Fire Emblem: Heroes – Swords

Swords often feel like one of the most over-represented weapon types in the game, due to the fact that many of the main heroes wield legendary swords. As such, there’s no shortage of good units, but with a few who stand out far ahead of the rest. This means you can actually end up disappointed with some of the 5* rolls available.

Even though I’ve been lucky enough to roll one of the best swords in the game, I still find myself gravitating towards Horses for the majority of content. Despite having 10 5* units, and at least one very good 4*, I will only be covering about half of them, since the rest feel completely outdone.


Ayra was a much hyped and controversial unit, who I managed to roll during her initial banner, by focusing on Red. She is a fast, hard hitting sword unit, who has a selection of natural skills which compliment each other. She can charge at many units and wipe them out in one go, even with weapon disadvantage. Despite all this, she doesn’t see much use outside of dedicated infantry teams, or when she appears as a bonus unit.

I stuck with her natural skills, because they all work well together, and don’t need any fixing. I filled her empty slots with Reposition, since it’s always useful, and Hone Atk, just in case my other units need further buffs.


Lucina takes on a completely different role, as an offensive healer. By stacking healing abilities, she can keep the team in good shape, without sacrificing your offensive capabilities. However, this might not be so relevant any longer, since the Healer buff.

Between her Falchion, Renewal 3 and Aether, she will constantly restore her health, and pass it on via Reciprocal Aid. She can readily make use of the stat buffs from Fury, without worrying about the gradual drain on her health.

I do also have a +1 ‘Marth’, who will eventually fulfil the same role, once I can get all the right skills.


Alfonse was upgraded to 5* so that I would always have a bonus unit for Arena. I don’t find him as bad as others say, but he does mainly exist as a Hector killer.

I think this is mostly his default skills, with Axebreaker added to make sure he will definitely bring down Hector.



Joshua is a strong Tempest Trials unit. With a high BST, and good, high cost default skills it doesn’t take much to make him a useful unit. I opted for a build which doubles down on his defensive capabilities.

With Windsweep and his relatively high speed he should be able to engage many foes freely without fear of retaliation. Any that survive will then have to deal with double Close Def 3, which should significantly reduce the damage he receives. Def Ploy 3 should also help him win battles. All this means that he has an Arena score of 700.8, which puts him just ahead of Ayra.



Olivia is my back-up Dancer, and the second unit I’m hoping to get to 4*+10. She is still very much a work in progress, but from a practical point of view, she really doesn’t need to do much other than Dance. Something has usually gone terribly wrong if she ends up in combat, but it’s nice to have the backup.

Most of the skills will be upgraded or changed, so it won’t be worth much to talk about her current set-up. I gave her a Wo Dao+ from a Karel I didn’t care about, which I upgraded to the speed version. This was to hopefully improve her chances of doubling units, and not getting doubled herself. I may eventually change to a different upgrade. Moonbow is a generic good special, which will work especially well with the Wo Dao+. I’m planning to replace her A and B skills with Fury and Wings of Mercy, to increase her BST, and let her fly across the map. However, I’m waiting on the appropriate fodder. Hone Atk is the hone I usually go for with my Dancers.

Aside from these 5, I have a selection of other 5* units, that I don’t really know what to do with, or serve niche purposes. Marth, Roy, and Tobin are benched, with no idea what direction to go, and Athena only comes out when levelling up my Sword units. I also have a 4* Chrom who I may one day update.


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