Adventures in Nipponbashi: Falling Star

Two weeks ago, after my recent successes with the Lucky Star deck it was time to come back down to earth. I’d taken a break from card games three weeks ago to attend the 15th Anniversary Lantis Matsuri, so I was ready to get back into the swing of things.

On the Saturday I met up with a friend from England who happened to be over at the time, and showed him and his friend around Nipponbashi. They were very excited to see all the card goods, anime merchandise and so on that was available. I also managed to get in a couple of games on the Saturday. One was Lucky Star against Dog Days, where I crushed Dog Days, only just reaching 3/0 on my last turn. After that I tried the Miyuki deck, but it never really got going properly and just ended up being wiped out at the end.

On Sunday I attended the regular tournament at the C-Lab, and to warm up before the event I used the Miyuki deck again. My opponent had SAO, which meant he’d shoved loads of cards under his Asuna. This meant there were lots of blind cards not in the deck. Eventually he had zero Climaxes in the Waiting Room, and 7 cards in deck, so I took the risk with Miyuki. Unfortunately there was 1 Climax left, so he survived. After this he played over all of his maker Asuna dumping about 3 Climaxes to the Waiting Room, and finishing me off before I could do anything about them.


For the first round of the tournament I was up against one of the regulars using Kantai Collection, in what would be a close game. Climaxes weren’t too kind to me throughout the game, with my first 2 attacks both being Book Triggers. I don’t think I ever dug out the bottom one.

My larger Konata cards generally managed to maintain control of the field, but Junyou was able to put pressure on me with her Soul boost. By the end, thanks to the combined efforts of Junyou and Musashi I ended up on 3/6 with only 2 or 3 cards left in deck. I was able to heal to keep myself in the game, but was unable to win that turn.

When it came to my opponent’s attacks, he was down to 1 card in deck and he figured it was a Soul Trigger, so sided for 0 against one of my Level 3s. It wasn’t so I survived that hit. Unfortunately the next Side Attack for 1 took me out anyway. The next 2 cards of my deck were Climaxes.


For the second round I was up against SAO, but right now I can’t really remember all that much of the game. Generally, Konata was bigger than everything and was able to constantly beat up his cards. He kept on trying to dig for his Level 3 cards during the late game, but never saw any of them. I ended up taking that game.


My third round was against a Monogatari deck, which was using [Suruga Kanbaru, Feeling of Openness], a card with a Climax combo capable of killing off my Konata supports. This made the game quite difficult for me. The first time he did the double combo I Encored one of them and played a 3rd from my hand next turn, so I could keep up my power levels.

He went for a second double combo later in the game when I was sitting in the middle of Level 2. I just let all my cards die, pretty confident that I’d be able to finish him off next turn with a [Stand Up! Konata] combo. Unfortunately, the combo Climax is a +2 Soul, and I took every single piece of damage, getting completely wiped out in one turn.


The final round against Vividred, which I honestly don’t remember much of. The Level 1 Reverser was annoying as usual, and I completely forgot about the anti-heal later in the game, but I was still able to pull through.

A final result of 2-2 was okay, but a drop from recently.

After the tournament I managed to get in 2 more games with the Miyuki deck. The deck didn’t work, but I was able to get some fun games. First up Prisma Illya, and for a lot of the early game I was actually in complete control of the Stage, and was getting loads of cards thanks to [Laharl & Mao]. I wasn’t seeing enough Events though, so couldn’t use all my Stock to actually finish him off.

In the second game I kept on taking loads of damage, then triggering 2 Gates in a row off attacks, so was defeated quite quickly.


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