Adventures in Nipponbashi: The Reappearance of Nagato Yuki

Three weekends ago was my last tournament for a while, so I decided I would switch things up and try to have a bit of fun. As such, it was time to bring out the old Yuki / Alien deck and see how it would perform. With the increasing number of anti-heal cards around in the game at the moment, I knew this was a big risk, but I didn’t really care. I just wanted to play my Yuki deck in a tournament setting.

Prior to the tournament I got in some last minute shopping, before having a few games against my friend.

Charlotte3vsI'm not sure that's where CDs go.

We started things off with my Tabitha deck vs his Miku deck. Things got off to a surprisingly good start for me, mostly due to him having a terrible start. Without supports, or much in the way of Level 0s at all, he wasn’t able to handle by Level 0 vanilla Tabitha backed up by her familiar. A couple of turns in I managed to pull off the 0 to 2 Change combo thanks to the Louise Brainstorm, and pretty much relied on [“Knight” of Hero Tabitha] for most of the rest of the game.

Everything was going well until it came time for Refresh. I refreshed with 6 Climaxes in deck, took 1 as Refresh damage, then hit another 3 with Louise. It wasn’t long before I was Level 3 with no Climaxes left in a 19 or so card deck. Even with my Brainstorm and drawing extra cards from my Level 3, I was unable to get the deck low enough, and would just end up taking 6 damage plus Refresh next turn.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsNo Encore for you!

After this I decided to switch to my Yuki deck for a quick warm up against Genei. After a decent early start where [Kyon & Koizumi] were able to stop some of his memory effects from going off, things then started to go downhill. I did not get a single copy of the 3 Aliens all game, which put a severe dent in the deck’s performance. Once my friend changed out [Father’s Child Ginka], the Alien deck just couldn’t keep up, because without supports its Power caps out at 9,000, including Counters.

Once into Level 2 I was forced to fill my Back Stage with filler to get [Summer Festival Nagato] out. Eventually, the deck just sort of petered out and I lost. Thankfully though, this would be the only game all day where I didn’t see my support cards.

After this, it was time for the tournament, which I would finish on a 3-2 record. In both cases, the losses were due to time out, which in Weiβ Schwarz results in a double loss. I’m pretty sure I’d have won both games given more time, but it also would have been unclear how the rest of the event would go. It surprised me how many of my opponent’s were not familiar with the Haruhi cards, and needed them explaining, but then I suppose it has been a long time since the deck was relevant. Hopefully I’ve learnt my lessons for next time.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsMio

Round 1 was against a Little Busters deck, running Maid Mio. I’m not really sure it had a coherent overall strategy, beyond being an R/B deck with that card as its end point. He did seem to have a bunch of cards which could top-deck stuff from my Waiting room, which he never really used.

I started off the game with [Nagato Yuki] and a single copy of the 3 Aliens, which gave me a pretty decent opener. [Nagato Yuki] was either too big for him to deal with, or when he could, her Encore effect kept her around. Any additional threats were dealt with by [Kyon & Koizumi], and I was soon able to search for my 2nd copy of the 3 Aliens. Once I was at Level 1, I pretty much just relied on multiple copies of [Onsen Nagato & Mikuru] to carry me through, without having to worry much about Stock.

Once I reached Level 2 it was time for [Summer Festival Nagato] to come down, and just run over anything my opponent had. Since he’d barely had any support cards all game, aside from a Brainstorm card, his cards were no match Power wise, even once he eventually got out his Maid Mios. Thanks to the Climax combo of [Summer Festival Nagato] and other healing cards like [Wedding Dress Nagato], I was able to close the game out whilst still at Level 2. I’d completely dominated the game, ending with a full field and hand, to his 1 card on Stage and 1 card in hand.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsLouise

Round 2 was against Zero no Tsukaima, which meant we’d be fighting it out with our early play Level 3s.

Level 0 saw [Nagato Yuki] helped by the 3 Aliens facing off against [Whispering Henrietta & Saito], with neither of us really gaining much ground over the other. Anything else was dealt with via cards like [Kyon & Koizumi] until we both reached Level 1. At this point he was able to put out some pretty strong cards like [Louise of the Holy Kingdom], thanks to support from [First Daughter Eleonore], and with extra help from [Courageous Saito].

I was able to keep up thanks to a Power boost from [Client No. 1, Kimidori], and the free pseudo-Encore from [Swimsuit Haruhi & Nagato], with [Magician Nagato & Shamisen] keeping me well defended.

Once into Level 3 it was time for [Summer Festival Nagato] and [Royalty’s Duty Louise] to go head to head in the battle of the early Level 3s, with Nagato coming out on top due to superior defensive and offensive capabilities. [Unlink Information] was also useful for keeping me ahead damage wise, by getting rid of his Climaxes.

When we finally got into Level 3 properly [Mutual Love Louise] and her Climax combo started to mount a comeback, but it wasn’t enough to stop Nagato. As the game drew to a close, my opponent was on 3-5, with me still in the middle of Level 3. They had 1 empty slot, and I had 1 copy of [Summer Festival Nagato] left with plenty of other cards. Unfortunately, time was called before I was able to deal the finishing blow, resulting in a double loss.

I was pretty annoyed about it at this point, especially since it was very likely that I’d have been able to win on that turn. It would have required a double cancel off two 2 damage attacks, which seemed unlikely to me.

Let's play 'Protect Summer Festival Nagato'!vsLevel 3s that come out early seem to be a running problem...

For my third Round I was up against IdolM@ster, which would mean even more early Level 3s. I’m really no good with IdolM@ster names and cards, so exact details of this game are a little harder to remember.

I think I actually opened this game up with 2 copies of [Summer Festival Nagato] and one of her Climaxes, so I knew I was going to be in pretty good shape come the end of the game. [Nagato Yuki] was once again a problem for my opponent, because 3500 plus Encore isn’t that easy to get rid of.

Once we got into Level 1, he played the card that gets stronger for every other Level 0 he has, and 2 copies of it stuck around for quite a while. I fought back with vanillas and [Swimsuit Haruhi & Nagato], allowing me to make attacks without worrying about the consequences. Kimidori’s Power boost made my opponent think twice about some of his attacks, opting for Side Attacks instead of Front Attacks, saving me some damage.

As usual, once I reached Level 2 it was time for [Summer Festival Nagato], who managed to heal damage and break past any of my opponent’s cards. Once backed up by [Guitarist Nagato] it was a defensive force to be reckoned with. My opponent tried to break through with Takane and a 2/1 that he’d boosted to 13,500 thanks to an Alarm effect, but [Magician Nagato & Shamisen] took her out. I followed up by clearing more of his Stage out, and hitting him to 3-6. I was at about 3-2 at this point.

On the following turn, his first attack was cancelled, and then time was called, again. Looking at the top of my deck, I’d have cancelled the second hit, making victory on the 3rd impossible. With 3 hits for 1 damage on the next turn, it was very unlikely that he’d have been able to survive.


The 4th round saw me against Love Live, in an interesting game that went right down to the wire time wise.

I got off to a decent start with [Nagato Yuki], who hit a Book Trigger on turn 1, and then another on Turn 2. This was useful for keeping up my card numbers in the face of his Reversers. On my 3rd turn I finally drew the 3 Aliens and was able to use it to search for another copy, whilst paying out my 2 Climaxes. I seem to recall us spending quite a long time in Level 0, due to both of us repeatedly cancelling.

Once my opponent reached Level 1 it was time to unleash the maids, with [Eri in Maid Uniform] providing support, and [Nozomi in Maid Uniform] going on the attack. I matched this with my own vanillas in the form of [Onsen Nagato & Mikuru]. Rather than risk a counter, I decided just to side attack, hoping that my opponent would run into my Counters. Instead, my opponent played a Climax and Side Attacked with his characters as well, after some deliberation about what attack to do. After seeing Kimidori come down, he was quite happy with his choice.

Level 1 pretty much just proceeded with our vanillas fighting it out, and [Daughter of a Japanese Candy Store Honoka] salvaging them back. I ended up in Level 2 much sooner than my opponent, due to losing lots of Climaxes early, and triggering even more Books as the game went on. At this point it was time for [Summer Festival Nagato] to come in again and deal with threats. From this point on, I was cancelling quite a lot, due to things like having a 6 card deck with 3 Climaxes, and then Refreshing into a 30-ish card deck with all 8 Climaxes (and thankfully not triggering /drawing too many of them).

It wasn’t really until Level 3 that my opponent’s cards became a threat, because Level 2 was pretty much just more of the vanilla and salvaging it back. Throughout the late game, the Climax combo of Summer Festival Nagato] helped keep me alive, alongside [Wedding Dress Nagato] for extra healing. Eventually I halted a Climax combo at Level 3 with [Unlink Information] and managed to go into the final turn of the game against an empty Front Stage. With my opponent at 3-4 it just game down to whether or not any of my 3 [Summer Festival Nagato] would be cancelled or not. Thankfully they weren’t and I won with less than a minute to go.

My 4th round had been a fun game, and perked me up a bit after the two time outs of the previous rounds.

3 AliensvsApples

My final opponent for the day was running a GRB Madoka deck, this time he was still running [Ultimate Madoka], unlike some of my previous opponent’s using the deck.

Once again, I was able to open up with [Nagato Yuki], which surprisingly once again could not be dealt with. Unfortunately though, I hit a [Summer Festival Nagato] on my first attack. My opponent followed up with [Sayaka Looks up to Mami] and one other card, which I don’t quite recall. I dealt with them both thanks to additional help from [Kyon & Koizumi], but triggered yet another [Summer Festival Nagato]. I had been hoping to start searching for the remaining two copies on the following turn, via the 3 Aliens card, but instead I lost both remaining copies to damage. This put me in quite a bad spot for the late game.

Once in Level 1 it was time for the Sayaka and Kyoko apples combo to go head to head with my vanillas, with [Onsen Nagato & Mikuru] triumphing due to [Magician Nagato & Shamisen]. For some reason my opponent put Kyoko out front, despite having an empty Back Stage, which hurt him power-wise in the long run. Level 2 proceeded about the same, with my opponent starting to set up for [Ultimate Madoka].

Post-refresh I’d been able to only get 2 copies of [Summer Festival Nagato] into my deck, meaning I couldn’t get the full strength out of my late game cards. I decided to search a single copy of the card out, so I could save Stock for other scenarios, hoping to get the 2nd copy on the next turn. Of course, as you’d expect at this point, I lost that due to damage on the following turn.

With only 1 copy of [Summer Festival Nagato] to rely on for the entirety of my Level 2-3 game, I had to make use of cards like [Unlink Information] to reduce damage, and [Wedding Dress Nagato] to heal extra damage. Using up 4 Stock for one heal, from search and playing [Wedding Dress Nagato], was a lot, but I didn’t really have any other choices at the time. My Climax combo helped me get over at least 1 copy of [Sayaka Miki], and most of my remaining stock was just getting spent keeping [Summer Festival Nagato] alive.

In the end, I mostly rammed in little guys on the last turn, to finish out the game, with both of us being at around 3-5 / 3-6 prior to this.

With the tournament now over, it was time to collect our prizes, and I ended up getting [Royalty’s Duty Louise], which was probably one of the most valuable cards in that prize pool. Losing twice to time-out was a bit annoying, but ultimately I enjoyed myself, it was reassuring to find that the Yuki deck could still beat things.


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