The Yolo of Mikuru Asahina

My double tournament report is a little late coming out this week, so you’ll have to bear with me on not recalling all the details.

I’d had a busy weekend, visiting Asagaya Anime Street, and the Shirobako exhibit in Akiba on Saturday, and then Comiket Special 6 on Sunday. The latter finished early enough that I was still able to make it over to Nakano.

Numbers were a bit lower than usual for whatever reason, and the number of Milky players had dropped off a bit, bringing it level with Kantai. I’m still the only Haruhi player there after the slight bump in the first week.


This time we had Milky Holmes (6), Kancolle (6), Girlfriend (Beta) (3), Nisekoi (3), Terra Formars (3), Love Live (3), Nanoha, Project Diva, Madoka, iM@s, Little Busters! and Haruhi.


Round one was against Kantai, and I ended up going all in with Mikuru. I opened with Mikuru Asahina, Onsen Haruhi and Nagato Yuki, which is pretty close to an ideal start for the deck. What I wasn’t expecting was that all my damage would stick, and my opponent would go into Level 1 right away. At least Mikuru stopped me from losing too many cards at the start. I cancelled hits and stayed in Level 0, meaning I just had to ram cards in with a Climax and run to Memory again. I think I got stuck in Level 0 for another turn after this as well. I eventually stopped with all the Mikuru stuff once I had some Level 1s out, and noting that I was just about out of Climaxes by this point.

Most of the rest of the game was I think me ramming more cards in, so I was really low on cards by the end, and ended up losing. I think his Hibiki stayed on Stage all game. Something that annoyed me in this game was my opponent complaining that I wasn’t shuffling his deck in the overhand Japanese way. Which I’m sure doesn’t sufficiently randomise things compared to other methods. Especially since I know lots of players deliberately separate Climaxes before shuffling.


The second round was against Project Diva, which was once again Y/G with the Rin/Len combo. I’m sure I’ve played 3 different guys with this deck now, so I’m not sure what’s going on here. I got the Mikuru and Onsen Haruhi combo right away, and was able to chip away at his cards. He wasn’t able to get his combos working, so I spent most of Level 0 and 1 ramming those two cards into his. At one point Mikuru even took out the 1/1 Len, and would have also suicided with a 1/0 Rin, if I hadn’t set off Flower Bouquet. When I finally reached Level 2 I played 1 Summer Festival on turn 1, then another 2 the next turn, allowing me to heal lots. From here they basically shut down the game.


Round 3 was against Nisekoi, with Mikuru coming to the rescue once again. Mikuru and Onsen Haruhi made short work of all his Level 0s, including the running suicider and the 3500 yellow one. Mikuru also helped to keep me from getting wrecked by the Marika Climax combo at Level 1, since there was only 1 card he could actually go after. Mikuru put in more work at Level 1, dealing with cards like the lv 1 Reverser, and generally just being a nuisance for my opponent.

Once my stage finally began to stabilise into characters that actually stayed in play, I was able to protect them with the Magician counter, locking him out of all bar one of his Marika combos. Level 2 and beyond was Summer Festival and Trouble Girl as usual, and I was lucky enough to survive a Marika and go on to win.


The fourth round was Kantai again, this time R/B with utility 0s like Akatsuki and Hatsukaze. Once again Mikuru appeared early on to mess with my opponent, but I think it was a little while before I could get a third character and actually start building Stock. Our 1/0s fought it out during Level 1, with his having the slight power edge, but he seemed to struggle filling the stage, and I had my 1/0 counters. He was able to constantly keep up his card numbers with the 3 Aliens clone though.

Once I was in Level 2, it was Summer Festival as usual, and I was able to start dwindling his resources. The Ryoko counter saved me from a bunch of damage at one point. As we went into the final turn, I was on 3-0, with a bunch of cards still in hand, whilst he’d finally exhausted all his resources, leaving himself with pretty much his Stage and maybe 1 in hand. Unfortunately though, I took a bunch of damage, since I think I’d triggered some Climaxes on the previous turn. He hit for 2, hits, 2+2 Soul Trigger, hits, leaving me on 3-6 with 2 cards in deck. The final card was of course my last Climax, but it didn’t matter by that point. If only it had been somewhere else.


The last round was against Terra Formars, which was just a terrible game for me. I had no playable cards at the start, and dumped 5 to draw into 4 unplayable cards and Flower Bouquet. My opponent had a runner, which either hit me or got cancelled, I can’t remember. On my first turn after clocking and drawing I still only had Flower Bouquet, so I had to pass. Of course after that he knocked 2 Nagato Yuki right off the top. This set the tone for the whole game, and I could never really recover, although Summer Festival and Trouble Girl tried to put up a good fight, but were just overpowered by Michelle.

So pretty disappointing tournament overall, but Mikuru put in lots of work in 4 out of 5 of the games. Only really the Terra Formars game was a complete blow out against me, and the other two could have really gone either way at the end. I believe that the Madoka deck won the tournament.

Next up on Monday, I was feeling pretty grim at first, and the first round really didn’t help things.

My first opponent had new sleeves, but he hadn’t let the air out of them yet, so he had a very slippery and unstable deck. So of course whilst shuffling and trying to help with this, I managed to spill his deck all over the deck / floor. This understandably put him in a bad mood, and worsened things for myself. This game was against SAO, which seems very popular in Tsukuba, running a Y/B mix with Asuna and Sinon.


There was no Mikuru this time, so I just had to fight things out normally. I don’t really remember much of note for the majority of the game. The Sinon designed for taking down Level 3s was a big problem for me, because the deck doesn’t have Level 2 attackers, and my Level 1 game caps out at a 1/1 vanilla. At the very end I was able to survive double Level 3 Sinon thanks to my Ryoko counter. The first one hit got cancelled twice on both hits for 4, then in order to have enough Stock, he had to attack over my 1 remaining character, which let me drop the Ryoko counter. Without the extra hit the final Sinon couldn’t finish me off, and I won next turn.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsStatistics

Round 2 was SAO once again, with a YGB mix. No Mikuru again, but at least my vanillas could keep pace with his cards, with help from Swimsuit Haruhi & Nagato. Self sacrifice did make it a little difficult to get over some of his cards though. We had a lot of back and forth until we both reached our Level 3 games. My opponent had out the restander Kirito, who I wanted to make sure went down. He was on 3/3 and fairly close to deck Refresh, so I figured I’d probably have him. My first hit for 3, and second for 2 were cancelled, meaning only the last one went in, leaving him on 3/5, just right for Kirito. He even beat Summer Festival Nagato thanks to Self Sacrifice. If I’d left her until last, he might just have reach 3/6, and I’d be able to win via Refresh.

The restanding Kirito ended up smacking me for 4 or 5 and ending the game before he even needed to attack twice. After the deck Refresh, I was 15 cards away from a Climax, so would have pretty much lost whatever anyway.


The final round was an odd one against Dog Days, where we both spent most of it building a massive pile of Stock. I went through about 5 Climaxes in just my opening hand and discard, but Kyon’s Sister was there to save the day. The first two turns were basically, attack with Nagato Yuki, Brainstorm with Kyon’s Sister, pray. At Level 1 we threw a bunch of zero costs at each other, and used Encore / Pseudo-encore to keep all our cards alive. I did play my 1/1 at some point, but hit a Gate Trigger, and decided it was better to give it up than lose out on the salvage.

I think I refreshed twice during the game, but I can’t recall the exact timings. At least one of the times the Climax count was pretty bad, but the size of my hand / stock / clock made up for that.

I had hoped to use my Stock to play some Summer Festivals during Level 2, especially since I already had 3 in my hand, along with the Climax. However I didn’t actually have 4 Aliens at the time, because my Stage was Flower Bouquet and Kyon’s Sister, and all Clocking did was get my another Summer Festival. So I just continued with ramming cards in. On the final turn I was able to hit for 3 with Kyon’s sister, thanks to her Brainstorm, then 2 from my two other characters, finishing him off. Throughout the game I think I only spent 5 stock, 3 times for Kyon’s sister, once for a 1/1 and once on the last turn for Flower Bouquet.

4/4 overall for the two tournaments isn’t great, but as said earlier for the Sunday event, it wasn’t like most of them were particularly bad match ups, it’s just that it’s Weiss. Somehow Evangelion still has my best single event performance.


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