Adventures in Nipponbashi: WGP Warmup

The WGP is on the horizon, so in preparation for these events shops around Japan are running warm up events throughout September. For participating you get a PR card and a voucher to exchange for another PR card at the actual WGP. If you win, you get a small certificate to commemorate it.

On Saturday evening I took part in the event at the Card King, which had 16 competitors. Unfortunately it was a pretty poor performance for my Lucky Star deck.

I lost round 1 against a Miku deck before beating Nisekoi in the 2nd round. The Miku game was close, with me digging through loads of cards with Stand Up! Konata to try and go for game, but just falling short. Against Nisekoi I survived a late game Marika and was able to win after that.

The final round was against Rewrite, which I also lost against, but I cannot recall anything about the game now.


9 Stock and a Climax to heal 1? Sure, why not!

Afterwards I played some friendlies with one of the C-Lab regulars who’d won the tournament. I had a fun first game with the No Attribute deck, followed by a showdown between Kantai Collection and Lucky Star. At the end of the game I had a huge pile of Stock, so I used Miyuki’s effect under triple Hibiki, just to make sure I had a Climax in the Waiting Room for Refresh.

On Sunday I’d aimed to take part in the Hobby Station warm up event as well, but all 32 spaces had been filled by the time I arrived. Instead I had to settle for friendlies at one of the C-Labs with my Lucky Star and No Attribute decks. This included an Otaku mirror match, but my opponent’s inclusion of Wind Triggers lead to my defeat.

Stand up

Brainstorm? What’s that?

In the evening I took part in the regular C-Lab tournament, and did pretty well this week. Unfortunately, I’ve forgotten most of the details of the games. I do recall that in nearly every tournament game throughout the weekend I saw a clump of Climaxes early game, which meant I was taking quite a lot of early damage, and finding it harder than usual to set up the Stage.

My match ups went as follows:

Round 1 vs Nisekoi Lost

Round 2 vs Nisekoi Won

Round 3 vs Monogatari Won

Round 4 vs Da Capo Won

For the first 3 rounds all of the games pretty much went the same way during the final turns. I’d drop double Stand Up! Konata and dig through loads of cards, hoping to end the game there. It wasn’t unusual to go through more than 15 cards in that turn alone.

The first time against Nisekoi it wasn’t enough to win me the game, and I was crushed by Marika on the following turn. The second time I won before it even came time to double attack. The 3rd time I’d set up a massive Stand Up! Konata that he couldn’t possibly stop, but only needed 1 damage to win by the time her attack came around, so just sided over a Level 2 for 1 damage.

In the fourth round against Da Capo my opponent drew terribly all game, repeatedly drawing his Climaxes and never really being able to put anything meaningful on the Stage. Given all the Soul Triggers in the Otaku deck, it was soon over.

In my prizes for that day I managed to get a Musashi, which would be helpful if I actually played Kantai…

I rounded the day out with one more friendly with the No Attribute deck, and even though it lost it was a fun game.


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