FE:H – Amelia & Tana vs Horses

Today sees the arrival of the newest Bound Hero battle, this time facing off against Amelia, Tana, and a horde of reinforcements. Despite the fact the map has quite tight terrain, which restricts your movement, I still decided to try it out with my horses. Fortunately, you have plenty of defensive tiles to take advantage of.


For the first turn, I just held back and let the opponent come towards me. Meanwhile, I rearranged my team to better distribute the stat buffs. On the left, everyone except Amelia started to move up, with a new Blue Armour appearing as reinforcements. On the right, Tana and all her Fliers started to approach.


This left 2 units within my reach, that I could safely pick off. The Sword Flier was no match for Lyn, who was quickly Repositioned away from Tana. Similarly, the Sword Knight was no match for Reinhardt, even on the defensive tile. Xander then moved him to safety, whilst leaving himself in the range of the Green Cavalry.

Xander safely took the hit, leaving the Cavalry on 1 HP. Meanwhile, Tana continued her advance, with a Lance Flier joining the fray. Amelia on the other hand hung back, whilst calling for Reinforcements. Finally, the Lance Knight used Pivot to drop himself right in front of Xander.


Much like his Red friend, this Knight was no match for Reinhardt. Xander finished off his battle with the Green Cavalry, and I hoped the defensive tile would be enough to save him from the Green Knights on the next turn. Since I was unable to beat both Fliers in a single turn, I moved both Lyn and Cecelia back, allowing the latter to gain the full set of horse buffs.

Tana and her friends moved ever closer, finally reaching within my territory. Whilst on the other side of the map, Xander was able to survive the Green Knight, and prep his Ignis for retaliation.


With my stat buffs now sorted, Lyn was able to bring down the Axe Flier, and Cecilia one-shot Tana. All while keeping out of the range of the remaining Fliers. I had originally planned to take out the Knight on the left, but I would have been a few HP short, and vulnerable to both the Mage and Amelia.

On the enemy phase, the Fliers continued their advance, with the Sword Flier breaking through the wall. Amelia finally made her move, indicating that the reinforcements were probably coming to an end.


Much like on previous turns, the Fliers left themselves wide open to Cecelia and Lyn, who were finally able to clear the skies. I decided Amelia’s squad was still a bit too dangerous to approach, so pulled Xander and Reinhardt back to prepare for the next turn. I was hoping that I’d be able to pick off the enemy units, before I boxed myself into a corner.


As the enemy drew ever closer, Reinhardt saw to the Red Knight, leaving just 3 units left, but me rapidly running out of space. I was able to just about retreat to safety, so that on the next turn Lyn could deal with the Red Mage. This just left Amelia and the Axe Knight, who shouldn’t pose too much of a threat. Reinhardt softened up the Knight, whilst Xander moved Lyn to safety. It now all hinged on whether Xander could survive one more turn, because I was now completely boxed in.


Fortunately for me, Amelia decided to attack first, and was unable to cause any damage. She had enough HP that Ignis couldn’t kill her off, just in case the Knight was also a threat. Even if the enemy had moved the other way, I think I still would have survived.

On the final turn, Reinhardt could then finish off the Knight, whilst Xander was able to exactly kill Amelia. Once again, horses win the day!



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