Fire Emblem: Heroes – Magic

Magic users in Fire Emblem come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Often high Res, low Def, they can tank other magic users, but need to avoid getting into direct combat. Usually the aim is to defeat your opponents before they ever get a chance to get close to you. There are some odd cases like Booey, but I don’t have him.

Blade Tomes are a popular weapon of choice, converting stat buffs into even more power, with examples found in all 3 colours. However, this is by no means the only way to play them.


Celica is a powerful red unit, who needs to stay at full health to reach her full potential. Unlike Blade Tome users, she can function in isolation, without the need for a dedicated buffer. She finds regular use in my infantry teams, or where there are Green units that need taking down.

This build enhances her glass cannon status, by giving her even more firepower, in exchange for her defences. Ideally she’ll never be hit back, so this isn’t really an issue. With Renewal 3 she can quickly recover from the damage dealt by her own weapon, and get back to full power, without the need for a Healer. Ideally I’d replace Draw Back with Reposition, but as with everyone else, I ran out of fodder. She could do with a bit of further work, but I don’t currently have a spare Life and Death 3.


Arvis is an interesting unit, filling a similar role to my Lucina. His unique Recover Ring combined with Fury means that he never has to worry about his HP draining, and can heal his team mates, whilst also dealing out lots of damage.

Fury is also excellent combined with Def Ploy 3 and Iceberg, which both rely on his already fairly high Res.


My first Blade Tome user is Tharja, who fills the Red slot. When combined with someone like Ephraim or a Dancer, she can really start dishing out the damage.

Darting Blow and Desperation enhance her already high speed, making it so that she can hopefully double her opponents before they can hit her. Ardent Sacrifice helps activate Desperation, or failing that she can take a non-lethal hit during battle.


My only Blue unit of note is Robin (M), who is the old fashioned Triangle Adept Build. Combined with his Blarraven+, he’s the scourge of any Red or Colourless units. Originally meant to counter the likes of Takumi, he now mainly comes out during Arena or Squad Assault, when faced with lots of those colours.

All his skills are pretty much chosen to make sure swords and Colourless units will die to him. There’s still a little room for improvement, with Swordbreaker 3, but it’s really not high up on my priority list.


My first Green Magic unit is Deirdre, who is effective against dragons, and teams which rely on stat buffs. Her Spd Ploy also means she can play a supporting role if need be.

Fury enhances her damage potential, whilst also increasing the effectiveness of Spd Ploy and Iceberg. With Quick Riposte and her high Res, she can act as bait for many other magic users, and hopefully take them out in one go. Since Fury will gradually drain her HP, she’s not suited to long encounters, like Tempest Trials, but should keep all her skills active during a normal map.


My last unit of note is Nino, who is trying her best! She’ll often be teamed up with Ephraim, raining green death upon her opponents. She works very similarly to Tharja, except she already has better base speed, so can double other units more easily.

Unlike Tharja, she combines Fury with Desperation, meaning the latter will activate on its own eventually, without the need to take any enemy hits. The rest are fairly standard skills for a unit of this type.

I have some other 5* units, like Sanaki and Lilina, but I don’t feel the need to improve them, given the other Red units I already have, and the effort it would take. However, I may eventually raise my 4* Mae, just for the Exp boost skill.

This set of units is just about finished, barring a few cases of inheritance that I will get to eventually.


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