Fire Emblem: Heroes-Dragons

Dragons are one of the more unique units in the game, and have received a big buff thanks to the new weapon forge. However, there are still only a handful in the game, some of which are locked into limited time events. As a result, I only currently have 2 units worth talking about, since I’ve never rolled a young Tiki, and all my Fae were eaten for Renewal 3.


First up is my 4*+10 Adult Tiki. Since I rolled a lot of her over time, I decided to merge them all together to create a +10. For a F2P player, I decided this would be more worthwhile than a single 5*. For whales, or those with lots of feather and nothing better to do, an eventual 5*+10 would have been better, but I really do not have 200,000 feathers to spare.

She’s still partly a work in progress, because I still need to sacrifice a 5* to upgrade her weapon, then use the forge to upgrade it further. The rest of her skills are fine as is, and I can adapt the C slot at a later date. The Fury / Vantage combination, along with a ranged counter means that she’s able to deal a lot of damage before going down. Bonfire makes sense with her high defence, and Reposition is a no-brainer.


My other dragon of note is Nowi, who is finished for now. She fills the same role as Tiki, just in blue and with a slightly better bulk, helped along by her +Def weapon.

Her overall skills are basically the same, just with slight changes to her Assist, Special and C skill. This is mostly due to running out of other skills, like Reposition, or not wanting to inherit other skills to her C slot. A friend has suggested a much heavier invested build, with Steady Pulse, Aether and Quick Riposte, but that is way out of my reach for now.

These two are pretty much done for now, I just need to hope for lucky rolls in the future.


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