Adventures in Nipponbashi: Very Lucky Star

This past weekend was once again filled with card games, with me deciding to revisit my Miyuki deck out deck, in the hopes that I might be able to improve its consistency.

After taking some advice from one of the users on Pojo, I was on the look out for a random selection of cards, including Laharl & Mao, the Riki and Akane searchers, a Love Live stock swap card and the Shining Force runner. After checking out all the regular shops I was able to pick everything up for the cheapest price I could find. I even ended up with the full Shining Force Comeback set, because it was the cheapest way to get the runners.

With the new cards I made some modifications to the deck, and decided to opt for Riki over Akane because I needed the Blue for my Level 1 game. I’m now tempted to actually up the amount of Riki all the way to 4 copies, because it’s been so useful. In its current state, the deck has transformed into an early game advantage engine, that has a much easier time setting up the Suginami combo. Once this is done you just keep on drawing cards until you get the required Events. The only characters you really need to keep in your hand are Miyuki and the stock swap card, since you’ll actually want to play them to the Stage eventually.

I managed to get a couple of friendlies in, either with Lucky Star, or the new and improved Miyuki deck. As usual, Lucky Star won and the Miyuki deck lost. However, the Miyuki deck flowed a lot better than it had done in the past, with both Riki and Laharl & Mao helping the deck out significantly. I’d probably been a bit too hesitant about suiciding with Suginami, out of a fear of drawing more Events, even though the number was lower than in the old version.

On Sunday I was able to meet up with Jordan for the first time in a while, and we were eventually able to find a place to sit for some games.

ikuzevsThere's only one flat girl who comes out a level early for me.

Up first, Visual Arts took on Zero no Tsukaima, with Visual Arts coming out on top. The Clock Bond to the counter was able to keep up my card advantage, and the plus Soul support allowed me to put out a lot of damage throughout the game. Eventually, after several “Ikuze Aibou!” the President was able to emerge victorious.

SuginamivsI'm not sure that's where CDs go.

Next I took on Project Diva with the Miyuki deck, hoping to test it out a bit more. Late game would be bad for me, because Miku could kick my Suginami to the Clock, breaking the loop.

Early on I was able to set up two Suginami, thanks to cards like Riki and Laharl & Mao but just used the 3rd slot for a throwaway character. I think when I first got Laharl & Mao to work, there weren’t actually any worthwhile cards in the Waiting Room, so just used it as a way for a +1. I then spent most of the rest of the game trying to get rid of all the Gold Bars, so that Miku wouldn’t be able to get rid of my Suginamis.

I think I was only able to deal with 3 though, which meant the last copy was used to take out both of my Suginami. For one of them I forgot to draw, but it didn’t really make much of a difference.

On the final turn of the game for Jordan, he was down to 1 Climax in deck and ended up triggering it whilst attacking. There was then a very tense moment as I cancelled game winning damage from the first card off a new deck. This allowed me to play Miyuki on the next turn and Side Attack for 48 damage, winning via Deck Out with 17 cards in resolution.


The true villain in glasses.

Jordan was busy that evening, so I headed off to the C Lab for the tournament, and managed to get one friendly in before things started. Once again, I went with Miyuki, but repeatedly drawing Climaxes off of Suginami would be my undoing.

As usual recently we had quite a lot of participants in the tournament, so it was split into 2 different blocks.

Every day sure is a battlefield for you Konata.vsMikuma

My first round of the tournament would be against Kantai Collection, which was using the Blue marker cards, which can get out a 9500 during Level 1 in the form of Mikuma Kai. My opponent was getting a bit unlucky throughout the game, because he kept on failing the top deck check on Inazuma, which meant he couldn’t attack as often as he’d have liked. At one point he even played over his own Hatsukaze because the revealed Climax was a gate.

Aside from getting out a lone copy of Mikuma Kai, the deck didn’t really pose much of a threat during the game. I think he’d had two copies of the Changer, but thankfully only had one card to change into, so I didn’t have to deal with both of them. A counter kept his marker card safe from [Battlefield Konata] plus a Climax, meaning I couldn’t properly deal with it until Level 2.

Once at Level 2 I put out two copies of my 2/2, and used her Climax combo to get two copies of [Stand Up! Konata], setting me up for end game.

My opponent left out a 2500 on the Front Stage after his last set of attacks, meaning I would have an easy target for my double attack. I got the Climax right off the top via Konata’s effect, and was then able to wipe his Stage, and finish the game off on my 4th attack.

Stand upvsYuri

The second round of the tournament was against Angel Beats, but a more regular build than the one I’d been facing the previous week. My opponent took a lot of damage throughout the earlier portions of the game, meaning that I was generally a Level behind. Despite this fact, I was still able to keep up in Power, with the Otaku Trio taking on some Level 1s, and then [Battlefield Konata] shoring up my Stage until I was into Level 2.

My opponent was able to get two copies of the Yuri support, but didn’t see any of the Kanade support until right at the end of the game, meaning that even though his Stage had decent Power levels he couldn’t keep Encoring his characters. Generally speaking I was also able to nullify the Reversing Power boost effect as well, because I arranged my attacks such that the boosts would be wasted against the huge Konatas.

Once my opponent was at Level 3 they were able to shift one of my [Battlefield Konata] thanks to Kanade sending her off to Memory, but by this point all her effect was really doing was thinning my deck for later.

On my second to last turn, I tried to set things up for [Stand Up! Konata], but instead ended up going through about 20 cards within a turn. My first Stand Up was unable to get her Climax, so I decided I’d use the Miyuki searcher to get the Level 3 Miyuki instead. She was however still in my Stock from early in the game. A second Stand Up dug through my deck again, going through the last of my Climaxes and leaving me with a 7 card deck. I got rid of the first 4 via a Brainstorm, and then attacked to get rid of the last 3. This left me on 3/1 with a just Refreshed deck.

My opponent tried to go for a final push with the shooter Yuri, but I ended up cancelling most of his damage. The attacks from his two other characters were cancelled, only taking 1 damage from a shot trigger, and then his 3 burn from Yuri was also cancelled. It was irrelevant by this point whether the final Yuri attack hit or not, because it was impossible for me to lose, although I think that was cancelled as well. I was able to end things on the next turn, because my opponent had spent most of his resources trying to end things on the previous turn.

Stand upvsus

My final round was against Love Live, and it just didn’t seem like he was able to get things set up properly during the early game.

He started off with a Change into the 1/0 Eli, but with only 1 support card behind her she was only at 5,500 Power. I had Stock from my first turn to spend on the Miyuki searcher, who got me the Otaku trio. I didn’t have enough supports to make a clean shot over Eli on their own, but thanks to Miyuki I could get them to 6,500 Power. Unfortunately, Miyuki hit a +2 Soul trigger, launching them directly into Level 1 and letting them play a counter to save Eli.

After this my opponent was only able to put out an incomplete field, meaning Eli was at a reduced Power, making her easy pickings for Konata once I was in Level 1.

As in the previous game my opponent ended up a long way ahead of me damage wise, with them reaching Level 3 whilst I was still at the tail end of Level 1. Their Level 3s quickly knocked my damage up though, and I refreshed with a disappointing 5 in deck, one of which was taken by the Refresh damage.

I stuck around until reaching Level 3 myself, at which point I set things up for a [Stand Up! Konata] combo, but won before this became necessary.

Like 2 weeks ago, the pairings had fallen in such a way that I was the only undefeated player left, so won my block.

2014-07-13 18.52.31

Can you spot the difference?

I received 6 cards as prizes, which contained loads of SAO cards. In addition I got a ¥200 voucher that I used on another SRR Minori for my Log Horizon collection.

Following the tournament I had some friendly games and some discussions about the BCF and other matters with one of the other players. Hopefully my broken Japanese wasn’t too bad.

Game 1 saw my luck for the day run out against SAO. I opened with 2 Climaxes, discarded into 2 more, and drew another one within my first 2 turns. After passing my first 2 turns and not really doing much, it was no surprise that I lost.

After this I brought out the Miyuki deck to take on Log Horizon. My opponent started by dumping 2 Climaxes, whilst putting out double Soujirou and a Marielle. Thankfully I had 2 copies of [Nice Body Etna], which allowed me to set up Laharl & Etna to gain myself an extra Stock. Unfortunately, to get over Soujirou I needed to play a Climax, and the damage was cancelled on the 2nd damage, turning off Etan & Laharl’s effect.

The rest of the game was really just setting up the Suginami combo, with me eventually ending up with triple Suginami and double Scythe Master. It was then simply a matter of drawing lots of cards, and building Stock for the event cards.

I concentrated on trying to get rid of the Gate to stop the Akatsuki combo, but in the end my opponent held one back and used it to kill me at the end of the game. By the end I’d gotten 5 Climaxes into Memory, and had the cards and resources to go the rest of the way, I just couldn’t live long enough to set everything up.

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