The Disappointment of Yuki Nagato

This weekend I decided to try out Mikuru Asahina in my Alien deck to see if she would be much use. Results for that card specifically have been pretty positive, even if my overall results have been pretty poor.

Prior to the Nakano tournament I was able to get in a handful of friendlies to test things out. I started off with Traitless vs Angel Beats, completely demolishing him. I managed to win during Level 2 with Saten and Touma running everything over. After that I switched to Alien for 2 games against Angel Beats and 2 games against Nisekoi. The first 2 went pretty badly, with a string of bad luck concerning Climaxes.

In the first game I drew 3 in the opening hand, then another 2 after discarding. Kyon’s sister brainstormed another 1 on each of the 2nd and 3rd turns. It just generally didn’t get any better. In the 2nd game bad luck pre-refresh did me in. I had 2 Climax in a 7 card deck, when I was hit for 3, then 2 and them both sticking. This meant I cancelled on the 3rd and then drew the last Climax. I couldn’t really recover after that.

The games against Nisekoi went far better, with Mikuru putting in a lot of work early game wiping out his Level 0 cards. By the end of one of the games he even had zero cards. The successes with Mikuru were encouraging, but things wouldn’t last in the tournament.


We had the smallest tournament in a while, with only 29 players, but there was a surprise guest from the US community there. Thanks to the new booster pack the tournament was filled with Milky Holmes decks, which had somehow unseated Kancolle as the most played deck. There were a variety of decks on offer, from Police to Detective (with and without Feathers) and I think there was a Phantom Thief floating around too. I was the only Haruhi player there that day, and I ended up winning the free pack lottery.

Overall composition this week was: Milky Holmes (7), Kancolle (4), Girlfriend (Beta) (3), Nisekoi (2), SAO (2), Little Busters! (2), Fate, Da Capo, Terra Formars, iM@S, Shin-chan, Nanoha, Project Diva, Haruhi, Love Live. I expect the number of Milky may drop next week.


For the first round I was up against a Milky Holmes Police deck. I remember the Kokoro Reverser dealing with my Nagato Yuki a lot, and then getting to Level 1 the turn after he got out the new 0 to 1 Change. This meant I didn’t have to worry too much about it messing up my Stage. There was trading back and forth of low cost cards in the middle of the game until I could get my Summer Festivals out. As the game was closing out he was able to get 3 of the Level 3 Kokoro and burn me for 3. The first attack left me on 3-5, meaning I’d pretty much given up, knowing only 2 Climaxes were left. I got lucky and cancelled both attacks, leaving me in the game and letting me hit him with Trouble Girl next turn for game.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsKazumi

The second round was Milky Holmes again, but this time it was Detectives featuring Feathers. I don’t recall anything particularly notable in the early to mid game, with us just mostly trading off low cost cards and me just being relieved to not have to deal with the clock swap and 1/0 3k counter shenanigans. Just before Level 2 he got out 2 copies of the card with the Climax combo than could reduce one of my cards by 2000 Power letting him kill both of my 3 Aliens. I decided to 3 cost Encore one so I’d have enough Aliens for later. Eventually I closed things out with Trouble Girl and Summer Festival. I never saw much of his late game, except for the top checking Feathers card.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsKyosuke

The third round was against Little Busters, which was probably the most fun game that day. My opponent was quite surprised that I knew what lots of the Little Busters cards do, and we both enjoyed the twists and turns of the game. He seemed to be in pretty horrible shape Stage wise most of the game, needing to 3 Cost Encore quite often. Mikuru and Onsen Haruhi made short work of things early game, and his Rikis kept on ending up in Clock. He was never able to pull off the Level 1 Climax combo either. Once Summer Festival was out he just couldn’t deal with my Stage at all, the only problem for me was that he kept on cancelling all my damage, because I was overswinging to heal myself.

The last couple of turns pretty much went, double Summer Festival combo, lots of cancels, Trouble Girl, lots of cancels, double Summer Festival, lots of cancels. Eventually I just lost. My opponent even apologised for winning at the end.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsMarika

It would be downhill from here, with a pretty terrible game against Nisekoi. There was nothing too notable during Level 0, but was losing more cards than I’d normally hope to be. It was pretty much the same in Level 2. I was finally able to fight back with Summer Festival  and try to win, but Marika and Chitoge were able to wipe me out. I think at one point I killed Marika, but he deck Refresh next turn and had a Pendant to search her back to hand.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsEllie

The final round was Milky Holmes again, this time it was Detectives again, but with less Feathers. All I can really remember about the game was that he kept on hitting Bar Triggers all throughout the game, and that he had the support that looks for Bar Triggers. Things were going well for me until the final turn when he dropped 3 of the new Clock Kick and I went straight  from late Level 2 to dead taking 9 damage in the process. If only I’d had Ryoko.

The final of the tournament was between Terra Formars and Milky Holmes with the former taking the win. I think from a brief look over that it was a RBY deck using the 2 Soul Akari combo in Blue along with the Akari Level 3 and one of the Yellow Level 3s.

After the tournament I got in 2 friendlies with my Traitless deck. Firstly against my 3rd round opponent who had switched over to his Girlfriend (Beta) deck. Kunikida put in a lot of work here, helping me thin my deck a lot. I even made use of the Saten support for once. Cards like Touma and the Saten Climax combo allowed me to keep pace with his bigger cards, even if I was spending most of my Stock on Kunikida. I eventually won with direct attacks from Taniguchi. The second game was against another player, with I think Milky. It was mostly unremarkable with my deck struggling to do anything particularly interesting for most of the game.

Yesterday had mixed results again.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsRin

Things started off against Little Busters, which was running the +2 Soul version of the 1/0 Climax combo. Thankfully he only got this combo off once in the entire game, but the +2 Souls were still scary. It seemed to me like most of the game he was unable to get his end game cards, because the end of the game mostly involved him ramming his lower cost / power guys into Summer Festival / Trouble Girl. Stage presence was never an issue for me, it was just a matter of whether or not I took damage. I got lucky at the end of the game when he decided to try and win with his +2 Soul Climax. I was on 3-4, with at least 3 Climax left, but can’t recall how many more. He hit for 3, cancel, 5, cancel, 3 cancel, and it was over next turn.


The 2nd round was against Nisekoi, which was going well right up until my last turn. At the start of the game he couldn’t match up to Nagato Yuki backed by the 3 Aliens, and I was able to follow up with Mikuru and Onsen Haruhi on the next turn, leaving me in control of the Level 0 game. 1/0s and the Magician Counters kept me on top during Level 1, especially since his Reversers were having to go after my Level 0 Nagato Yuki.

It all went downhill at Refresh though. My opponent had recently added the 2/1 Onodera Change to his hand, and given how the rest of the game was going, he seemed like he’d have a pretty poor Level 2 game if he couldn’t pull that off. I hit him to Refresh with the last 2 cards of his deck being the Green Level 3 Onodera, so I was hopeful that this would mess up his Level 2 plans. Unfortunately he cancelled on the 3rd card, dumping the change targets to the Waiting Room. He also drew the Climax for the combo next turn. This dramatically turned around his position in the game, even if it didn’t particularly impact my current Stage. What did me in was the next turn, where I triggered a book, drew a book, then on the third attack triggered a 2nd book and drew a gate. Marika killed me next turn.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsChihaya3

The 3rd Round was against Rewrite, which I’ll admit isn’t my favourite match up for the deck. I managed to dodge a bullet though, because he wasn’t able to play the 2/2 Chihaya until it was too late. None ended up in the Waiting Room in most of the early game, and by the time he finally brought one out I could take it down with Summer Festival Nagato. Things seemed so poor for him at one point that he even attack with his anti-heal. The Red and Yellow Level 3s weren’t enough to bring me down, so I was able to win on the following turn.


The last round was against Yellow / Blue Kantai collection, and it would be just my luck that I would keep on Triggering my Gates throughout the game. At the start of the game Mikuru and Onsen Haruhi put in a lot of work, taking out multiple cards and making sure Shimakaze would at best only have 1 target to go after. I even managed to cause a suicide between Mikuru and Shimakaze on the turn I finally let her be defeated.

I made some mistakes in the Level 2 game because I made some bad choices with regards to the anti-early play counter. I was stupid enough to forget that it was a Level 2 Counter at first, so I wasted an attack trying to play around it, when I could have just run something over. I’d eventually get hit by it on my 3rd attack. On the next turn I used my anti-Climax counter to mitigate some damage, but it might have been better kept to stop a late game Climax combo. It did help me only take one damage that turn though, and I would probably have taken more otherwise.

The final turn came down to me on 3-5, and him on 3-1. His Stage was had 2 empty slots and a Level 3, whilst I only had 4 cards in deck. I knew the bottom two were Summer Festival and Trouble Girl, and that there was one Climax left in my deck. I clocked to draw my Climax and search out Summer Festival, so that I knew there’d only be one trigger, since I wanted to keep my damage to 3 if at all possible. I could only bring him to 3-4 rather than game though, with only my first attack for 3 sticking. Mikuru once again put in work here, letting me have an empty Stage, despite only having 1 card to ram into. I lost anyway, but it helped increase my chances.

After the tournament I got in 2 friendlies with my Deck Out deck. The first was against my Nisekoi opponent from earlier, and I opened with 3 Riki, 2 Scythe Master, Suginami and Yellow-chan. I very quickly had everything I needed to set up for Level 1 and put down the triple Suginami stage as soon as I reached it. The rest of the game was drawing lots off Suginami, sending his Climaxes to Memory and ramming into things whilst playing Climaxes. I wasn’t able to win by deck out, but I did win properly, after making him Refresh with 4 in deck.

A second game against Fate saw me quickly assemble the Suginami stage, thanks to double Laharl & Mao. I wasn’t able to get rid of many of his Climaxes to Memory, but at least the Stock Swap card put 3 of his Climaxes as the first 3 cards of his 9 card Stock, so there was a lot of digging. I got him to 3-5, before finally being defeated on his 3rd attack.


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