Adventures in Nipponbashi: 2 week catch up

It’s been a while since my last one of these articles, partly due to not going to tournaments on a Sunday, or just being lazy with writing up reports when I did make it to them.

Two weeks ago I participated in the usual C-Lab tournament, whilst this past weekend I played in the Card Kingdom WGP warm up, to mixed results overall. Around this I’ve also been able to play plenty of friendlies, either with the Lucky Star deck, the No Attribute deck or the Miyuki Deck-out deck.

The Miyuki deck has recently undergone a retool, giving it new ways to get rid of all of your opponent’s Climaxes. I’ve replaced the Level 0 Etna and Ayano with 4 copies of the Genius Rune Knight. Not only does she help Etna & Laharl and Laharl & Mao get their effects off, but she also helps with the other new addition with the deck. I’ve added Daily Spectacle to the event line up, and shifted around the other numbers, so that I still have 8 events, but split 3/3/2 between Daily Spectacle, Unreal Situation, and Banana Parfait. Daily Spectacle exchanges all of your opponent’s Stock for the same number of cards from the top of their deck, so if you’re very careful you can wipe all their Climaxes out in one fell swoop.


Time to gamble the whole game on a single play!

The general idea with these new cards is to get as many Climaxes back in the deck as you can with Laharl & Mao and the Rune Knight, before sending them all off to Stock with Daily Spectacle. The other events and Eli can still be useful for clearing out the Waiting Room when you’re unable to catch everything in the Stock swap.

In the ideal scenario your opponent will have clean Stock, zero Climaxes in the Waiting Room, and an equal Deck and Stock, but this is unlikely to happen, and requires very precise timing. In reality you’ll probably have to gamble on your opponent’s last few cards not being Climaxes. There’s probably still more work to be done with the deck, but I like the way it works now. It’ll probably only work once against any single player, but it’s still a fun deck to mess around with.

The C-Lab tournament 2 weeks ago was the largest I’ve seen, with a total of 41 participants. It might have been split into 3 blocks, but I didn’t really get to see outside of my own. The event pretty much took up the entirety of the play area in the shop.

In round 1 I faced off against Persona, but lost after a bad Refresh. If I’d ditched / played some Climaxes earlier I would have been in a better spot. Suddenly having 3 in hand at Refresh was not good.

In round 2 I once again ran into Climax problems against Love Live. The game was drawing to a close, and I had 5 Climaxes in deck, so I figured I’d be safe for at least another turn. Attack, +2 Soul. Attack, Book trigger, draw Book Trigger. With that my game was pretty much over. If instead of just attacking, I’d used my Brainstorm, I could have drawn 3, and then used Stand Up! Konata to thin the rest of the deck down. I just wasn’t expecting the top 3 cards to all be Climaxes.

The 3rd round was against Little Busters, and my loss could probably be blamed on some of my own decisions. Late game I put a support out front to power up my 2/2 Konata even more, but this came back to really bite me when she got Clock kicked.

The final round was against SAO, where I managed to win the game before reaching Level 3. The Level 1 and 2 Konata just carried me the whole way. If things had gone on another turn, I had a hand of triple Stand Up! Konata and 13 stock, meaning I could have attacked up to 6 times, should the need have arisen.

Stand up

It’s just like you’re playing Vanguard

After the event I was able to get in a friendly with the Miyuki deck, but lost because after the Stock swap their final 2 cards in deck were both Climaxes.

Last Tuesday there was a public holiday, so I was able to get in some friendlies in the afternoon using my different decks. No Attribute runs pretty smoothly now after its recent updates, although I want to try and fit a 2nd Miyako in there somewhere, because sometimes 1 Brainstorm isn’t enough.

A lot of that day was spent trying to pull off a victory with Miyuki, which finally happened after taking a big gamble. I’d managed to get 2 of my opponent’s Climaxes into Memory with Unreal Situation, and they currently had 1 more in Stock, which was currently 11 cards. I used Daily Spectacle to swap them out for 11 cards from the opponent’s deck, before using Eli to send the recently freed one back to Stock. Thankfully it didn’t hit a Climax in the process as has happened before with this play.

With 7 cards in deck I went for Miyuki, since I was pretty sure I wouldn’t last through the next turn. My opponent flipped over their cards, revealing zero Climaxes, and meaning victory via deck out.


Miyuki side attacking for 51!


All the Climaxes were sent to Stock!

In another friendly later in the day I was also able to win by getting the opponent to Level 4, which was a surprise, especially since I was against Disgaea.

Moving onto this past weekend, I was finally able to find the remaining copies of the RRR Konata and finish off my Lucky Star deck completely. Now I just need the Konata sleeves to go with it, but those are impossible to find.


It’s finally complete!

I also decided to pick up the new Charmer sleeves for Yu-Gi-Oh! even though I’ve not played the game in a while. They were very popular, since just about everywhere was sold out on Saturday, and the one place that had any left was sold out by Sunday afternoon.


Which Charmer is your favourite?

On Sunday evening it was another WGP warm up, but this time the event was single elimination, so it could have all been over rather quickly. Despite not feeling particularly well, I was able to last through until the 3rd round. Once again, I somehow pulled a Luka XR from my entry pack, which must bring me to something like a 50% pull rate on that card.

For the first round I was able to beat Kancolle, thanks to a 4th attack from Stand Up! Konata, siding over her defeated opponent for 1. I was then able to beat Love Live in a close second round.

For both of my first 2 games I barely saw any of my Level 2s, with them usually ending up in the Clock, so I just had to rely on Battlefield Konata and my other Level 1s until Stand Up! Konata could come down.

For the final round I lost against Kancolle, where I’d had a terrible early game that saw me only being able to attack once a lot of the time, and having to rely on Level 0 or 1s for most of it. At one point my opponent ended up 5 over the hand limit due to hitting 3 cards off a Brainstorm.

What’s a Shimakaze?

With me now out of the event, I spent the next couple of hours or so playing some friendlies with the Lucky Star and No Attribute decks. No Attribute was fun, and my opponents were always impressed by some of the cards, especially Kunikida. One of the highlights of the day was when a Deck Refresh put him on top of my Clock, and suddenly gave me access to all of my game-enders. He also allowed me to grab one of my counters whilst I was in the middle of getting attacked.

With Lucky Star, my opponents had never really seen the current version of the deck, so were quite surprised by some of my cards, like Kung Fu Master Konata. However, the deck had iffy performances in this game, with either losing all its copies of Sunday’s Best Konata, never seeing any of the 2/2s, or simply falling so far behind in damage that even 5 attacks in a single turn wasn’t enough.


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