Adventures in Nipponbashi: Evangelion 2.2 You can(not) win

Last Sunday I visited the exhibition for the 3rd Madoka movie, which was visiting Osaka for that weekend only. After spending most of the day there I rounded things off with my usual Sunday tournament. If there’s time or demand for it I may put up a full post on the Madoka exhibit later.

I decided to change things up a bit, and opted to use my Eva deck again after a long absence for the deck.

So long Asuka, we won't be seeing you as much any more.vs

For my first round I was facing off against a SAO deck which was mostly focussed around Asuna.

I tried to extend the Level 0 game as long as possible, or at the very least try and make it so that I got into Level 1 first, so I could try and stop the Marker Asuna from becoming too big a problem. Unfortunately, once we were both in Level 1 he was able to get a marker under two of his Asunas. I was able to get rid of one of them, but it was soon replaced by another copy.

Knowing that the deck has [Self-sacrifice] I managed to set things up so that I could push above this. One of his Asunas would outright lose, and the other would be forced to a draw. I hadn’t counted on him using the split counter though, which meant that he’d still lose the first Asuna, but the second was now within range for [Self-sacrifice] to work.

Since I’ve been playing Haruhi with that counter type for years, I know that this completely telegraphs your plays, so went for a Side Attack. My opponent told me that his Asuna was Level 2, so I can’t do any damage, which was completely not the point of that play. I do now wonder if he was trying to bait me into running into his Counter, since I’d just messed up his play.

From here the game was mostly going well until the Level 3 Leafa came down. On the first turn he couldn’t really back Leafa up with anything decent, so it wasn’t too much of a problem. On the following turn I was able to pull off the double burn combo, but that wasn’t enough to kill him that turn. [Self-sacrifice] finally came into play at this point to take out my final Asuka, who was 500 above his Leafa.

On the next turn my opponent threw a bunch of Level 3s at me, whilst giving up his entire hand to fuel the Level 3 Asuna. By the end, I’m on 3/3 for the last attack, with a 7 card deck containing 2 Climaxes. He hits for 4 and it sticks. This was a bit annoying.


Next I was against another SAO deck, this time focused around Silica. My opponent had a few unfortunate moments, but generally I dominated the game.

At Level 0 we had a couple of cases of Reversers trading off against each others cards, but generally my Level 0 cards were just too big for him. He also probably shouldn’t have been sending his Brainstorm into battle so early.

Once we were in Level 1 his [“Caith Sith” Girl Silica] failed her top deck check, meaning I wouldn’t really need to worry about that card, although he did save it with Pina in the end. His other Level 1s were simply not big enough to handle [Unaccepting Asuna], so by the end of the turn he had a nearly empty Stage.

Once we got into Level 2, [Finishing Blow Asuka] was wiping out all his supports, and my Level 2s in general were just too much for him to deal with. Barring doing the [Relieved Smile Silica] Climax combo there wasn’t really anything interesting he could do in the late game.

By the end he was pretty much down to whatever card he drew or clocked on that turn. I think my last 2 turns just involved playing a healer then attacking directly 3 times, because he had so few cards by then. I thankfully took this game.


For my 3rd round I was paired down, and facing off against a Sara themed deck from Da Capo. There were a few interesting cards here and there, but it really couldn’t keep up with the Power of Eva.

I can’t really remember too many details about this game, apart from the fact that his Sara cards basically didn’t stand a chance in straight battles against all my Asuka. The only thing I really remember about his cards was him using [Younger Classmate Sara], who got bigger when I played cards, and had Encore, but I just kept on ramming my [8th Angel] into her.

I used Hikari a lot throughout this game, both for her Bond, and her 2nd effect. I was gathering quite a hand of Counters and Level 3s, ready for the end game, but it never ended up being necessary. Hikari also proved useful for hand fixing and dumping Climaxes just before Refresh.

Thanks to [Finishing Blow Asuka] I was able to wipe out my opponent’s supports once again, and then none of his cards could stand up to [Cooking!? Asuka] who could just walk all over his cards.

By the end my opponent had expended nearly all of this resources, and was left with a 1 card deck on 3/6, so the game was over. He’d only just hit me to 3/0 on that turn, so I never ended up needing any of my Level 3s.

So long Asuka, we won't be seeing you as much any more.vsshin_chan

My final round of the day was against Shin-chan, which was a fun game, despite the fact I lost in the end. We both seemed to be enjoying the game, which is more than could be said for some of my other opponents.

Things started off with the [Big-butt Shinnosuke], a runner, and the loner-type Himawari support, which would make it really difficult for me to deal with the card. A turn or 2 later, my opponent filled his Stage anyway, so he couldn’t have Shin-chan run away any more. Throughout the game, the runner and extra copies of it was still useful as a way of clearing off the top of his deck.

As with the previous game, I can’t remember the full details of this game any longer.

In the middle of the game I remember the 1/1 Encore Shin-chan sticking around for a long time. In addition, my opponent hit quite a lot of Book / Door triggers and kept on being successful with Brainstorm, despite me getting rid of it once or twice with [Finishing Blow Asuka].

As I got near to Refresh, I had only 1 Climax left it deck and about 10 others cards. So of course Rei hits the only Climax and I took 2+ off of each of my opponent’s characters on the next turn. As a follow up to this, I probably should have focussed on maintaining compression for later, but decided to push and try to take out his cards. As well as hurting my compression, this also meant I had some Stock issues at Level 3.

My opponent closed out the game with a double [For the Future Shinnosuke] Climax combo, which was just too much for me by that point.

An end result of 2-2 wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t really good either. Of the two losses, I only really felt sore about the first one though. With the Bushiroad Card Fight coming up soon, I’ve decided that for the next few events at least, I’m going to be focussing on Lucky Star again, and trying to improve my performance with that deck.



    1. Will try and see if I can find time to properly get an article out, since it would allow me to place some of the pictures in a better context. I do have the pics uploaded on FB though.


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