I have no interest in ordinary results!

I’m quite late on getting these reports out, so they likely won’t be as detailed as usual. I’m still sticking at it with my Alien deck, but I’m contemplating some changes for next week.

Deck ratio

Up first was Nakano, where it looks like things might be starting to settle a bit in terms of deck choices. Kantai is still far out in the lead, and Nisekoi is another popular choice, but decks like Terra Formars have already nearly vanished. The decks present this week were Kantai (10), Nisekoi (6), IM@S (4), Love Live (4), Nanoha (2), Project Diva (2), Haruhi (2), SAO (2), GFB (2), Madoka, Gigant Shooter, Terra Formars, Prisma Illya, Da Capo, Fairy Tail, Shana and Little Busters.

My overall results this week were pretty poor, only managing to go 2-3.


The first round was against Project Diva using the Rin / Len combo at Level 1 again. Like before Swimsuit Haruhi & Nagato helped me weather this storm. I think he triggered or Brainstormed lots of his Climaxes, so Summer Festival dealt a lot of damage and finished him off pretty quickly.

Up next was Nisekoi, where I had a pretty decent start, managing to keep the stage more or less under control and starting to dwindle his resources. Unfortunately for me, he had 2 early play Onodera, which I just couldn’t keep up the pace against, and was pretty much shut down from this point.

The next round was SAO, where things were going pretty well for me, at least until Level 3 Sinon game out and I was completely wiped out cancelling no damage, despite having 7 Climaxes left. As it turned out there were 4 in a row down in about the last 10 or so cards in my deck.

I don’t remember the 4th round at this point, but I lost.

The final round was against Nanoha, which for once was actually a Nanoha deck and not a Fate one. Main thing I recall was my opponent repeatedly using the Nanoha & Fate that send themselves to Memory to look at 4 cards. The 1/1 Nanoha that could top-deck my cards was also helped her get in some damage against me mid game. Eventually though, repeated Climax combos from Summer Festival were able to wear her down.

Things went a little better for me on Monday evening at the Tsukuba tournament, where I managed to get a 2-1 record.

sinonChihaya_yellowYou'll be no match for my sword!

I lost my first round game against SAO, at least partly because I double Gate triggered on my final turn. Sinon and Asuna were able to finish me off, with Asuna siding for 1 over Trouble Girl.

The second round was a very close game against Rewrite, where the final turns came right down to the wire. The early game had gone fairly well for me, getting him stuck at 0-5 at one point, and him fortunately not having the searcher that could clock himself. During Level 1 he was also never able to pull off the Change into the massive 2/2, so that saved me a lot of pain.

Everything was looking good for me, until my second to last turn, where I triggered a Book, drew a Gate, then drew another Gate from Guitarist. At that point I’d decided I’d lost and just resigned myself to defeat on the next turn. Somehow I cancelled the bigger attacks, leaving me on 3-6.

By this point my opponent had no hand and only a single Level 0 character on Stage. My first 2 attacks pushed him to 3-6, before my final one was cancelled. This left him with 2 cards left in deck, and the whole game would come down to whether or not that 2nd to last card was a healer. Thankfully for me, it wasn’t so I won.

The last round was against SAO, which just turned into a Summer Festival beat down. I played 1 copy when I was at 2/0 to overpower his cards, and was able to follow this up with a double and then a triple Climax combo on the following 2 turns.

At one point he used the Sinon support to stop me protecting one of my Summer Festival from his Asuna, but I was able to boost her anyway thanks to my split counter. She unfortunately got bounced by a wind trigger anyway. In the end I won at 3-0.

The deck is doing okay so far, but after seeing that one of the players back in Osaka was having success with the deck, I’ve decided it might be worth making some edits to the list. My main thoughts at the moment are with the Level 0 Mikuru Asahina, and whether she would be a better choice than Usual Nagato.


Yuki gains 500 per Alien on play, meaning she can easily become a formidable card at Level 0, and maybe even threaten a few Level 1 cards. However, she’s a terrible first turn play, and becomes a sitting duck after her initial turn. At 2500 the best you can hope for is that she gets hit by a Reverser, so it’s at least an even trade, but she can usually be run over in battle anyway. She is an Alien though.

Mikuru on the other hand has a much more interesting effect, whereby for 2 Stock you can send herself and another character to Memory during the Encore step, bringing them both back next turn with an extra 1000 Power. Essentially she gives you double Encore for 2 Stock, rather than 6 and doesn’t leave the cards vulnerable next turn. In exchange you’ll be taking more direct hits. However, during Level 0, where she’ll put in most of the legwork, this is pretty much a non-issue. You have empty slots anyway during that point in the game.

She’s stock neutral overall, but she lets you get in free hits against the opponent without fear of losing cards afterwards. You can get off 3 attacks on the second turn of the game and still only leave 1 card open to your opponent. From your point of view you still have 1 card and 1 Stock like if you’d played a single card like normal, but your opponent might be 2 steps closer to defeat.

She’s also a useful workaround against Reversers and Runners. She can take out Reversers without you losing any cards, and she’ll let you field a full stage against a Runner, without any of the draw backs from doing so next turn.

The Power boost is a minor bonus, which I suspect will only occasionally help. I can see myself teaming her up with supports a lot of the time anyway, who will just get moved Back Stage next turn.

I’m definitely going to be trying her out at the next couple of tournaments, and seeing how this all goes.


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