Adventures in Nipponbashi: Friendlies

Just a quick and short article this time, covering some of the friendlies I managed to get in at the start of Golden Week. I decided to take out some of my Standard or more fun decks.


The first game saw my Miyuki Deck Out deck facing off against Sword Art Online, and as no surprise to anyone, SAO won. I got some nice set ups with Suginami, but it didn’t help that SAO has Wind Triggers.


For my second game my No Attribute deck faced off against Vividred Operation. This really went in the No Attributes deck favour, with it ultimately winning whilst still in Level 2. Saten was able to smash past the Level 1 Vivid Green, and even managed to crush a Level 3 when she hit 15,000 Power. Thanks to Kunikida I was able to search any cards I needed, and my supports meant my Counters were free. Lucia and Saten managed to close the game out together with my opponent’s resources nearly completely depleted.

You're in trouble now!

A third game saw my Glasses deck facing off against a weird mish mash of a Standard deck where I’m not even sure of the theme. Maybe top deck check? It featured cards from SAO, Symphogear and Mai Hime to name but a few. The game got off to a weird start, with my cards repeatedly crashing into Kirito Loners for even trades.

I can’t recall much of Level 1, except getting help from the Alarm effect of Miyuki’s mum. Level 2 ended up being the usual case of Chihiro supporting Lit Club Yuki and giving me a tough to break wall. Battle Mode helped me ward off any attacks, even stopping a 15,000 in its tracks. I closed it out with some Shiroe, just because I could.

Oh god, my deck is terrible...

My fourth game saw Tabitha taking on one of the Red varieties of Da Capo. I was unable to pull off the 0 to 2 change, but at least I got in the 1 to 2 change, after a double Climax combo. I basically relied on that Tabitha for the rest of the game to cause extra damage and kill things off. The game ended with a big blow out of Brainstorms and Bounce. The former allowing me to give an extra 2000 to one of my cards, due to the Level 1 Tabitha support, whilst the latter was supplied by a Climax combo and then a Wind Trigger. I cleared my opponent’s Stage out and somehow won.


The final game saw Lucky Star facing off against a Kantai Collection deck that could gain huge amounts of Stock. Lucky Star basically walked all over it Power wise and won during Level 2 whilst I had 10+ Stock.


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