Return of Lucky Star

This past Sunday was filled with lots of card games, both in the tournament and outside it. This report will only be fairly short though.

I met up in the afternoon with a couple of other players and was able to get in lots of games with a variety of decks. We even started getting a new player up to speed on his Madoka deck.

I’d brought my Alien, Evangelion, Lucky Star and Traitless decks with me that day, and they all got at least one outing. Although from what I can recall Evangelion completely fell apart and wasn’t able to do anything useful in the one game it played.

For the tournament I decided to use my Lucky Star deck, which hasn’t seen a tournament outing in a while. I’d recently managed to obtain the official Lucky Star sleeves, so wanted to get some use out of them. This week I neglected to get the deck distributions and winning deck, so all I can say is that it was the lowest turn out we’ve had in a while.


Round 1 was against Nisekoi, and there really isn’t much to say about this match. By the start of my first turn I think I had 2 Climax in the Waiting Room and another 3 in hand, with my only playable cards being the Patricia supports.

The deck never really did anything useful and I was behind pretty much the whole time. At least I made Marika a 9 Soul before losing to her 2nd burn for 1.

Stand upvsMarika

Round 2 was Nisekoi again, and I don’t actually recall much about this game. I tried to push for game with the Restander, but it failed and I lost next turn to Marika. If I’d not done that then my +6 Soul counter might have saved me.


Round 3 was against a gimmicky Zero no Tsukaima deck full of top deck checkers, brainstorms and cards that looked for Climax triggers. Most turns involved plays like, top deck check, brainstorm, draw / salvage 2, top deck check, ram guys in. This repeated for most of the game, with free deck refresh and change to the Level 3 Louise involved. Outside of the Level 3 Louise, his cards were generally just too small to beat any of mine.

As the game drew closer to the end, he started to make use of Kirche cards that allowed him to stack the top of my deck. In the first instance I was down to 3-5 with Deck Refresh fast approaching, he then stacked 1 card and hit me for 1 damage. I had the +6 Soul counter to survive this though, and I survived the following attack too.

I refreshed to 3-6 and followed it up with the healer and 3 copies of Stand Up! Konata. This got me back my +6 Soul counter, and I think yet another healer. I had a lot of stock at this point. On the next turn he stacked 2 whilst hitting for 2 damage and 100M Shock saved the day again. I somehow eked out a win on the next turn.


The last round was against Milky Holmes and a player who’d never encountered Lucky Star before. This was a fun game and he was quite surprised by how much Power Lucky Star was able to put on the Stage. Even his 3000 counters weren’t enough in many cases.

I couldn’t get Kung Fu during Level 0, which meant he could take out things like the Otaku trio, but I was able to field a nearly full power Stage from Level 1, getting out double Battlefield Konata, and Sunday’s Best Konata. Those cards managed to stay there for pretty much most of the game.

Eventually I upgraded into the even stronger 2/2 Konata, which he just couldn’t deal with. When he finally got a card above their 11,500 Power, I had the Kuroi-sensei counter to push one to 15,000.

At the very end he was down to 2 in hand and the PR Shalo on the Stage, and I knew one of them was the 1/0 counter since he hit a Gate trigger last turn. I went for the Restand combo anyway and beat him with Stand Up! Konata anyway, even though she got reversed by the counter.

A final result of 2-2 wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t a good outing for what used to be one of my best decks.

I had a few more friendlies afterwards, including a very close game with the Traitless deck, and then Alien and Lucky Star running over an Execution deck.



    1. This is my current build:

      I’m going to replace 2 of the lv 0s with the Railgun card that can search for Traitless, since I keep on having issues with CX in hand. I know she has traits herself, but we’ll let that slide.


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