Adventures in Nipponbashi: Preparing for ShiroKuroFes

This will be a fairly quick report, because there wasn’t really much interesting to report on this week.

The C-Lab tournament was shifted to Saturday because of some other event taking place on the Sunday, which meant we had a very low attendance, with only 12 people taking part.

I decided to enter with a rebuilt version of Log Horizon, which ended up performing terribly. Things would go well for part of the game, but then just fall apart later on.


You let me down Shiroe

The first two rounds I faced off against SAO, beating it the first time, but losing the second time. The deck was pretty much on a downwards spiral after game 1, and I think losing to Symphogear and Nisekoi in the remaining two rounds. Things got so bad in one of the games that I had to send Level 3 Shiroe into battle.

After the tournament I managed to get some friendlies with one of the regulars using the Glasses and No Attribute decks, which were fun games.

The following day I decided to forgo the shop tournaments for Minori PRs in favour of searching for more cards to upgrade my decks. I was mainly on the look out for new cards for the No Attribute deck, which I found right way at the Card Pal.

Afterwards I found some of the regulars at the C-Lab, and got help from one of them with the No Attribute deck, which now incorporated Red cards and a Brainstorm.

I tried it out against his Nisekoi deck, and just managed to pull out a win. It was a fun game with my cards reaching ridiculous Power levels, whether by choice or not.


Nothing can stop Miyako!

During one of my turns I ended up attacking with a 19,500 and two 11,500s, thanks to the Miyako Brainstorm and double Saten Climax combo. Miyako ended up being that big because she gains 3000 for every Climax she hits, and I’d hit 4 during that turn. Originally I just wanted to thin my deck down, but when I hit 3 the first time I realised I’d need to rush through the rest of the deck or eat lots of damage.

It all ended with Lucia ramming into I think the large Level 3 Tsugumi, which I’d have no hope of beating in battle.

I can’t wait to upgrade this deck with the new Kyousuke from the next Little Busters pack.

Then I decided to try out the Tabitha deck for a laugh, and it actually managed to beat Nisekoi again, with the 2/2 putting in a lot of the work. Unfortunately I didn’t do the Level 0 combo, but Level 1 is close enough.

Things just didn’t go my opponent’s way that game, with Climaxes repeatedly being hit for Refresh or Clock bond.

To round out the day I picked up 2 signed Tabitha and some more Shiroe for the Glasses deck.

Next weekend I’m going to be attending the Shiro Kuro Fes in Yokohama, so I’ve got a full 24 hours straight of card games to look forward to.


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