FE:H – Week 1 Progress Report

At the start of last week I set out several goals for the coming week, so let’s see how progress is going so far.



First is Joshua, the most recent Tempest Trials unit. With a high BST, and good, high cost default skills it doesn’t take much to make him a useful unit. Like many of the builds here, he doubles down on his defensive capabilities.

With Windsweep and his relatively high speed he should be able to engage many foes freely without fear of retaliation. Any that survive will then have to deal with double Close Def 3, which should significantly reduce the damage he receives. Def Ploy 3 should also help him win battles. All this means that he has an Arena score of 700.8, which puts him just ahead of Ayra.


Sigurd is mostly unchanged from his original build, with his defensive special swapped out for Ignis. Like Joshua, the plan is to double down on Close Def. In the long term, I could teach him a horse buffing C skill, but there’s no rush for this.


Eldigan has moved on slightly from where he was before, but still needs a lot of work. As you’ll see later, I opted to upgrade Ephraim’s weapon, so it’ll still be a while before I can do double Fury. I filled his B slot with Vantage, because if he’s going to take 12 damage each combat, it’ll immediately be active.

His assist, special and C skills are still being worked on.


Siegbert started completely from scratch, but comes with a pretty good default set of skills, and didn’t need much further effort. He is a very offensive oriented horse unit, who could easily get over 60 attack after buffs.

This skill set complements his default skills like Death Blow 3. I updated his special to Glimmer, since it will charge faster. Swordbreaker allows him to deal with swords more easily, meaning that hopefully only lances are a threat. Desperation is another option that would allow him to attack safely against a wide range of units.


Olivia is still unfinished, but has made some progress from last week. She gained one more plus, and now has her Wo Dao upgraded from the Refinery. I’m still waiting to get more copies of Fury and Wings of Mercy, before I do anything with her A and B skills.


Since last week, Ephraim has had his Lance upgraded, but that’s it. His A skill could still be upgraded, but I’m not sure it’s worth sacrificing something like Roy just for that.


Shiro was another new roll, with pretty strong default skills. Like many of the above  units, this takes advantage of his high physical defence.

Between the Bright Naginata, Steady Stance, Quick Riposte and Close Def, most units would be foolish to attack him first. With Bonfire, he should also be able to convert his high defence into significant damage. There’s still a little bit of work to do, but it could be a while before I have a spare Quick Riposte 3.


I think I rolled Tana whilst writing the previous article, so she was a very last minute addition to that To Do list. Tier lists rate her very highly, but unfortunately I think I rolled one with -Attack, which really would not suit her normal Brave Lance+ builds. Instead, I opted for a defensive build, to make use of Vidofnir’s special effect. Much like many of the other units here, she’s designed to take as little damage from direct combat as possible.

She maintains a lot of her default skills, with Quick Riposte there to take advantage of the fact she wants other units to engage her first. She’s not quite finished yet, because like Shiro, her Quick Riposte could be upgraded, and her assist and A skills are currently placeholders for Reposition and Close Def.


Spring Xander is mainly here because he’s a seasonal unit, and can earn bonus badges. I upgraded his weapon to help me on the way to getting enough Dew.


Bride Cordelia is still a work in progress, with a lot of SP still to earn, and skills still to inherit. The plan is to do the Brave Bow+, Death Blow build, but I’m still waiting to promote Klein before doing this.


Originally when writing my Armour summary, I decided I wasn’t going to do anything with Sheena. However, since she’s my only green Armour, I decided I might as well make the most of it. Like many before, she is designed to be a wall against direct units.

Between Fortress Def, Close Def and Wary Fighter, it should be very difficult for units to take her out in direct combat. Bonfire can then convert her defensive power into offence on the counterattack. In the long run, the plan is to promote her and upgrade her weapon.


Much like Sheena, the plan was originally to leave Caeda alone, but as my only Red Flier, I decided that in the long run it was probably worth upgrading her.

My Ogma was sacrificed to give her Brave Sword+, and I added Desperation to help her land four consecutive hits. Long term, I’d like to give her Death Blow, but plenty of other units take priority for now.

I had possibly planned to upgrade some of the Askr trio, but in the end I never bothered.

In addition to all this, I raised my 4* Mae up until she learnt the Blue Tome Exp skill, and got my 5th Reinhardt ready to upgrade to 5*.


As explained in detail elsewhere, I had finally fallen out of the Tier 19/20 range, and wanted to fight my way back. After checking through my barracks and optimising my team for points, the next problem I ran into was actually winning battles. The new team had far less mobility than the old one, and encounters with +10 Reinhardts would often mean my end.


To remedy this, I replaced my Black Knight with Reinhardt, whose skills I’d modified to suit Arena points. This allowed me to complete the 7 win streak, and increase my score by ~100 points, more than enough to reach Tier 19. The hope now is that the bonus units next week will be favourable to me, and I can continue the climb back into Tier 20.


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