The Melancholy of Yuki Nagato

After my decent performance in Nakano yesterday, it was time for the Tsukuba tournament, where I have a horrible habit of failing miserably. And today wasn’t any different.


Round 1 was against Nisekoi, and I pretty much couldn’t do anything all game. I started with 2 1/1 vanillas, 2 Trouble Girl and a Gate, dumping all but the 1/1. After that and clocking I still only had one playable card, Usual Nagato, with my hand quickly filling up with Climaxes.

My opponent had a Reverser, so at least it was an even trade off and my card wasn’t completely wasted. Next turn, I drew even more Climaxes, and only managed to get Flower Bouquet Haruhi. I played her back stage and passed. Maybe I should have direct attacked with her.

I got hit again, then was finally able to put something on the Stage that wouldn’t die straight away. After that I was knocked to Level 1, with a massive deck and only 1 Climax left. After drawing and clocking there was still about 15/16 cards left in deck, so I can to use all my Stock for Kyon’s sister. Of course the Climax was in the top 2 cards, so at best I was left with 5 cards and 0 Climaxes after that.

Post Refresh I just took loads of damage and lost. By the end all 5 of my remaining Climaxes were in the last ~12 cards.


For the second round I was facing off against a Red / Blue Kancolle build, and for the only time that day my deck worked properly. I started off with a big Nagato Yuki which it took him a Climax to get rid of, but the Level 0 game generally wasn’t an issue.

In Level 1 he used the 1/1 with a change into the 2/1 Marker card, which is too big for me to deal with. Instead I just used the free Encore and rammed cards into it instead.

Once in Level 2 I dropped a pair of Summer Festival and healed myself down to 2/0, actually leaving myself without any Blue cards in Level / Clock. I was able to win before I ever reached Level 3.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsSHALO

The third round was against the Level swap Milky Holmes build, with the new Feathers PR from the March shop tournaments. Hitting 4500 made it a bit harder to keep my Level 0s around.

Level 1 was also a bit of a struggle for me, because my 1/0s just couldn’t keep up with his, and it wasn’t until I got Summer Festival that I could start dealing with them.

After a bit of back and forth, he sent Halloween Shalo after me, and I was hoping to just cancel something. I had 2 Climaxes left in a 7 card deck, and was on 3-2. He hit for 2, sticks, 1, sticks, 2, sticks. He doesn’t even need the burn effect. My last 2 cards were both Climaxes.


The last round was against Zero no Tsukaima, but RBY, without the early play Louise. The cost 0 Reverser was a bit of a pain, but I was mostly able to stay on top of things Stage wise and overpower his cards. It’s just that I kept on drawing / triggering Climaxes, or that they were near the bottom of my deck.

I made a stupid mistake close to deck Refresh, forgetting to use the extra draw effect of Guitarist twice, which meant I ate some damage I could have avoided. After that I was taking a lot of damage thanks to the Kerche that top deck something from your Waiting Room if they trigger a Climax. It also didn’t help when I double triggered again.

I was pretty much out of it by the final turn, but when he top deck 3 of my cards in a single turn thanks to the Level 0 Kerche and double Level 1 Kerche it didn’t really matter any more whether I could potentially cancel or not.

After the complete flop of the tournament I had one friendly with Traitless against Milky, which I’d eventually lose after a close game.


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