Adventures in Nipponbashi: Return of the Old Decks

Two weekends ago was filled with lots of card games, because just like the weekend before I was  after the new Minori PRs for Log Horizon. I’d decided that maybe a little break from Lucky Star might be in order, so I revisited some of my old decks for some of the tournaments.

On Saturday the first tournament was even less well attended than the previous week, with only 2 of us taking part. I’d brought a couple of decks with me, but decided to go with Evangelion, even after seeing that all he had was Kantai Collection.

So long Asuka, we won't be seeing you as much any more.vsHibiki

The deck had a terrible start to the day, opening with 2 Climaxes, drawing a 3rd, and then triggering a Gate when only Climaxes were in the Waiting Room. Since Evangelion has absolutely no way to fix Climax problems, this was pretty much a death sentence for the deck right out of the gate. I somehow held on long enough to get off the Climax combo for Asuka at the end of the game, but I couldn’t get enough damage to stick and end the game.

After this we played a few friendly games with some of my other decks, like the Miyuki deck out one and the Lucky Star deck. Miyuki lost, but it’s usually fun seeing their reaction to triple Suginami and double Scythe Master. Lucky Star did manage to win its game though.

Later that evening it was the Card Kingdom tournament, which I decided to enter with Evangelion again. I was a bit annoyed going into things because I’d forgotten to bring a pen, and the shop was being awkward about it. It was fine to use their pen to put your name on the entry form, but they wouldn’t let you borrow a pen to write your name on your results sheet. I eventually borrowed a pen off one of the other players, but is just seemed pointless that I couldn’t use one of their pens for a couple of seconds.

I don’t remember much of these games except for the fact I was climax screwed from the start both games. I lost to some kind of Little Busters / Kud deck, I think, and I completely don’t remember the other one. All I remember is the 4K Rei failing on turn 1.

After these poor results I decided it was probably for the best to retire Evangelion again. At least until maybe one day we get a comeback campaign or another set. Although I wouldn’t hold out much hope for either.

Afterwards I managed to get in some friendlies against the C-Lab regulars. Yuki faced off against Sara and lost, before Wooser shared the same fate, despite packing some of the Wooser Rares, and resetting the game.

On Sunday the Hobby Station tournament looked like it got close to the cap of 32 competitors, which was much better than the previous week. I even saw some of the people I’d met the weekend before, or in the Card Kingdom tournament the previous day. Given the high number of participants I decided that it might be a better idea to use my Lucky Star deck instead of the Alien one.


For my first round I was up against Madoka, which is usually a really good match up for me. Or at least it would be if I drew any of my Level 0 attackers in time. I started the game staring at a bunch of support cards, and with no Kung Fu in sight I couldn’t start putting the pressure on Madoka.

Things started to get better as I got to higher Levels and could start playing better cards, but I was unable to really ever make a dent in my opponent’s resources. I was never really able to keep up on damage, and eventually ended up on 3/6 after a failed attempt to win the game.

At this point they would have had a guaranteed win if they’d just attack over my weaker cards with a Clock kick Homura, which I thought they might still have copies of, but they instead decided to side attack [Kung Fu Master Konata] for zero, not realising she was a Level 1. Despite that mistake the 2nd hit still finished me.

I can’t recall what deck I played in the 2nd round, but I know I was lucky to come out on top in the end. I’d had a long string of bad luck with my Climaxes. Starting off with Clocking into two of them on turn one, later playing a draw Climax, only to draw another one, then go on to trigger a Book whilst attacking, and finally near the end of the game hitting a book trigger and drawing a 2nd Climax off of that. What’s annoying was that in the last case that was the last attack of the turn, so I’d gotten rid of one of my own cancels.

I think having big guys that stayed on the Stage all the time helped me mitigate some of the damage. At the very end of the game I pushed with the [Stand Up! Konata] Climax combo, after going through at least 10 of my cards with two of their effects. My 4th attack was for 3 damage, and with only 4 cards left in deck their final Climax turned out to be the very last card. I was still in, but only just.

Every day sure is a battlefield for you Konata.vsIo

My next round was against Devil Survivor 2, which didn’t seem to be running the Marker version of the deck. This was a fun game, with both of us enjoying ourselves. We both got stuck in Level 0 for ages, with both of us repeatedly cancelling the other’s attacks.

After this it was a showdown between the 1/1 Encore characters, with Konata’s more consistent power being a deciding factor. I eventually managed to win whilst still in Level 2, because the Level 2 Konata was simply too big. I even managed to force a suicide against a 16,000 character, which doesn’t happen very often.

Stand upvsShana

The final round for the day would be against Shana, being piloted by one of the players from yesterday. The start should have been really good for me, because [Kung Fu Master Konata] stomps over Shana’s early game cards, except of course I never drew them. This was another game where I saw lots of supports, and was just desperately trying to gather stock for my later Levels.

As often happens when the deck is in a bad spot, the late game pretty much just turned into making the 2/2 as big as possible and then hoping it doesn’t get beaten. This more or less held true.

It looked like we might get a showdown of the double attackers later, with Shana facing off against Konata, but I don’t think either of us actually used our restanders in this game. I got lucky at the end with large amounts of damage going in uncancelled and winning me the game.

After the tournament had ended I managed to get a friendly game against another player who also had a Lucky Star deck, but this time a Twins one. We basically had a battle between our different high Power characters as Konata faced off against Kagami and Tsukasa. Konata eventually triumphed, but the 13,500 Level 3s were quite a threat.

For the C-Lab tournament in the evening we’d had one of the lowest attendances in a while, so I decided to go with the Alien deck for my block.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsChris

The first round was against Symphogear, but I don’t recall too much about it. Late game had [Summer Festival Nagato] facing off against the Level 3 Chris, with the Climax combo helping out in terms of power. The deck just couldn’t cause enough damage though.


The second round was against Kantai Collection, but fortunately not running the anti-heal. [Kyon & Koizumi] were able to deal with threats early on, with [Meganekko Nagato] allowing me to draw cards and replenish my hand during Level 1. [Summer Festival Nagato] was able to heal some damage during Level 2 and 3, but I kept on triggering and drawing Climaxes towards the end of the game, whilst getting hit over and over again by a Junyou boosted Yukikaze.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsshuffle

The final round of the tournament was against the Execution build of Persona, which was a fun game. Since it’s been a while, I can’t remember too much about the game, except for the fact that at one point he used [Shuffle Time] on me, hoping to draw out my supports from Back Stage and move away the [Summer Festival Nagato]. All that happened was that two of my Front Stage cards swapped positions, which meant nothing since all my supports were global. In the end I just about managed to win.

Afterwards I played a couple of friendlies with Alien against Milky Holmes and then Otaku vs VRO, coming out on top both times.


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