I have no interest in ordinary card games!

It’s March 2nd today, so it’s finally time for Haruhi to come back. I’d been looking forward to this day since the announcement (and waiting years before that), so how would it go in reality?

The tournament was a little disappointing, only managing a 2-2 record, but I can see that this was partly due to mistakes on my part.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vssinon

I started off the day against SAO and things were going pretty well at first. Kirito failed to run, so I was able to take him out with Onsen Haruhi. During the middle of the game, my opponent forgot to use his Marker Asuna’s effect, so she only had 1 marker underneath her. This meant I could run over her with my 1/1 vanilla.

Once in Level 2 I was able to start running things over with Summer Festival and everything looked in a pretty good spot. I was on 2/4 and had some Trouble Girls lined up for later. With 4 Climaxes left I was hoping I might at least cancel something, and if not, it’d be hard to take me out in 1 turn.

My opponent dropped double Sinon and her Climax, leaving him with 2 cards in hand. He started by siding for 1, which I thought might have been to get around the Ryoko counter, but given his surprise later, I think it was just to avoid losing the character. Next I took 4 off the first Sinon, deciding here to use my Counter to stop the 2nd combo. I then took another 2 off her attack, leaving me on 3/4. The last Sinon attacked, hitting a Wind Trigger and the 3 stuck, finishing me off.

My next 2 cards happened to be Climaxes, so if I’d let him do the combo I’d have survived. Even if he’d opted to not use it, and instead side that still would have hit the first Climax, then let me draw Someday in the Rain. This was arguably a miscalculation on my part, because Climaxes would have come up sooner or later, especially since I’d reached the point where half of it was Climaxes. I wasn’t expecting to eat 10 in a row (nor him to hit that last trigger).

TroublevsWill D2 push Laharl over the edge?

The second round was against Disgaea, which can be a very scary deck for Haruhi, because Winged Slayer completely wipes out your gameplan if dropped at the right time.

The game started with the Fenrich and Sardine Valvatoze combo, giving him a 5000 Power unreverseable card. This wouldn’t have been an issue with the older deck, because it had Kyon & Koizumi, but here I use Onsen Haruhi for colour fixing. For a while Valvatoze and Nagato Yuki traded off, with me Encoring her despite the loss of cards. He moved Fenrich up eventually, and I managed to clear them both out thanks to a fortunate Gate Trigger.

At Level 1 he dropped a bunch of 1/0s and used the +2 Soul Climax combo Laharl. Every one of his attacks were cancelled, which was thankful given that some of them were for about 5/6. After that I could just run over his cards with my vanillas.

Once in Level 2, double Summer Festival just ran over everything he had. He stuck things out for a while with his Level 3 Laharls, but he was practically out of cards by the time I was able to start playing Trouble Girl.


The 3rd round would be against Nisekoi, where misplays and mistakes on my part would be my undoing. One example that sticks out was using Swimsuit Haruhi & Nagato to get around his Level 1 Reverser, forgetting that it only has that effect whilst there were pendants in Memory. He had zero at that point.

There was another big mistake just before Refresh, where I decided I’d grab a card from my deck, rather than play Summer Festival. As it turned out, my deck only had Onsen Haruhi and Xmas Party Kyon’s sister, neither of which were Alien, meaning I completely wasted 2 Stock.

About the only thing that went my way was stopping the Level 3 Onodera combo the first time she came down. That only really slowed things down though, since I was too busy messing up my plays. At the end I had a 10 card deck with 2 Climax left and on 3/2. So of course I trigger both of them during my turn and just have to concede there.


The final round would be Nisekoi again, and we basically seemed to get into a stock building battle, with both of us having massive piles throughout the game. I was never able to get the 3 Aliens any time during the game, but at least Flower Bouquet Haruhi gave a bit of a power boost. I was able to hold of most of his attacks with the split counter until I could make it to Level 2 and start throwing the Summer Festival combo at him, along with Guitarist Nagato.

On my first turn in Level 2 I decided not to play them, because I didn’t have the Climax and he had no characters. So I just put down Guitarist and moved Flower Bouquet up. I then hit a Gate (with nothing to kill), a Book and drew 2, discarded 1, then another book and drew 2 more and discarded another. At the end of this I had 9 in hand, so had to dump some cards.

Eventually he was ramming all of his Level 3s into Summer Festival, with only Marika able to get over my 1/0 vanilla. He exhausted most of his Stock and Hand, but it was only enough to leave me on 3/2. I then finished him off with Trouble Girl and more Summer Festival putting me back to 3/0. By the end I had 10 clean Stock just sitting there doing nothing.

Overall, it wasn’t particularly a good or bad performance for the deck, with most of the problems falling on my end. I need to think some of these plays through a bit better, and hopefully a bit more practice against decks like Nisekoi, I can better judge what plays I should be making. I should also try to be more aware of my deck’s contents. Here’s hoping I’ll be a bit more successful this weekend.


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