FE:H – Week 3 Progress

I had expected this to be a relatively quiet week, because I’d not yet summoned any Christmas units. This meant that I’d be restricted to a 20% bonus in the Tempest Trial, and would still be forced to use Anna in Arena. However, on Christmas Day I summoned Robin, followed shortly after by Tharja. I suddenly had two bonus units, and my Armour team was transformed by the arrival of both Armour March and a ranged unit. Add on the New Year’s banner, and there’s been plenty to get on with.


Progress has been relatively slow with most of my units, because I simply lack the right skills. Many need Quick Riposte 3, which will usually cost 20,000 feathers, and I don’t even have enough units to use as inheritance. In other cases, I’m missing the Dew or other materials needed for the Weapon Refinery.

This means I’ve been using this week as a chance to gather SP. In cases like Tharja, quite a lot! Askr Trio aside, I’m now done with most of the SP grinding.


In terms of actual progress, there have been a few notable upgrades. On a minor note, Robin (M) is now finished with Swordbreaker 3.

My Armoured units made the most progress, with the arrival of Christmas Robin & Tharja. For now, they largely have their default skills, since they’re so good, with small additions like Assist skills and Specials. This does also mean that Effie and Sheena have fallen way down the priority list.


Robin’s main selling point is Armour March, which transforms the usefulness of my entire Armour team. As mentioned above, he retains a lot of his default skills, with his weapon Refined to the +Def version.

Wary Fighter and Pivot were then added. He’s fast enough for an Armour that he won’t be doubled much, but any extra help is welcome. Pivot is a generally useful movement skill, even with Armour March available to him.


Tharja is the best of my new units, and I can easily see why she’s considered one of the best Reds in the game. As a ranged Armour with Close Counter, she can engage opponents at any range, whilst taking little damage in the process. Her weapon and Vengeful Fighter make it especially dangerous to attack her first, making her low speed nearly meaningless.

Hone Armour and Pivot were both added for general usefulness. Glacies is to make use of her high Res, helped along by the +Res refined weapon.


Olivia is making gradual progress towards the end goal. She now has Fury 3, and is just waiting for upgrades to Wings of Mercy. I also rolled a 9th one, so she’ll soon be +8.


Cordelia has made ample progress from last week, and is just waiting on more skills to inherit. I’m planning to use the Brave Bow+ build, for which she still needs the Brave Bow+ and Death Blow 3. I could also change her B skill, but Escape Route 3 should be good enough for now.


Jaffar seems like he could make an interesting Dagger unit, but will need a lot of investment, including a Dew Refined weapon, and rare skills.

My end goal involves Galeforce, Special Deathly Dagger, Windsweep and Savage Blow, all of which are a long way off. Ideally he’ll be able to safely attack most units, and deal huge amounts of chip damage as a follow up.

In addition to this, I’ve also rolled 2 more Reinhardt, and another Tiki, who will all eventually get promoted.

Story, Special & Tempest Trial


There has been a lot of new content, between New Years, Bound Hero Battles, re-runs of old special maps, and of course the new Tempest Trial. Fortunately, they’ve all been relatively easy, with my dancing horses making short work of them.

Of particular note this week, is the fact that I have 4 bonus units for the Tempest Trial, so can easily set them off on auto battles for lots of points. Sometimes they will do stupid things like attack Hector with Blue units, or fight Blue mages with Lucina. The backup teams can still mop up the mess.



Ignoring the team in the above picture, I used Brave Ike, Tiki and Reinhardt again, this time aided by Christmas Tharja. Unlike last week, it was an easy set of runs, completed on the first try. However, as you can see, the score probably isn’t quite enough to stay in Tier 20. I’ll wait and see how things are on Monday, and consider re-running to pick better scores.


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