Adventures in Nipponbashi: Lucky Gold-Star

Following on from my moderate success at the BCF on Saturday, I decided to take my Lucky Star deck to the regular Sunday tournament again. It’s of course a far smaller event, but I feel there’s a decent concentration of good players there.

Prior to the tournament I managed to get in one friendly against a Love Live! deck featuring  a few cards from the new Extra Booster. This wasn’t the best of starts to the day, with my opponent eventually coming out on top.

As has been the case recently, there were enough participants in the tournament that it had to be split into 2 blocks in order for the event to finish before the shop closed. I think my block had about 12-14 players, based on when it ended.

Every day sure is a battlefield for you Konata.vsVividgreen

For my first round I was facing off against Vividred Operation, which as I’ve said before I’m not a fan of facing due to [Operation! Vivid Red].

I started off the game with a [Kung Fu Master Konata], a [Sunday Best Konata] and finally the Otaku trio backstage. It wasn’t quite full power for Kung Fu, but I hoped it would be enough. As it turned out it wasn’t, because my opponent followed up with [Centre of Everyone Akane] and her Climax combo pushing her to 4500.

I fought back with another Kung Fu next turn, but this was met by the same response again. The cycle was finally broken the turn after, when I was able to get more supports and use the Otaku Trio to get over Akane.

My opponent was the first one to get into Level 1, and put down two copies of the 1/0 Vivid Green, alongside the memory anti-heal card. I followed this up with double [Battlefield Konata], and a bunch of supports, allowing me to power past counter range on the Vivid Greens.

My opponent fought back with a Vivid Red, which salvaged a 2nd copy, which then grabbed a 3rd card before ramming both into my Konatas. I had plenty of cards in hand though, which allowed me to Encore them.

During the course of the game I was taking lots of hits early on, so ended up at Level 2 first, but thankfully with lots of Climaxes still in deck (I think about 5). With my 2/2 Konata on Stage I didn’t have much to worry about in terms of field presence, so could stop Clocking early in order to save on damage. I stayed in Level 2 for most of the rest of the game, because of the Climax filled deck, and then good compression post-Refresh.

My Stage didn’t come under threat until my opponent was at Level 3, and was able to use [Wakaba Saegusa] to power over all of my cards, but still not push me up to Level 3. I had a huge pile of Stock at this point, so ended up Encoring both of my Level 2s, and fighting back against his weaker cards on the following turn. I wasn’t quite able to finish things, giving my opponent one last chance to end the game.

Once again they powered over my Stage with their Level 3 cards, finally putting me into Level 3. At this point they were on 3/6, meaning that I should be able to win on the following turn.

Their Stage consisted of two Level 3s and one Level 1, so I decided the best thing to do would be to suicide two supports into the Level 3s and attack over the Level 1 with [Stand Up! Konata], whose Climax combo would be active. To try and avoid overshooting, I used the Climax on a Back Stage Patricia. All the planning for the 1/1/2/1 attacks wasn’t necessary though, because I won on the first attack.


My second game was facing off against the Love Live! player I’d played in a friendly before the tournament, so I more or less knew what to expect from it. Unfortunately it’s now been a while since this game, so I can’t remember too many details of it.

He started off with the new Runner, but it failed its top deck check, meaning [Kung Fu Master Konata] was able to run it over.

The Level 1 game was mostly my Konatas bumping heads with the new Clock Encore Umi and the 1/0 Eri, with Konata staying on Stage via Encore whenever a counter took her out. For the Level 2 game Konata was simply too big to deal with, and I even managed to ward off a pumped up Nico with the Kuroi-sensei counter, in order to avoid her Clock kick effect.

Due to the high power of my cards, my final turn consisted of a bunch of direct attacks, trying to close out the game. I needed 3 to win off my final attack, but unfortunately hit a +2 Soul trigger, increasing the chance of it being cancelled. I was lucky though that there were no Climaxes amongst them, and the 5 damage stuck anyway.

Stand upvsUmi

The final round was also against Love Live! and once again using some of the new cards. My opponent started off the game with a weaker Level 0 card, meaning an unsupported Otaku trio could run it over, being promptly being defeated itself.

My first trigger had been [Battlefield Konata], meaning I could bond it back immediately with Patricia, whilst setting up my Level 0 Stage. This might have been the game where I didn’t Clock during Level 0 at one point because I already had a full hand and didn’t need to play anything else to the Stage.

My opponent had a bad start at Level 1, being unable to fill his Stage, meaning his characters wouldn’t be fighting at full power, making it even easier for Konata to win in battle. The game progressed mostly the same as my previous game against Love Live, with Konata being too big to deal  with, and my opponent maintaining some parts of their Stage due to Clock Encore Umi.

My opponent wasn’t getting too lucky with his Climaxes this game, with them being repeatedly triggered, but at least he could keep his card numbers up. Bouncing my supports or [Battlefield Konata] did help him in the Power race though. I think my opponent refreshed the first time with about 6 Climaxes in deck, before taking 1 as Refresh, then hitting another 2 with his Brainstorm. Keeping up card numbers was useful for him, but I suspect he’d rather have not been moving closer to losing.

My opponent wasn’t really able to make proper progress against me until he reached Level 3, where he could finally start to overpower my Level 2 cards.

When I was in Level 3 I was a little worried about the Climax distribution left in my deck, so only went for 3 cards with [Stand Up! Konata]. I was hoping merely for another card in my hand, and not to screw up the climaxes left in my deck. The top card was her Climax, so I decided I’d go for a double attack to finish off the game. My opponent had 1 Climax left in deck, and about a 7 card deck, so I figured I’d be able to take them out that turn.

My first attack was cancelled, leaving them on 3/2 with 5 cards left in deck and no Climaxes. I was pretty certain I would win at this point, especially after my 2nd attack put him on 3/4. I attacked with [Stand Up! Konata] for 3, which would have won be the game, if it wasn’t for the fact I hit a 1 Soul Trigger. My opponent cancelled on the 4th damage, the 1st one after Refresh, so was still in the game. Now on 3/5 I had a choice between Side Attacking for 1 and hoping to hit a Trigger, or Front attacking for 4 and hoping not to get cancelled. I went for the latter option and didn’t hit a Trigger, but it was still cancelled.

My opponent Clocked himself to 3/6 on the last turn, but was unable to finish me off, allowing me to attack with a bunch of 1 Soul cards on the final turn and win.

Now that I was 3-0 in the event I looked over to see the result of the game involving the only other 2-0, who eventually lost to the Love Live player I faced in Round 2. This meant I’d won my first, albeit small, event and got a pick of 3 card pairs (I didn’t get anything good), and a ¥200 store discount.


My deck for the event! I’m thinking about adding a 4th 2/2.

Despite the early finish, I decided to call it a night on card playing, because I’d had enough for one weekend, being quite happy to end it on a high.


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