Adventures in Nipponbashi: A mixed performance

I’ve fallen a bit behind on these, so you’re going to get a double dose, covering a more successful event from 2 weeks ago, and a less successful one from a week ago. Both times I entered with Lucky Star. Given the time frame, I unfortunately can’t remember too many details of the event from 2 weeks ago. I’d decided to try changing a few cards in my deck, and seeing how it went. First of all I switched out the 1/1 counters for the 1/0 counters, because I felt the extra searchability was not helping much, and that I’d rather just save a Stock. I also took out the +6 Soul counter for an extra copy of the Brainstorm, because I’d sometimes been suffering from issues with too many non-climaxes in the deck.

Stand upvsI think I got to about episode 5?

For my first round I was up against Bakemonogatari, which looked to be more like the standard build than some of what I’ve played previously. I really cannot remember much about this game other than Konata being bigger than everything and beating everything up. Level 3 Hitagi was able to send a support away, but it was too late by that point.

Stand upvs I still think this is a stupid way to spell Charles.

For my 2nd round I was facing off against Da Capo, and once again I can’t really remember much about it. Konata was once again too big to deal with, and I closed things out with the [Stand Up! Konata] combo, after digging through the top 10 cards of my deck.


Round 3 saw me facing off against Little Busters, whose Angel Beats sleeves had thrown me off a little initially. At the beginning of the game I had some problems putting out a proper Stage, due to lack of attackers. Once we were in Level 1 /2 I was able to take control of the game via the massive Konatas. He started to turn the tables at Level 3, when he was finally capable of dealing with the 2/2 Konatas. Luckily for me, he was unable to get the full effect out of his [Maid Mio].

Unfortunately, by this point he was so far behind on damage that he couldn’t catch up. The game ended with him on 3/6 with 1 card left in deck, with me only just having been put onto 3/0.

Stand upvsshin_chan

For the final round I was facing off against the same Shin-chan player as the week prior. Things went slightly better than it did for Eva, but it still wasn’t enough.

Once again, he started with the Shin-chan runner and the Himawari support, which meant there wasn’t really much character to character battles at Level 0. Once into Level 1, my Konatas were just too big to deal with, but my opponent was able to maintain his Stage, due to the Blue Encore Shin-chan, alongside Gates, Books and Brainstorms to keep up his card numbers.

Things were going well until we reached into Level 3. My [Stand Up! Konata] combo had just failed to finish the game, but I was still on close to 3/0, so I thought I might be safe. My opponent followed things up with a triple Level 3 Shin-chan Climax combo, which was just a bit too much for me to handle.

The end result was 3-1 and I walked away with an SR Kanbaru (and a few other cards) from my prizes.

Last week, things went completely differently.

Stand upvsSatsuki

I started off the tournament against Kill La Kill, which had just debuted recently. The Level 0 portion of the game wasn’t really any issue for [Kung Fu Master Konata], so I was able to start gaining some kind of lead. At Level 1 he was using the 1/0 that sends cards to Stock, so I figured I wouldn’t really need to worry about Stock in this game. Most of the game wasn’t really an issue for me, because I was able to stay ahead in Power, and even the Level 3 Satsuki couldn’t easily deal with Level 2 Konata. Unfortunately after Refresh I kept on hitting a bunch of Climaxes, so my deck was soon depleted.

[Stand Up! Konata] was unable to close the game for me, but I probably should have paid a bit closer attention to the number of Climaxes he still had.  Despite being on 3/0, by this point I was down to 1 Climax, so my opponent was able to hit for 3, cancel, and 3, then lose to Deck Refresh.


For the 2nd round I was up against Kantai Collection, and my deck pretty much just fell apart. I opened with a load of Patricias and not really much to do with them. The game just went poorly in general, and I was never able to establish a decent field. I didn’t see a [Sunday’s Best Konata] until I searched one with the Level 2.

At some point there was a turn where I played a draw Climax, drew into another Climax, then hit a Book Trigger, which made me draw another Climax. This wasn’t good. I tried to finish things with [Stand Up! Konata], but it wasn’t enough. It didn’t help that I needed to hit for 3 to win, hit a +2 trigger, upping the damage to 5, and then got cancelled on the 4th card. By this point my opponent had a huge amount of Stock and cards, and I was finished off easily with 1 burn damage.

Every day sure is a battlefield for you Konata.vsRiki1

The next round saw me against one of the regulars, who was playing Little Busters this week, with some of the new cards. He started off with the Level 0 who gets bigger when you use an ACT effect, so I figured the Level 0 Counter was on its way. I was able to get [Kung Fu Konata] big enough that this didn’t really matter.

This was generally a bad game for him, with him losing lots of cards fast, and being stuck fielding some undersized 1/0s, which were no match for Konata. It didn’t help that he also took about 8/9 in a row one turn. There’s not really anything he can do most of the game, and I’m sure I manage to get out a 10,500 [Battlefield Konata] at one point, because I don’t need to worry about 2 of the Centre Stage slots. In the end go for the [Stand Up! Konata] combo again to finish the game.

Stand upvsSayaka

My final round was against Madoka, which I have a history of usually doing fairly well against. During Level 0 he cannot touch [Kung Fu Master Konata], so I can just pick off his characters one by one.

In Level 1 he sets up the apples combo, with double Kyoko and Sayaka, but I’m able to get over them both due to double [Battlefield Konata] and triple [Sunday’s Best Konata], pushing them both up to 9,500. The Level 1 to 2 game generally plays out the same way, with him unable to deal with my Level 1 cards.

At Level 3 he puts out the first of his Level 3 Sayaka and starts to fight back against my Stage, supported by the Madoka Level support. Going into my turn, Sayaka is only sitting at 13,000, due to the fact he crashed one of his leftover Level 0s into one of my cards last turn. This allowed me to get my Level 2 up to 13,500, through a combination of 2 [Sunday’s Best Konata] and 2 of the Level 2 support. As expected, this was met with [Sayaka’s Wish].

On the following turn they put down a 2nd Sayaka, the new Homura PR and [Sayaka Looks up to Mami]. They were able to kick one of my supports to the Clock, whilst taking out my Level 2, in the end leaving me on 3/0.

I followed up by Clocking, then healing for 1 with [Favourite Food Konata]. Two [Stand Up! Konata] followed, which got me the Climax I needed. The first one could only look at 2, and caused a deck Refresh, but the 2nd could get the full 5. I set things up so that [Favourite Food Konata] could take down Homura, whilst the two [Stand Up! Konata] could finish the rest. Both of the Sayaka’s ended up being used for [Sayaka’s Wish] denying me the Climax combo, but things ended on the final hit anyway.

A 2-2 result was a drop down from last week, but at least it was still break even. I opened my prizes to see an RR and an RR+, which I was happy about. Until I looked it up and found out they were worth a grand total of ¥200.

Hopefully I’m going to have this week’s out at a better pace!


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