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I’m back after a week’s break where I didn’t feel like writing anything. The tournaments 2 weeks ago weren’t particularly good for me, with a 1-4 followed by a 2-1 for my Alien deck. I went a bit overboard with the Mikuru plays, and this made things pretty bad for me in some games. For example in my first game I nearly won despite only ever playing 1 character above Level 0.

After a run of bad to middling results with Haruhi I decided I wanted to just mess about, so went in with Tabitha this past weekend. It’s a gimmicky deck where the idea is to get out a Level 2 during Level 0, then sit on it and Soul Rush the opponent to defeat. Sometimes this works, but usually it’ll splutter out or fail spectacularly.

Milky Holmes was back on top this week with 5 players, but most of the other popular decks were the usual suspects. Love Live (4), Nisekoi (4), Kancolle (3), SAO (2), IdolM@ster, Illya, Shin-chan, Girlfriend, Terra Formars, Zero no Tsukaima (me), Fairy Tail, Psycho Pass, Rewrite, Nanoha and Project Diva.


The first round was against Nisekoi piloted by one of the regulars at the tournament. I’m never really a fan of these games, because he usually seems to be in a bad mood when he plays against me. This really wasn’t his game, because he couldn’t get his Pendants going until far too late in the game. I either pulled off the Change in Level 0, or as soon as I hit Level 1, which meant his 1/0s couldn’t do anything about the 2/2 Tabitha, and I was able to build up more of them on the Stage.

My set up had gotten pretty ridiculous by the end, with one of the 2/2 Tabitha, the Level 3 Tabitha who gains 2000 if you Trigger a Climax, and 3 of the Tabitha & Illococoo card that gives someone +1 Soul if you trigger a Climax. On top of this I also had the Alarm Tabitha active, giving all my yellow cards an extra Soul. My first attack hit a Wind Trigger, and I added an extra Soul to all of my attacking characters. In the heat of the moment I forgot to actually bounce anything, and my opponent was very forceful about not letting me use that effect. I decided I didn’t care, because it would reduce the chance of my follow up attacks being cancelled. I think I sided for 3 and game.


The second round was against IdolM@ster, and things got pretty silly during this game. This was the first round where my opponent seemed pretty confused by what I discarded turn 1, because he needed to have a serious think about what he was going to do. I went first with a vanilla, which got defeated by one of his 4000 Level 0s. Fortunately the second one ended up in Stock. Next turn Louise hit two Climaxes, netting me two copies of Tabitha & Illococoo, which were able to get over his card with help from her familiar.

The middle of the game was mostly back and forth between the 2/2 Tabitha and whatever he could throw at it. During Level 1 he really couldn’t do much, and his Level 2s only had high Power in his turn, meaning I could Encore her and go again. There was a lot of Soul damage going around from hitting +2 Soul Triggers, the Tabitha Alarm and Tabitha & Illococoo. A lot of this was getting cancelled though, which meant he was stuck in Level 2 for a long time. It also meant he nearly Refreshed 3 times.

At the very end I was at 3/6, whilst he was still in Level 2. I think he must have been at 2-5 given how much damage I caused, since there’s no way he could have been at 2-1 and cancelled nothing. I was pretty sure the game was done at this point, but I was going to try my best to go out all guns blazing. My Stage had the 2/2 Tabitha, the really bad Encore Bodyguard (I think), and Tabitha & Illococoo. I attacked for 2 and hit a +2 Soul Trigger, giving another Soul to my Level 3. The 4 stuck, pushing him to Level 3. Next my Level 3 hit a Wind Trigger, making her another 4 Soul hit, and giving Tabitha & Illococoo an extra Soul. This time the damage was cancelled. Next I attacked directly with Tabitha & Illococoo, hitting a Soul Trigger, making it another attack for 4. This stuck, leaving him at 3-6 with 2 cards left in deck.

I figured it was all over unless he had a heal, but what I had forgotten was that the Level 3 Miki can burn with her effect before you get to Trigger check, potentially winning him the game just before Refresh. My opponent used a card to check the final card in his deck before conceding. He had 3 Miki, but his last card was a Climax, which wouldn’t have caused any burn damage.


The third game was against Kantai Collection. I pulled off the 0 to 2 Change at 0-6 and just sat on my big 2/2s for the rest of the game. They were big enough that my opponent couldn’t deal with them properly until Level 3, by which point I could just keep Encoring them and ramming them into things again.

My lucky streak continued as I managed to win the game before running out of cards.


The Tabitha deck was on a roll, but it would come crashing down against my second Kantai Collection opponent. I think I did the usual revive Cost 0 plays and lots of Soul boosts, but it was finally a game where the massive bursts didn’t stick, or at least not often enough. There was a good start, pushing him close to Level 2 whilst I was still in 0, but things were able to soon turn around. The deck eventually petered out, and some big hits were cancelled, meaning I couldn’t end the game.


The last round was against Love Live. I got the 2/2 out early which meant Eli wasn’t a problem and over the course of the game was able to grind him down to practically no resources. The Tabitha support who gives someone 2000 Power if you hit a Climax during Brainstorm was very useful in this game, allowing my 1/0s to beat things in battle they otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

The final turns were very tense, with my opponent getting me to 3/5, with his last attack from Nico, but only 1 card in hand. He refrained from doing the Clock kick, letting me clock my Alarm next turn and try one last push. I Brainstormed a lot with Louise, including doing moves like reviving a new Louise over a rested copy to get a 3rd Brainstorm off. I couldn’t end it, and was finished off on the next turn.

I was pretty happy with the 3-2 result especially since it wasn’t a serious deck by any stretch of the imagination. Most of the game were fun, just because of the gimmicky stuff that happened. My Kantai opponent from Round 4 went on to win the event.

For those interested, the full deck list is as follows:



I decided to skip over the Monday event this time, so no report from that.

This also seems to be my 300th post. So happy 300th post I suppose.

If you want to keep up to date on the TCG and other stuff I get up to, you can follow me on Twitter @Xagor1



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