into her.



As expected, I dropped out of Tier 20 in the last set, but the climb back is pretty easy. This week has Fjorm as the bonus unit, so that makes the battles a bit easier. I hit my highest score yet at 4990, which is more than enough to advance. Hopefully I can soon break 5000.


In Arena Assault, I continued my strategy from last week, of 1 Advanced and 6 Intermediate, which once again looks enough for 17 coins.

Tempest Trial Mini

The latest Tempest Trial is a Mini focused around the New Years units. I mostly used Azura, Reinhardt, Takumi and Camilla. This made for pretty easy Lunatic 7 runs, and Auto-battles on Lunatic 5. Recently, I’ve switched in Corrin, just to get him more SP.



As with the last event, I hit the reward cap in search of orbs and feathers. I’m a little tempted to try and make the top 10k, for those extra feathers.


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