Adventures in Nipponbashi: Very Unlucky Star

Another Sunday meant another tournament, and this time my random deck choice ended up being Lucky Star. I had a series of close games, but ultimately performed terribly. This bad performance can only be matched by what happened with Robotics;Notes last week. Maybe this is a sign to not try playing card games when I’m not feeling particularly well. I’m really not sure what it is I keep on doing to myself than can make me feel so horrible on Sundays.

Every day sure is a battlefield for you Konata.vsPower at Level 1 is no match for me!

For my first round, I was up against Vividred Operation, which is a bad match up for the deck, at least partly due to the Level 1 Reverser. It can really mess up Lucky Star’s Level 1 game, which is often where the deck excels.

I started off with a [Kung Fu Master Konata] and two supports, which is usually a good opening for the deck, but this was overcome thanks to a +2k Climax. Coupled with repeatedly pulling off the associated Climax combo, I was already on the back foot a bit from the get go. The only Level 1 I was able to draw during the early points of the game was [Battlefield Konata], who is normally really good to have in my hand, by unfortunately against Vividred means I’ll be wasting a stock facing off against [Operation! Vivid Red]. It was especially bad for me, because he used her effect to salvage a second copy of the card, really putting my Level 1s under pressure.

Thankfully, I was able to use the Otaku trio to get rid of one of them without costing me too important a card, and [Battlefield Konata] was able to concentrate on taking out [Operation! Vivid Green].

Once we reached Level 2 I was able to start turning the game around, thanks to the 2/2 Konata who was simply too big for anything to handle. In the late game I was able to grind my opponent’s resources down compared to my own. However, what would have been a game winning attack turned into a cancel, thanks to getting a plus Soul Trigger. I was then unable to withstand all the attacks on the following turn.

Stand upvsYou again?

For Round 2 I was facing off against the Junes variety of Persona decks, once again. Even though I’ve been assured that there are several different viable builds for the series, I have only ever ended up facing off against Junes. So at this point, I’m getting pretty used to most of the cards.

I was able to start the game off with [Kung Fu Master Konata] and some supports again, which my opponent followed up with 2 copies of the weird Yellow Yosuke Reverser that bounces cards to hand. Once again we had an exchange over the fact Kung Fu is Level 1, which has to come up at least once a week. Since he’d avoided attacking Konata with them, I honestly thought he realised this, but apparently not. They ended up not doing much beyond getting rid of one of my Otaku trio.

During Level 1 he got out 3 copies of the Junes support, alongside a 1/0 vanilla and the Yosuke with the Climax combo that searches the Level 2 Yosuke. The Level 1 to 2 period was a little weird for the deck, because I didn’t draw any Level 2 cards to play to the Stage, except for the 2/1 support card. This resulted in the odd situation where my 2/1 support and his Junes support ended up battling it out at one point. Kuroi-sensei did help me mitigate a triple Yosuke onslaught though.

Once in Level 3 I was finally able to play some bigger cards, putting out [Favourite Food Konata], [Stand Up! Konata] and [Strongest Character Miyuki], in the end leaving me on 3/0 with the Climax needed for the combo, on top of the yaoi Climax for good measure. I managed to take out his Stage, but couldn’t quite deal enough damage to win, even after the double attack.

On the next turn, my opponent hit me to 3/4 with his first two attacks, and then hit for 2 on the final attack, at which point I contemplated playing my +6 Soul counter. In the end, I decided that definitely staying in the game, albeit probably at 3/6, was better than the slim chance of me losing due to taking 8 straight. As it turned out, I wouldn’t have cancelled until the 7th card. I was able to take the game on the next turn.

Every day sure is a battlefield for you Konata.vsThere's only one flat girl who comes out a level early for me.

For my 3rd round I was up against my friend, with his newly completed Zero no Tsukaima deck. This was a bit of a weird game, both in terms of the cards I drew and played during it, and how much both of us were pushing with our resources. I’m sure both of us were just about out of cards by the time the game finished.

I managed to start things off with Kung Fu, but he got around it thanks to [Whispering Henrietta & Saito] combined with one of his Gate Climaxes. I think we had a couple more exchanges between more copies of those cards, until we managed to reach Level 1. My friend was able to put out a strong field, of the [Louise of the Holy Kingdom], double [First Daughter Eleonore] and 2 copies of [Saito, Protector of Louise]. This was a little problematic to deal with, since they all ended up being pretty big on the defensive.

I can’t remember much other details about this middle point of the game, but as we reached into Level 2 it was clear that I was going to have problems with my late game cards. I’d only been able to get ahold of the 2/1 support, again, which meant that the normally very strong Level 2 game for the deck would be lacking. I was in Level 2 first, which meant I was able to boost [Battlefield Konata] up to 10,000 thanks to 4 support cards. This was enough to force a suicide with Saito, even after help from the Tabitha counter.

This pushed my friend into Level 2, which meant it was time for the [Royalty’s Duty Louise] to make an early appearance. Thankfully for me though, some copies of this card ended up in places like the Stock or Clock where they couldn’t be used. Some counters and the huge [Battefield Konata] were able to hold off at least some of the worst of it.

I had a bit of a mess up with a Brainstorm, and forgetting to leave the cards in resolution for Deck Refresh, but my friend was nice enough to come to an agreement over what the cards probably were.

Once we were into Level 3 I end up on 3/3, and get hit for 4 damage off of my friend’s final attack. I decide it’s not worth the risk at this point, and add on 6 Soul to it, making it a hit for 10. The cancel comes up on the 4th card, making it a waste of a card and 2 Stock. I’d probably have been kicking myself if I’d held back and lost though.

This exchange left me practically without cards or Stock, so I went all in to try and end things on the next turn. I failed on the final attack, which might have once again been an attack that would have got through, were it not for Triggers. I’m not 100% sure on that though.

On the following turn, my friend moved both of his Eleonore up to accompany Louise, trying to deal the final 3 damage he needed to win. Both Eleonore attacked first, and cancelled immediately. This meant a Soul Trigger, and me not cancelling would be needed to win, which was what happened. If I still had my +6 counter I’d have been okay, but I couldn’t have risked holding it on the previous turn.

Everybody jump!vsShizuru

The final round of the day I was facing off against a Rewrite deck, which used some of the expected cards, like the 2/2 Chihaya, and anti-heal, but also less common cards, like the healing Blue Level 3, and the sort of runner Level 0. This game went terribly overall for me, because I didn’t see a single support card until I was in Level 2, by which point it was probably a bit too late to make a huge amount of difference.

Due to my lack of supports, I ended up putting two Otaku trio Back Stage, and they sat there for most of the game, not really doing much. Without the usual Power dominance of Level 0, my deck found it a bit harder than usual to establish a decent Stage. It also didn’t help that at one point I took 5 damage thanks to a plus Soul Brainstorm. I got a bit of revenge though with my yaoi Climax.

The Level 2 Chihaya was a real problem for me, especially since I couldn’t get [Battlefield Konata] above 6,500. I could finally start doing something once I got into Level 2, and actually got some support cards plus my 2/2. Her climax combo allowed me to fetch a second copy of herself, getting me ready for the next turn, and finally allowing me to put a dent in my opponent’s Stage.

On the following turn, I had two copies of the 2/2 out and 1 other card. I needed to do 7 damage to win, and figured it was unlikely that this would all get through. So, as a way to build up my resources, and maybe get at least one big hit in, I decided to go for the Level 2’s Climax combo again. First, I attacked over his lone character for 3, and hit a +2 Soul Trigger. This was cancelled. My next direct attack for 4 got increased to 5 by a Soul Trigger, but stuck this time. Unfortunately, my next attack for 3 hit another +2 Soul Trigger, which got cancelled on the 4th damage. I was then unable to survive the next turn.

If I hadn’t used the Climax combo, it’s hard to say what would have happened, because my deck got shuffled twice in the process, meaning the triggers would have been different. Maybe it would have been safer to not do that.

This week, Lucky Star had been suffering from the opposite problem that my Yuki deck has, which is far too many Triggers, rather than far too few.

I can’t recall what I got in prizes at all, but left soon after because I still wasn’t feeling well. Hopefully next week will be go a little better, especially after two fairly dire weeks in a row. Maybe I should just pick which deck I’d like to play on that day?




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