Adventures in Nipponbashi: Disappointment in Lucky Star

This week I was back in action with Lucky Star again, hoping to turn things around from the previous week.

On Saturday I decided rather late in the day that I should pre-order some Log Horizon. By this point just about every shop was already sold out of the cards, so I was stuck with the nearly RRP ones from Card Pal. The plan is to try my luck with some boxes and then round it out with singles. If everything goes according to plan I should be able to try the deck out at next week’s tournament.

On Sunday I got out rather late, but was still able to make it to the C-Labo before the tournament started. I started a friendly against my friend Jordan’s Project Diva deck, but we couldn’t finish it before the event started.

Stand upvsFate3

For Round 1 I was against one of the regulars, playing a Nanoha deck. I’ve played him a couple of times in friendlies, but I think this was the first time in a tournament. We both pass our first turn without doing anything, presumably due to a bad hand. When things finally get going my opponent plays double [Cheerful Nanoha] and uses her Climax combo, but they both fail. The Otaku trio and [Kung Fu Konata] are able to deal with this afterwards.

I can’t really recall the middle of the game all that well. He put out some Fate cards, but my Konatas were generally able to run them over. I think I got out two [Swiftly Running Girl Konata] as soon as I reached Level 2, and the Power was just too much. This meant he was suffering a bit in terms of card numbers.

At the end I put down [Stand Up! Konata], and used her effect to get the right Climax, but realised I was looking at 1 Climax in a 10 card deck, so I decided to use a 2nd and go for the combo, since would Refresh my deck in the process. I ended up winning on the 3rd attack anyway.

Yaoi to the rescue!vsLeafa

For Round 2 I was facing off against SAO. The start was terrible with it taking me 2 turns to get rid of the Silica Brainstorm, which he was attacking with. I was just stuck with a hand of Level 1+ which I couldn’t do much with.

In the mid-game my Level 1s and 2s could overpower his, but I was really falling behind by this point. Once he was in Level 2 he was able to get out double [Leafa’s Pure Wish], which meant none of my cards could keep up in the Power battle any longer.

I was forced to try and end things with the [Hiyori Starting] Climax, which I really didn’t think could happen, given that I needed to do about 10 damage to win. Two of the hits got through, but the 3rd was cancelled. This left me on 3/4 with 3 direct attacks coming my way. The first one for 4 stuck and it was all over.


My 3rd round saw me facing off against a Blue / Yellow Macross deck. Level 0 wasn’t too much of a problem, with [Kung Fu Master Konata] able to deal with most threats. There was a point where my opponent tried to use a Level 0 killer on her, which of course wouldn’t work.

The Level 1-2 game had a bit of back and forth because I was able to put out big characters, but my opponent had the 3500 event counter to keep some of his guys alive. It didn’t help that he also had a Climax combo that could bottom deck some of my cards.

For the first time in ages I ended up having to use Miyuki to heal for 3 and keep me in the game. but she was quickly dealt with on the next turn. I figured I could afford to throw so many cards away because my opponent was running low on cards by this point.

Following this I was down to 3/6, whilst my opponent was on 3/3, so in order to win I’d either need a Climax (which I didn’t have), or a way to hit for more than 1 Soul per hit. I’d not thought about the end of the previous turn too much, so had let Miyuki go when I probably should have Encored for 3 Stock. I had the Level 0 Miyuki though, so figured I’d be able to search a 2 Soul card from my deck. All of my remaining cards were Level 1 or below, and none of them had Soul Triggers, except for one of the 2 Climaxes left in my deck. They were pretty much all useless to me.

I hit for 3, hoping that I’d hit the +2 Soul and it would stick, but sadly it was not to be. The final 2 cards in my deck were both of the climaxes, which would have been good at times when I wasn’t on 3/6.

I was pretty disappointed with the deck at this point, especially since it had just gone down to Macross.


For my final round I was facing off against Dog Days, which was a close game. I started off with [Kung Fu Master Konata], but a Climax helped one of his Level 0s over her. After this I think I struck back with the Otaku Trio, but I don’t think I ever really had enough cards to take out all of his Stage.

At Level 1, two of the anti-salvage support came down, which would normally have little effect on the deck, were it not for the fact that my hand was full of [Patricia Martin], and I’d only just gotten some [Battlefield Konata] into the Waiting Room. Fortunately I was able to draw at least 1 of them. My 1/0 and Battlefield fought it out with his Level 1s, until I could bring in my Level 2 to completely overpower them.

As the game dragged on I was able to get dominance over the Stage thanks to [Favourite Food Konata], who also helped keep me alive longer, but there was the constant threat of just losing from damage, even if he couldn’t break my Stage. This didn’t come to pass, and I was able to win.

A 2-2 finish wasn’t terrible, but it was also far from good. We’ll have to see if Log Horizon can do anything interesting next week.


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