Fire Emblem: Heroes – Lances

Most of my notable Lance users are either supports, or walls. They don’t usually see much action on their own, but at least one of them will be in nearly every team I use.


Azura is by far my favourite Lance unit, who I will pretty much use for any map. Except for of course quests where Infantry aren’t allowed. As with most Singers/Dancers, she doesn’t actually need to do anything other than Sing and buff a unit, but it’s always useful to have bonus skills.

This is a fairly normal build for her, with most of the skills there to raise her Arena score, or give a bit more utility. Her Sapphire Lance+, Moonbow and Fury mean that if she ever meets any Red units, she’ll be more than ready to take them down. Wings of Mercy is excellent on a Singer, since it means she can rescue units who get into trouble anywhere on the map. I tend to favour attack buffs, but also gave her the upgraded defence buffing seal.



My second Lance Support is Ephraim, who is excellent when paired with any of my Blade Tome users. Most commonly he’ll be found alongside Nino. Between his weapon and skills he can cover all 4 stats, giving his allies as large a boost as possible.

Between his weapon, support and C skill, he covers all 4 stats, if you’re willing to give up on his own ability to attack for a turn. The rest of the skills are there to aid him in combat when he has to do the fighting himself. Triangle Adept and Lancebreaker should mean that he doesn’t need to worry about Red or Blue units.

There’s still a bit more work to do here, with an upgrade to his A skill, or deciding if I want to use something else in that slot instead.


Fjorm was a nice free gift during the start of Book 2. Leiptr and Ice Mirror make her an excellent choice against Magic units, and if she stays near her allies, she’s pretty decent against physical units too. I’ll admit I’ve not used her much since finishing off all her skills, but I’m sure I’ll use her one day.

Drawback aside, I’m pretty sure this is just her default skills.


Finishing off the Askr Trio is Sharena. Much like the other two, she’s really just here so I can always have a bonus unit. I have no idea what’s going on with her skills, and not really sure what direction to take her.



My final notable Lance unit is Shiro, who I just rolled the other week. He has pretty strong default skills, which allows you to build a very strong physical wall.

Between the Bright Naginata, Steady Stance, Quick Riposte and Close Def, most units would be foolish to attack him first. With Bonfire, he should also be able to convert his high defence into significant damage. There’s still a little bit of work to do, but it could be a while before I have a spare Quick Riposte 3.

Aside from all this, I am gradually working towards having a 4*+10 Donnel, because why not? Expect to see updates here, as I work further on Ephraim and maybe Sharena.


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