Get in the boat Shinji!

Since the announcement of the March updates I’ve been eagerly looking forward to playing Haruhi again, but this has meant I’ve been at a loss for what to do in events until then. To fill out the final week of events in Kantai’s current reign, I decided I’d bring out my 2nd oldest deck, Evangelion. In a format of anti-heal and anti-salvage, there’s no better choice than to play a Heal / Salvage deck for which Brainstorm is but a legend.

Tsukuba Tournament


My first event with the deck was the Monday evening local in Tsukuba. This was a pretty terrible performance for the deck, since it didn’t manage to win any games, but it put up a good fight in some of them.

The first round was against Kantai, and I seemed to be in a good position as the game was drawing to a close. Finishing Blow Asuka had helped clear out Hatsukaze, and my opponent was nearly at Level 4, whilst I was around 3/0. Unfortunately, they had a lot of Stock at this point. This allowed them to play double Yamato Kai, and give both of them double shot. Combined with a Climax, they hit for about 4, cancel. Double shot. Hit for 4, cancel, shot, cancel. I was then finished off by the final attack.

The second round was against Fairy Tail, and the deck just didn’t work until it was too late. I really struggled to get much going early in the game, and it wasn’t until late game that I was able to start taking apart his stage. It was too late by that point, because I’d racked up too much damage and he was able to finish me off.

The final round was against SAO, and much like the Kantai game, it was going well until the closing of the game. I don’t recall really ever having much problem keeping control of the game, and was able to push him into the upper half of Level 3 whilst still sitting in Level 2. I then got smacked by double Sinon Climax combo and went all the way to Level 4 in a turn.

It was fun bringing the deck out again and getting a few close games, but was disappointed it flopped. Hikari was probably the key card for this day. Twice during the tournament I ended up using her Experience effect and discarding the counter, before bonding it right back.

Afterwards I played a friendly with the new Haruhi deck against IdolM@ster, and was able to win after he finally pushed me to Level 3.

Nakano Tournament

Yesterday evening it was the Nakano tournament, which is meant to be the biggest official shop tournament in Tokyo. It usually gets between 20-30 people from what I’ve seen so far, but does have capacity for up to 48. Apparently it does reach close to this sometimes, but I’ve never been there when that’s happened. It’s also meant to be one of the stronger shop tournaments. It’s a fun event, and it’s nice to have something similar to what I used to have back in Osaka. Attendance levels are similar between the two, but the difference here is that they have more time to run one bigger tournament, rather than splitting into smaller blocks.

Something which is interesting at the Nakano event is that they tally up all the decks being played that day and post the results for everyone to see. Recently the events have been dominated by Kantai, with decks like Girlfriend (Beta), Love Live and Nisekoi also usually featuring prominently. If you’re playing a unique deck on that day, you get entered into a raffle for a free pack. Unfortunately, despite using Gigant Shooter and Lucky Star previously, I’ve yet to win the raffle.

For the tournament I had the choice between Eva and Wooser, since I figured no one would be playing either. I was convinced to go with Eva, but once again didn’t win the raffle.

So long Asuka, we won't be seeing you as much any more.vsOnodera

For my first round I was up against Nisekoi, and it looked like we were both getting pretty bad luck in terms of Climaxes, it’s just that in the end things came down better on my end. My opponent kept on cancelling or otherwise losing Climaxes during Level 0 which meant he was stuck there for ages and could beat up his cards. I on the other hand was doing things like clocking into two Climaxes, or triggering two whilst attacking. He also made some mistakes with regards to the power of my cards, possible forgetting about the experience effects, or the global Asuka/Ayanami boost.

Later on I was able to do lots of damage thanks to my Climaxes and his lack of cancelling. Finishing Blow Asuka and Experimental Plugsuit Asuka helping to wipe his Stage, and rack up the damage. When he reached Level 3 he didn’t have enough Stock to go all out, so just had to use the search Onodera and play some cost zeros. I think he might have known about Asuka’s effect, since he made it so that Onodera was the only card on his front Stage by the time my turn game around. I still won from direct attacks and such.


The second round was against Kantai collection, which wasn’t as bad for me as I’d been expecting. I was able to keep on top of things power wise for most of the game, and by Level 2 was starting to take his Stage apart. He had to pick up and read Finishing Blow Asuka after she cleared out his Hatsukaze, making my Gates live again. I even hit one on the turn she disappeared, and he never played another copy.

At the end though, he had triple Akagi, and even if it wasn’t for the Clock kicks, the final 2 hits for 3 would have gotten through anyway.


The third round was against an IdolM@ster deck using the twins, but I didn’t see do-dai anywhere. I’m not sure if he didn’t play it or just never pulled off the combo. Instead he mostly relied on things like the Level 1 cards that switch into each other. After a bit of a shaky start with practically no Climaxes in sight, I was able to start overpowering his cards and establishing field control. Finishing Blow clearing out Off Time Makoto also really helped. About half of my Climaxes were in the bottom 10 cards of my deck, so I was able to stick it out in Level 2 for quite a while. I think in the end his deck just petered out, and after he triggered lots of Climaxes I was able to defeat him.


The fourth round was against another IdolM@ster deck, but a different build. I don’t really know their names, but he was using some of the event counters, and the card that gives power boosts when you use counters. I think this game had another shaky start with me ending up at a higher Level much earlier, but this once again allowed me to fight back and rack up the damage.

I didn’t ever get around to playing a Level 3 card, instead relying on Experimental Plug Suit Asuka for my damage, and managing to win whilst still in Level 2. I did her combo two turns in a row to up my damage output, even though it was taking a toll on my resources. On the last turn I was tempted to make a very stupid play involving playing over one of my cards with the Level 0 salvage Asuka, playing over her with another card, salvaging Shinji and then playing him over that card, just so my card would have enough to cause a double suicide. I decided not to. In the end, my opponent milled a Climax with a mill counter, then ended up losing to the damage from that hit.


The final round was against SAO, packing Sinon and Death Gun cards. Early game was a back and forth between the Kirito runner and the 4k Rei, until I hit Level 1 and could start filling the Stage up. I didn’t see Level 0 Shinji for ages, partly because Rei milled 2 on turn 1. I could just about keep pace with the Sinon Clock Encore, so my stage wasn’t too badly impacted. I was in Level 2 first again, which allowed me to kill off his Death Gun support with Finishing Blow, who was 3 cost Encored back immediately. This left my opponent with no Stock, and really stifled his plays for the rest of the game. He was never able to recover and I went on to win.

After Eva somehow going 4-1 I got a pack out of it, but unfortunately it was from 4 series I didn’t care for, so just picked Kantai and didn’t get anything interesting. I played a friendly with Haruhi against new Kantai against my friend and was able to just about come out on top in the end.

I’m now looking forward to Haruhi this week, and I don’t expect I’ll be using a unique deck any longer.


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