Fire Emblem: Heroes-Horses

As a F2P player, horses are undoubtedly some of my most valuable units. Their increased mobility and stat buffs mean it’s possible to storm through many maps taking little to no damage. However, in many cases their BST is lower than other units to compensate for this, meaning they won’t earn you as many points in somewhere like Arena.

Nonetheless, 2-3 horses form the core of my teams for nearly all content in the game.


Undoubtedly my MVP is Reinhardt. He’s my most invested unit in the game, and by far the one with the most kills. I have reached the point where I’m just giving him random skills to use up SP, so he knows nearly 100.

I just rolled a 5th one, so I’m hoping to add another plus when I have the feathers.

This is a fairly standard build, but can be modified to suit other scenarios. The idea is to try and KO as many units as possible without retaliation, then have another unit Dance or Reposition him to safety.

I prefer Luna to Moonbow, for the extra damage, but he does also know the latter. Lancebreaker is usually overkill, but there are a few high Res lance users out there that it’s useful for. For niche scenarios he also knows nearly every other breaker that he can. Hone Cavalry is to prioritise offence, but he also knows the other buffs. Quickened Pulse is there to get his special active sooner, and is especially useful in Chain Challenges, because it activates on every single map.

In addition to the summoner support, he has a support with Xander, making the pair a force to be reckoned with.

IMG_6252My second core cavalry unit is Xander, who acts as a fast moving wall, and support to Reinhardt. In addition to providing buffs, he can usually handle the Green units who are too much for his partner. He has a relatively high BST compared to some other horses. I’m currently waiting for his Grand Hero Battle to return, so I can power him up further.

This build is also fairly standard. Fury, Vantage and the Distant Def seal mean that he can be very difficult to kill, often taking zero damage, or killing units before they can land a blow. Once Ignis is primed, his 41 defence means he’ll instantly KO a huge range of units. Finally, Hone Calvary is there to buff Reinhardt and make killing units easier.

IMG_6253My third core cavalry is Lyn, who comes into play if I don’t need to use a bonus unit. I got lucky and rolled an extra copy during the original event, so she’s now a +1. Hopefully one day I can roll some more. She has a support with Cecilia, for when I run a full horse team. Much like Reinhardt, her role is to pick enemies off from a distance, and hopefully never be hit back.

This is the standard Brave Bow build, making use of her default skills, and the ever popular Reposition and Moonbow. I opted for Fortify Cavalry, so that my Cecilia could receive the full set of buffs. Right now, the seal is just there to increase her BST.IMG_6254My last core cavalry is Cecilia, who makes use of the full set of Cavalry buffs for an extra strong Gronnblade+. Like my other ranged cavalry she aims to wipe the enemy out from a distance. It’s not uncommon to see her hitting for well over 50 damage. Since the idea is that she’ll receive all 4 types of stat buffs, I sometimes use her to lure out opposing long range units.

As with the other cases, it’s a fairly standard build, intended to optimise her damage output, and power up her fellow cavalry. Her B slot is mainly a placeholder for now, but has occasionally saved the day. Other more offensive options would probably have more general applications. Like Lyn, I went with Fortify to round out the rest of the squad.

I also have several other, non-core Horse units, who I’ve been working on recently.



One such example is Sigurd, who can tank both magic and physical attacks with his default skills. His default skills are mostly good enough for now, so all I’ve done is add on Reposition and an offensive special.


Once I have enough Divine Dew again, I’m planning on upgrading Eldigan’s sword to make him a double Fury powerhouse. I decided that Vantage would make sense with the huge amount of damage he’ll be taking from each attack, and I’m gradually upgrading his C skill to a horse buff. His assist and Special need sorting too.



Siegbert  is a very offensive oriented horse unit, who could easily get over 60 attack after buffs.

This skill set complements his default skills like Death Blow 3. I updated his special to Glimmer, since it will charge faster. Swordbreaker allows him to deal with swords more easily, meaning that hopefully only lances are a threat. Desperation is another option that would allow him to attack safely against a wide range of units.

IMG_6257Camus used to be one of the core members of my cavalry team, as a second distant counter unit, but has fallen out of use ever since I rolled Reinhardt. I do occasionally bring him out for Squad Assault or Arena Assault, since he makes a good wall against Red units.

I have a variety of other 5* cavalry, which are mostly completely outclassed by my other units. Many of them retain their default skills, with no effort put into inheritance. Olwen is completely outclassed by Reinhardt, and I have no idea what to do with Clive, Titania, Spring Xander or Oscar. Similarly, I’m not sure if I want to upgrade my Berkut or Ursula.

That brings me to the end of my important cavalry units so far. If I roll any new units, or finish off works in progress, I’ll be sure to update this page.



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