Adventures in Nipponbashi: Incredibly Lucky Star

I’m on a roll at the moment for tournaments results, with my second victory in a row, and my 3rd victory out of the past 4 tournaments. Today was probably my hardest fought, since for once the pairings didn’t fall in my favour, and we had to go through all 4 rounds.

Stand upvsChihaya3

My first round was against Rewrite, which isn’t the best match up for me, due to things like the the Level 1 Reverser and the fact it can change into the 2/2 Chihaya.

I think I opened with a Kung Fu and some supports, which is a pretty good start whatever I’m facing. I can’t recall much else of the early game, except that after a little bit he had the runner out front, and I had enough cards to put out 3 attackers whilst still having 7 in hand. As you would expect, this quickly pushed him into Level 1.

I don’t think he could capitalise on this though, because I remember getting attacked by the Yellow Brainstorm card. The Level 1 Reverser was a bit of a pain to deal with, but just like last week I ended up quite a way ahead in terms of damage.

Since he got to Level 3 first he was able to get down two copies of the stock eating Chihaya, and an anti-heal, and start beating all my cards up, since I lacked any counters. Despite not being able to deal with the power deficit, I got him up to 3/6, whilst still having a safe buffer.

He played over his anti-heal with a healing card to bring himself down to 3/5, but he couldn’t finish me on that turn.

The next turn, since he finally had a card I might be able to beat in battle, I went for the [Stand Up! Konata] combo. My first attack for 2 was cancelled, then a hit for 1 stuck. Then when I attacked with [Stand Up! Konata], she ended up striking for 4, which was of course cancelled. I used my 2nd attack to Side for 1, which unfortunately got upped to 2, but still wasn’t cancelled.


My second round was against Vividred Operation, which is usually not a good match up for me, because of the fact that the deck packs a Level 1 Reverser which can also salvage cards.

This game didn’t seem like the best start for either of us. I put out a [Kung Fu Master Konata] on her own, who was promptly beaten. On the next turn with help from the Miyuki searcher I was able to get enough Otaku on the Stage to power up another copy of Kung Fu. This did require me to put down a copy of Patricia without using her bond though, which I was a bit iffy on.

I somehow knocked my opponent to 0/6, meaning he was colour locked on the next turn, and ended up using [Operation!Vividred] to take out my [Kung Fu Master Konata], and the anti-heal to bump with Miyuki. I don’t really remember him being able to establish a field much during Level 1, being forced to play a 1/0 Counter to the Stage, and mainly just suiciding Vividred into things.

When Vividgreen was finally able to come out, I was pushed into Level 2 and quickly overpowered it with the 2/2 Konata. He even ended up doing a pay 3 Encore to keep it around just a bit longer. I kept on pushing the Power of my cards higher by putting down 3 copies of [Sunday Best Konata] and even ended up Encoring the 3rd copy.

Due to my very strong Stage I didn’t need to worry too much much about Clocking at the end of the game, since my guys just weren’t losing. At the end I was at about 3/4 or 3/5, and could actually afford the 4 Stock for a heal, and ended up dealing the necessary damage to win the game. I don’t even remember seeing any of the Level 3s that Vividred uses.

Every day sure is a battlefield for you Konata.vsyuri

For the 3rd round I was paired down, so that knew that I’d need to go through two more games if I wanted to win again. Unfortunately, my memory has failed me, and I can’t recall too much about this game.

I think [Kung Fu Master Konata] ended up fighting against the 3500 Yui during the early portions of the game, but I don’t recall much besides that.

During Level 1 I remember him using [Allied Front, Kanade & Yuri] and the Yuri brainstorm to help him set up a little.

Most of the Level 1 game hinged on our respective support cards. Thanks to [Sunday’s Best Konata] and [Patricia Martin], my [Battlefield Konata] were a huge threat, but my opponent was able to fill his Stage with many copies of the Yuri support. He started with 3 of them, but eventually dropped down to 2 once I was able to defeat one of them. Even with the huge Power that Konata normally has, the ability to gain 1,000 to 1,500 Power whenever something was Reversed did mean that I couldn’t dent their Stage as much as I’d have liked. It also allowed him to make suicide attacks with smaller cards, and then follow up by taking down my more powerful cards.

By the end of the game my opponent was running into serious resource problems, with only 2 cards on Stage and 2 in hand after his final turn. He’d been able to get some of the older Level 3 Yuri’s out, but was unable to pull off her combo, with only 1 copy surviving through his turn. To finish off the game I decided to go for the [Stand Up! Konata] combo, but was able to win before she needed to attack.

I had spent a little while debating who to give the Climax boost to, trying to weigh up the risks of counters against too much Soul damage, but it was ultimately pointless, because his hand was two Level 3s, which I should have realised were there.


For the 4th and final round I was up against Angel Beats! again, and hoped things would go as well as the previous game. I think the regulars were putting a bit of pressure on my opponent by telling him that I’d been winning the tournament a lot recently, and he admitted that he didn’t know what most of the Lucky Star cards did.

I started off with 2 [Kung Fu Master Konata] (one Back Stage) and a copy of [Sunday’s Best Konata], so I was able to get off to a decent start with a 4,000 wall. He put out 2 of the 3500 Yui and I think a salvage on defeat card and hit me with all 3. I then wiped them all out by moving my Kung Fu up, and putting down an Otaku trio.

My opponent ended up in Level 1 and used the Climax combo 1/0 Kanade to wipe all my cards out and get a few searches off. I ended up being pushed all the way to 1/6, so Clocked and drew into a 2nd copy of [Sunday’s Best Konata]. I then dropped 2 copies of the 2/2 Konata and basically sat on them for the rest of the game, because they were far too big for him to deal with.

Most of the rest of the game was spent with him just ramming cards into my Konatas, and me trying to play catch up in damage, especially since he was cancelling lots.

Eventually I was in Level 3 after a Refresh, and managed to cancel pretty much everything except for a shot Trigger. On my final turn I figured he had maybe 1 Climax left in deck, and I needed to push for the full 7 damage to win. It turned out I’d miscounted and he actually had zero left in his deck. My first attack hit for 3, then the next for 5, which were the last 5 cards in the deck, sealing my victory.

So another week meant another victory! I got my 3 lots of 2 cards and managed to pull 4 RRs. Unfortunately at best one of them was worth ¥500, with the rest about ¥100. I later used my ¥200 voucher to get a Cornet Konata for cheap, because I had no idea what else to use it on.

I got in a game with the Miyuki deck before the shop closed, and it came right down to the wire before I lost. I misjudged how many Climaxes my opponent had left in their deck, thinking it to be 1, rather than zero, so didn’t push with Miyuki. On the next turn he Refreshed with zero in deck, but his final hit for 4 stuck, despite me having a new deck with 7 climaxes in.

As usual the deck is fun to play, and it’s always funny to see people’s reaction to the Suginami combo, and whether they want to actually beat a 1000 Power card or not.

After the tournament my 3rd round opponent had decided to try making Lucky Star after seeing its power, and had bought a few packs, luckily pulling the Level 2 Konata. I showed him my deck to give him some ideas, and tried to explain where the different PRs were from, since the deck is made up mostly out of them.

I suppose this might mean that in future I might have a Lucky Star mirror match to look forward to. I’m also worried that I might see decks designed to beat mine, but I’m not sure anyone would go that far.

As always, you can keep more up to date on what I get up to by following me on Twitter @Xagor1.


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