Fire Emblem: Heroes-Armour

Of all the movement types in Fire Emblem: Heroes, Armour is probably my weakest. There is a very narrow selection of units in the game, and the strongest ones are fairly rare. I have so far managed to not roll a single Hector, as well as missing out on the Halloween units and Amelia. This severely restricts my choice of decent units, and their inherited skills. As a result, over half of my good units are the free swords we got from Grand Hero Battles, or Tempest Trials.

This means that I will usually only pull them out for the Armour quests, or Arena Assault.


Up first is the heavy hitter Arden, who retains a lot of his default skills. If you can get him close enough to actually hit something, he’ll probably wipe them out with ease. However, since I lack any of the movement buff supports, this can sometimes be a problem. Like a lot of my other armoured units, he will get completely trashed by any magic units that get nearby.

Since I lack any spare Death Blow 3, he’s currently having to make do with Attack +3 and the Attack +3 seal, which gives the same end result, but means he can’t use any of the utility seals. It will be replaced once that situation changes. The rest are his default skills, or obvious choices for armours, like Pivot and Ignis. I went with Ward Armor to make the rest of the team even harder to kill.


The Black Knight is another heavy hitter, and my only option for distant counter. This means he’ll usually be the one to deal with mages or other long range units, but I do have to be careful he doesn’t get flat out killed by the former. It also means he will sometimes find uses outside of my armour teams.

As with Arden, several of his default skills are already pretty good, so were not changed. Swap has proven useful as a way to get my other units into battle against ranged units. Reposition could be better, but I’ve run out of those. Vantage has proven useful for keeping him alive against ranged units, because once active, they usually have low enough defence to be taken out in one hit. Alongside Effie, he acts as one of my two offensive buffs. Finally, his seal is really a placeholder for now.


The last of the free Sword armours is Zephiel, who proved useful in the past, but has since been forced out by the previous two. I simply cannot justify running 3 swords in the same team.

Eventually I’d like to finish him off and give him Fury 3, but he’s a low priority for now.


Effie is my one good Lance armour, so of course I have to use her. I decided to go for the Brave build, allowing her to plough through any units she gets close to. Unfortunately, much like Arden, this is sometimes a problem.

Her skills are either her defaults, or obvious movement and special choices for an armour unit. Death Blow 3 works especially well with her Brave Lance, but she’s still a work in progress, because I don’t have the 20,000 feathers to spare for an upgrade. Like the Black Knight, I went with Hone Armor to help the others hit harder.



My final worthwhile armoured unit is Sheena, who I use because she’s my only Green option. Originally I wasn’t going to put much effort into her, but decided I could make a pretty nice wall if I tried a little.

Between Fortress Def, Close Def and Wary Fighter, it should be very difficult for units to take her out in direct combat. Bonfire can then convert her defensive power into offence on the counterattack. In the long run, the plan is to promote her and upgrade her weapon.


The rest of my armoured units aren’t really worth talking about, with the only standout being a 4*+4 Draug, just because I merged them to save space. Until I manage to roll some new better units, or they give us more free ones, all I can do is wait until it’s Sheena’s turn to become a 5*.


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