FE:H – To Do (Jan 21)

I’ve decided to revamp this to better focus my goals. I’ve decided to focus on 4 main units for each non-infantry movement type, or otherwise work on high score units for Arena. This will move things like Eldigan to the background.


  • Inherit Close Def on Michalis
  • Merges for Michalis
  • Inherit Death Blow 3 on Cordelia
  • Merges for Cordelia
  • Inherit Close Def & Quick Riposte 3 on Tana
  • Properly build Camilla


  • Promote Sheena
  • Merges for Sheena
  • Merges for Black Knight


  • Upgrade Tiki’s skills


  • Inherit Wings of Mercy on Olivia
  • Get Olivia to +10


  • Inherit Life and Death 3 on Celica
  • Merges for Nino

Askr Trio

  • Alphonse
  • Sharena
  • Anna


  • Stay in Tier 20

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