Adventures in Nipponbashi: Learning to hold back

This past Sunday I returned for the usual C-Lab tournament, and after a fairly successful weekend of games the week before, it was time to come back down to earth with a completely middle of the road performance.

Before that, on the Saturday, I decided I was going to try and find the Bushiroad TCG station in Osaka, where I’d be able to exchange my growing collection of gold and silver bags for something useful. After looking up the location of the shop I discovered that it was in Hurricane Shinsaibashi, where I’d played my first Log Horizon tournament. I just hadn’t realised it was there at the time.

Since most of the current products in the point exchange don’t interest me, I decided to go for the big prize and pick up a Visual Arts set for 10 points. The set contains 4 of each Climax, and 2 of every other card, with certain cards having holo versions. Since you’d be able to have a complete playset of everything from 2 sets, I decided that I’d go searching for some more bags in Nipponbashi and return later in the day.

I managed to pick up a few other cards around Nipponbashi, either for myself or for others, however as expected, the extra PRs for Visual Arts were nowhere to be found, meaning I wouldn’t be able to play the deck at full power. I eventually found somewhere which had some Gold bags, so got 4 of them, enough for the Visual Arts set and a pack of sleeves. I returned to Hurricane Shinsaibashi to pick up my 2nd Visual Arts set, and the Shin-chan sleeves before heading for home.



That evening I tried to put together a rough draft for the deck, but without the 1/1 Cost 1 Reverser it really feels a bit lacking at the Level 1 game.

On Sunday I got in a few games before the tournament started against a player who mostly seemed to have character decks (Kud, Kanade, Madoka/Homura). My Visual Arts deck lost against Kud, despite me cancelling 6 in a row or something stupid like that at Level 3. Up next I tried out Miyuki deck out against Kanade, which as expected lost, but my opponent at least thought it was an interesting idea. I’m hopefully going to be upgrading this deck with some new ideas soon. Finally Lucky Star took on Madoka, but the game had to be cut short before the conclusion.

My opponent also had a Lucky Star deck of his own, so we chatted a bit about prices on cards (like the two Konata PRs being expensive), where to find the cards, and some deck ideas. For example, he was confused as to why I played Level 3 Miyuki, but I explained it was mainly to get back Climaxes for the combos. I was a bit jealous that he had the Konata sleeves and a RRR Konata.


For the first round of the tournament I was up against Illya with my slightly tweaked Lucky Star deck, where I’d replaced one of the 1/0 counters with another of the 2/2 Konata.

This game mostly progressed as you’d expect for Lucky Star when it works. Konata is bigger than everything and I’m able to stomp all over my opponent’s cards, allowing me to stop Clocking relatively early on. My opponent just can’t get together his pieces for the Climax combo, and I managed to win whilst still in Level 2. At this point it feels like the deck has been pulling this off more often than even the Alien deck could, which was actually able to heal during Level 2.


My second round was against one of the better regulars, who was playing an Angel Beats! deck. It was different from most normal Angel Beats decks I’ve seen though, focusing its Level 1 game around [Martial Arts Expert Shiina] and [Messenger Yusa]. This turned the effect of  [Sending Everyone Off Kanade] into a potent Power booster, since it could allow a single Shiina to gain 3500 Power, or two of them to gain 2500 each, on top of the global + 500. It also turned the 2/1 Counter into a + 5500 later in the game.

Konata was able to stay on top of this though, by either being too big for Shiina to break past, or just not going away thanks to her Encore. I was able to get around the counter range thanks to the 2/2, who could reach 11,500, just above the 11,000 that Shiina could reach.

The end of the game was a bit tight as the Yuri who shoots all her allies off for damage came down, but I was able to survive this onslaught and win on the next turn.

Stand upvshorror

My third opponent for the day was using Da Capo, and the game seemed to be in the bag until right up to the end.

As usual, Konata spent most of the game dominating through sheer Power, which meant I had a huge pile of Stock by the end of the game. After putting down two copies of [Stand Up! Konata] I still had 4 Stock, enough for me to get off 5 attacks this turn. With the Climax in hand and two vulnerable targets I stage I decided to go for it. My first direct attack, then double attack over his Level 2 left him on 3/5, which I thought would be the end of the game. All I’d need to do would be to get one of my attacks for 2 to stick and I’d win.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realise Da Capo had a counter that completely nulled damage from a character for a turn, keeping my opponent in the game. If I’d known this I would have tried to side for game, and not bothered with missing out on the 5th attack. A lucky sequence of plays from my opponent on the next turn allowed him to take the game. He used a Brainstorm to pull a Level 3 from his Clock, before sending another copy of the same card from the top of his deck into Clock.

This allowed him to use the Climax combo of the first one to pull the second onto the Stage and finish me off.  Can’t recall if I’d have gone down anyway without the combo, but he definitely didn’t have enough Stock to put down a 2nd 2 Soul character.

Stand upvsTatsuta

My final round was against another regular, this time with a Stock building variety of Kantai Collection. I got off to a fairly bad start, unable to set all my supports up, or get a sustainable field going until I was into Level 2. From there it was pretty much just a matter of putting down an extra copy of the 2/2 every turn, whilst my opponent continued to gain ever more Stock.

During the game I made what was probably an ill advised push with the +2 Soul Climax, but I figured I might as well use it rather than just Clock it.

During the closing parts of the game, I made a stupid mistake as far as Climax numbers were concerned, which cut me off from a play I was planning with [Stand Up! Konata]. I knew there was 1 copy of her Climax left in the deck, so I figured I’d be able to dig it out with 2 copies of the card. When I saw a copy of the Book trigger off the first effect, for some reason I decided that my deck must now have no Climaxes left at all, so decided to go for a Brainstorm to thin my deck out instead. The top card was of course the Climax I was looking for, and I really do not know what possessed me to make that move. Had I not screwed up I’d have been able to get off a 4th attack and maybe win.

I somehow survived the next turn, leaving us both on 3/6. At this point I decided it would be better to try and go for 4 hits, because surely they won’t all be cancelled, rather than just siding for 1 and game. I also stupidly left out a 2 Soul character for a direct attack, instead of moving a 1 Soul up, which probably would have won the game. I kept on hitting Soul triggers which turned game winning blows into cancels, right up until the extra attack with [Stand Up! Konata], where my Side for 1 was turned into a Side for 3, which was cancelled on card 3. Having just blown a bunch of Climaxes, it was no real surprise I lost next turn.

My two prize cards were nothing of note really and I decided to head home. In hindsight maybe I should have just screwed around with Visual Arts, but I’d really rather not play that until I have the 1/1 PR, if I ever do get that.

If people want to keep up to date on what I get up to, and probably hear random things about anime, TCGs and Japan you can now follow me on Twitter @Xagor1


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