Adventures in Nipponbashi: Robotics;Nope

At the weekend I was able to take part in my first tournament since returning to Japan. I decided to go ahead with my plans to use a random deck out of the 6 I own, and ended up using Robotics;Notes. Possibly due to lack of practice with the deck, or because I wasn’t feeling 100%, this was my worst performance to date. Due to high numbers entering the tournament, it was split into 2 blocks that would each have 4 rounds, so that the tournament would actually finish before the shop closed.

AkihovsThat's a guy.

For my first round I was facing off against King of Fighters, being piloted by the same person I’d played several weeks previously. I started off with [Taking a Walk Airi], who helped me keep a Stage presence at Level 0. Unfortunately she was repeatedly being taken down by Reversers or cards which could match her on Power, so I wasn’t able to gain any early advantage. At Level 1 all I could do at first was put out [Kill-Ballad Showdown Kaito], who was eventually joined by [Summer Festival Airi].

Level 2 was mostly a bust for me, being unable to put anything new out, and having my Brainstorm get taken out by the deck shuffler that can switch card’s positions.

I finally started to make some sort of progress at Level 3, but Ash was just too big for me. Everyone in the deck has Science and another attribute, such as Game, Otaku or Sports, which meant Ash could become massive. I think at one point I got attacked by one at 17,000. Eventually I was down to 5 cards in deck with 1 Climax, and took 4 straight damage, taking me out of the game. Even if I’d survived that, another 4 damage each from 2 copies of Ash would probably have stuck at some point.


The second round saw me against Milky Holmes, which was running the Level swap strategy. The early game was basically just the Frau Reverser trading off with the 4k Cordelia. Once in Level 1 they basically just beat all my guys up with [Summer Uniform Cordelia], with me not really being able to mount much response. In Level 2 I was able to change into the Level 3 Frau, and get her Climax combo off to start gathering copies of the Level 3 Akiho. On the following turn I was able to play that Akiho, and things were actually looking pretty decent at this point.

It all went completely downhill at Level 3 though, since I was no match for the Level 3 Elly and Sharo. The Soul reduction from Elly also meant that I was causing practically no damage every turn, and didn’t have much hope of being able to win in time. Eventually the Halloween Sharo finished me off, but it was pretty much a foregone conclusion by that point.

For the 3rd round I had a bye, so just sat it out. I watched Shin-chan lose horribly to Sword Art Online on the top table, and King of Fighters overpower Railgun on the 2nd table.

Evil lurks beneath that cute exterior.vszelretch

For the final round I was up against one of the regulars, and we both decided not to take it seriously. I randomly picked one of his random decks for him to play, which turned out to be R/B Fate. He rolled my die, which resulted in me playing Wooser. I know this isn’t the sort of thing you should normally do in an event, but people here tend to just start playing for fun once you hit x-2.

We both had a bad start with supports battling it out, and I think ended up sat in Level 0 for a while. I relied on the loner Wooser for most of this period, until we got into Level 1. He put out a lot of Kirei cards, who ended up with pretty big Power scores, but I managed to wear them down with the Clock Encore Wooser. All the while I was gaining Stock with two of the Stock gaining Wooser.

During Level 2 I started to get a bit more Power on the Stage with the 2/1 Wooser, but ended up taking 6 straight damage thanks to [Gem Sword Zelretch], which pushed be right into Level 3. From here I started to fall a bit behind on damage, especially when [Rin & Archer] came into play. The only Level 3 I had was [Wanting to Destroy the World Wooser], who would have prevented me causing enough damage to win, even if it wasn’t cancelled, so I held back on him, and was stuck with 1 Soul characters. I didn’t stand a chance on the following turn against a double burn combo.

Following on from this, I had a friendly game with another player, with Eva vs SAO. After a shaky start I won, with Eva doing its usual late game play of putting down big cards and doing lots of burn damage.


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