Adventures in Nipponbashi: Card Game Overload

Last weekend I braved the heavy rain to make it into Nipponbashi, in search of the new Minori PR for Log Horizon. I’d located several different shop tournaments that I could attend, so decided to try and pick up as many as I could before the C-Lab tournament. With so many games this weekend, I can’t recall that many details about all of them.

First up was Card King, where the entry fee was 1 pack. I got a Project Diva 2 pack and managed to pull an XR Luka, so was off to a good start. Despite having up to 16 spaces, we only had 3 entrants. People were probably kept away by the rain. Although, looking through the official website, this seems to be a general trend. So far it looks like only 1 made capacity, and barely any broke 10 in the Osaka region. Two even had no one come to the event. The unofficial C-Lab tournaments are much better attended.

I got a bye for the first round, whilst Da Capo and Apples Madoka faced off against each other. The Da Capo player pretty much dominated the game and won.

Stand upvs I still think this is a stupid way to spell Charles.

Up next I was against the Da Capo player, and Konata was generally just too big to handle. I had a bit of a scare with an early clump of Climaxes, but I don’t recall my Stage ever really being challenged until the end game. Double burn Sharuru wasn’t enough to finish me off, so [Stand Up! Konata] was able to take it on the next turn.

After my victory we received our PRs and that was it for the tournament. I’d sort of hoped to get to play the Madoka player too, but a win’s a win.

It was still a few hours until the next tournament, so tried to fill it with looking for cards, or people to play. I didn’t even realise that the Card Kingdom that the event was held in existed until last Saturday, so it was nice to discover another shop. It was quite shocking just how expensive some of their cards were though, with some of the higher end ones being several thousand yen more expensive than most of the other shops.

Eventually it was time for the tournament, and we managed 7 this time, including 1 or 2 faces I recognised.

Stand upvsJunyou

My first round was against Kantai Collection, and I wondered if it was his first time playing the deck, or if he’d borrowed the deck, because he kept on having to read and double check his cards. Kung Fu Konata managed to maintain control of the early game, and thankfully he was only able to get off 1 Shimakaze search during Level 1. When we reached Level 2 Junyou arrived, but thankfully a few turns later he suicided her into one of my cards.

I’m not quite sure what made him get rid of Junyou, but it lifted a lot of pressure off of me. The Green clock kick card later put me dangerously close to losing, but I just about managed to hang in there.

On the final turn I went for a massively boosted [Stand Up! Konata] to try and go for game. My first attack put him to 3/6 I think, but my second one was stopped by [Compass]. When [Stand Up! Konata] finally went in I hit a 2 Soul Trigger, meaning it would be for 5 damage. My opponent tried to stop things with a 2nd [Compass], but it failed and he then took all 5 damage. If it had failed I was hoping a Side Attack for 2 would be able to end things.

Stand upvsMadoka

My second round was against the Apples build of Madoka, which is one of the easier games for the deck. None of his Level 0s were a match for [Kung Fu Master Konata], and then [Battlefield Konata] was just too big during Level 1.

My opponent could only start trying to turn the Stage around in Level 3 thanks to [Ultimate Madoka] and [Sayaka Miki]. Sayaka was quickly dealt with thanks to my Kuroi-sensei counter, and Madoka ended up bumping heads with [Stand Up! Konata]. For the first time I stood a Reversed Konata, but it wasn’t enough to win that turn. I survived my opponent’s retaliation and was able to win on my next turn.


My final opponent for the day was using Log Horizon. Most of the game wasn’t much of an issue for me, with my big Level 0 and 1 cards dealing with whatever he threw my way. However, once Akatsuki arrived things took a turn for the worse. Backed by the Level 3 Shiroe she was just too big to stop her combo, and I couldn’t deal with her effectively when attacking either. This would be my first loss in a tournament for the weekend.

After the tournament I had some friendlies with the Usual Haruhi deck, and the Miyuki deck with both losing. Miyuki was no real surprise, but the Haruhi one was just never able to get going. Seeing about 4 Climaxes in turn 1 is pretty much a death sentence for that deck.

On Sunday I braved the rain once again, this time to get to the Hobby Station tournament in the middle of the day. I figured this would take a while, and then there wouldn’t be too long a break before the C-Lab event.

Unfortunately, my loss the night before was a sign of things to come.


My first opponent was using Monogatari, but thankfully not the version from the previous week. I think my opponent had never seen Lucky Star before, because just before deck refresh he asked to see my Waiting Room and read through all of my cards. I don’t really recall details of the actual progress of the game, except that I was taking a lot of damage due to drawing or triggering my Climaxes. I maybe had 1 or 2 cancels all game before losing.

Stand upvsLeafa

My second opponent was using SAO, and it was a pretty good game for me for the first half. I was able to dominate the Stage until the Level 3 Leafa came down, whose Power was just too much for me to handle. I couldn’t really do much to take out his cards, so ended up devoting my time to just ramming into his and causing damage. It wasn’t enough and I lost another game.

Since the event was double elimination, that was me out of the tournament, and now needing to do something to fill the time. After a bit of food, dodging a sudden downpour and being mostly unable to find anyway playing WS, I managed to find a few people in one of the Yellow Submarines.

I managed a few friendlies against different people, like Lucky Star vs Kantai and IdolM@ster twins, Usual Haruhi against Rewrite and a couple of games with the Miyuki deck. This filled the time until about 4:30, so I headed off to the C-Lab.

Prior to the tournament I managed to get in one more game with the Usual Haruhi deck, but it fell over right at the end of the game.

I really cannot remember what my first two opponents were playing, except that I lost both. In the first game I lost about half my Climaxes on turn 1, in the second game I drew or Triggered most of them mid-game, which meant I took a lot of damage.

Every day sure is a battlefield for you Konata.vsAkatsuki1

For the 3rd round I was up against Log Horizon and we had a bit of back and forth for most of the game. The Clock Encore Akatsuki and [Battlefield Konata] battled it out repeatedly, whilst our other cards kept on wiping each other out. A Minori Climax combo messed my Stage up just before Refresh, so I ended up drawing back into my [Battlefield Konata]. At the end a Shiroe backed Akatsuki was too big a threat to deal with in battle, so I kept on trying to ram cards to avoid burn.

On my last turn, if I’d attacked in a different order, or attacked different positions I would have won, but I was too focused on the Level 3 Akatsuki, and wasn’t able to deal the last bit of damage. I lost on the next turn.


The final round was against a Milky Holmes Police deck, which was once again a bit of a disaster for me. I wasn’t able to establish a proper Stage until the middle of the game, but once I had a decent Stage I was unable to cause enough damage, because my opponent just kept on cancelling everything. I eventually lost after a tight final couple of turns.

After my worst string of tournament performances to date I got in one last friendly between my Miyuki deck and an Execution deck. I nearly had them, but they had 1 last Climax in deck, so wasn’t able to finish the game with Miyuki.

I’m thinking of taking a little break from Lucky Star right now, and using one of my older decks again, like Evangelion. I’d really like to get Wooser finished too, but that requires finding a second set first. With 3 of the new Minori PRs already obtained, I hopefully won’t need to go looking for too many more.


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