Adventures in Nipponbashi: Losing in the Database

As you might have noticed it’s nearly been 3 weeks since my last post. For various reasons, such as time and enthusiasm, I’ve not gotten around to recounting these past 2 rather disappointing weeks. Rather than leave things to pile up, I’ll just be getting a quick article out with general details.

Nearly 3 weeks ago saw the release of the Log Horizon Extra Booster, which I’d been quite excited about due to some of the card previews. During the week leading up to the release I’d been marathoning the series, because I prefer to play series I’ve seen. I enjoyed it and I am now looking forward to the 2nd season later in the year.

On the day of release I was able to make it out to Nipponbashi in the evening and pick up the 7 boxes I’d reserved (6 for me, 1 for namimo). These were fairly successful boxes, containing several of the desirable cards, like the Level 3 Shiroe and Akatsuki, along with a signed copy of Shiroe. Since it was late in the evening by this point I didn’t have a chance to look for the singles to round the deck / set out, and I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted at that point anyway.

On the Saturday I had a slightly better idea of what I was looking for, and set about trying to complete playsets of some of the cards, or pick up the missing alternate art versions. I was also looking for sleeves for the deck, which was proving harder than I expected, due to there not being any Log Horizon ones. Eventually I settled on some Etrian Odyssey sleeves, which were a decent approximation to Log Horizon.

That evening there was a Log Horizon tournament at one of the card shops in Namba, so I decided to take part, so I could get one of the Nureha PRs. I eventually found the shop with about 15 minutes to spare. I still didn’t have a deck at this point, so quickly threw one together based around the core cards I definitely wanted in the deck. This early version used the Marielle Climax combo, which I would later take out of the deck.

The tournament only had 4 participants, and the others really just seemed to have fun decks. I was a bit confused by the fact that no one else seemed to be using, or have even considered the Clock Encore Shiroe, but I suppose he’s not a girl. Barring a slight scare at the end, my first game was fairly straightforward and I ended it with the Akatsuki Climax combo. For my second game my opponent was running some kind of Soul Rush build, and was all too happy to throw his own cards away. As soon as he reached Level 2 he dropped Isaac and the burn Rundelhaus and threw away all of the rest of his cards. I beat them both with counters, meaning the rest of the game was just me attacking into an empty Stage.

I’d been happy with the deck, and had really underestimated Soujirou, who I decided to add an extra copy of, alongside more of the Shiroe Brainstorm.

The following day there was another Log Horizon tournament, but this time sadly I lost both of my games. In the first game we somehow both managed to forget that the Level 3 Shiroe stops burn, but managed to come up with a fix for it. I don’t really recall the 2nd game.

I entered the C-Lab tournament that evening with my Log Horizon deck, so I could see how it would do against the rest of the field. This was another disappointing result, only managing a 1-X finish. I didn’t get the Akatsuki combo all day, and was growing increasingly frustrated with the Marielle combo. I either never got to use it, or the Climax itself would mess up my plans. I’d also been having trouble with deck thinning, despite running 4 of the Shiroe Brainstorm. I decided it was time to go back to the drawing board, and rethink the deck.

Last weekend I went searching for single cards again, this time for cards that I’d underestimated before, like the Marielle support, and the Akatsuki Reverser, alongside cards for namimo. Eventually I had a deck which was similar to the build from the Fukuoka trio, but still favouring the Clock Encore Shiroe over some of the other Level 1 cards. Unfortunately, this deck performed even worse at the shop tournament on Sunday than before.

Some of this was due to mistake on my part, such as forgetting to Rest cards for the 1/1 Akatsuki, and other times due to my own cards screwing me over. For example, in my first game, Marielle sent herself off to Stock on turn 1, which messed me up for a lot of the rest of the game. I can’t really recall much of the details of the rest of the games, but things just didn’t seem to work properly, even though I actually got Akatsuki to work this time.

I think I prefer my current build to my initial one, but there’s no way I’d play it for the BCF at this point. There still needs to be more practice and tweaking before I try the deck out at events again.

Next time look forward to hearing how my Lucky Star deck fares at the Osaka BCF, and see if I can make it past the first 2 rounds!


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