Adventures in Nipponbashi: Sort of Lucky Star

This past weekend I had another Sunday tournament, this time ending on a 3-2 result. This brings my win rate with Lucky Star to 17/25, so it’s going down a bit now compared to last week. This was quite a last minute event, because I was meant to be doing something else instead that evening, but those plans sort of fell through. After a quick rush in, I was at the C-Labo just in time for the event. Unfortunately I was really not feeling my best throughout the tournament, which may or may not have contributed to some of my decisions.

The tournament had 20 entrants, which meant 5 rounds, and the event finished about 5-10 minutes before the shop closed. I got a chance to play against a decent variety of decks, and when I lost they were fairly narrow defeats.

Stand upvsMisakuro

For the first round I was up against a Railgun deck, which from the look of it was your more standard competitive deck, rather than the mixed Red/Green I’d previously faced.

I started off the game with [Kung Fu Master Konata], and as happens at least once a week, my opponent wasn’t paying attention, to either its Level, or its Power. I keep telling people this when I play her, because she’s normally a 1/0 4500, despite the fact the card is a 0/0 2000 on its own. People obviously just don’t listen.

During the early game, my opponent was able to keep their card numbers up, thanks to bonds and [“Item” Takitsubo], but was not being careful with their Stock. Between Takitsubo and [“Railgun” Mikoto], they were usually low on Stock early game. At one point they even tried to play [Tokiwadai’s Lady Kuroko] without any Stock. Good thing I was paying attention.

Mid game was I think Konata and Kuroko fighting it out, with [“Railgun” Mikoto] taking out a few straggling Level 0s. As the game was closing out, Misakuro came down, but my opponent did not use their effect, saving me a bit of damage. It was also joined by some of the other Red Level 3s from Railgun. On the next turn, I hit for enough damage to win by suiciding lots of my cards. I was unable to get over all of his, due to a lack of Level 3s. At this point, I can’t recall if this was from regular attacks alone, or if it was helped by a Climax.


For my second round I was up against a GRB Madoka deck, which had once again opted to go with the new Homura PR to made ending the game easier. It was a close game, and there were maybe a few places I might have made errors.

Early on, I once again started with [Kung Fu Master Konata], which my opponent could not deal with at all. He either had Reversers, or just cards not big enough to beat Konata. I remember him putting out the Red Kyubey and the Reverser at one point, but the Otaku Trio and Konata swiftly dealt with that.

Once he got into Level 1 it was time for the Apples combo all over the place, which I was able to beat out with [Battlefield Konata] and [Summer’s Day Konata]. It was during Level 1 that I made a play choice that possibly cost me the game. I’d gotten him to 1/5, and figured I wasn’t really ready to be taking on whatever Level 2 cards he could play, so I left him at that, rather than make a direct attack. As it turned out, the entirety of Level 2 would have just been more of the Apples combo, so I shouldn’t have worried about this.

Up until Level 3, the rest of the game was pretty much just more of the Apples combo. Once Level 3 arrived my opponent put down 2 of the new Homura PR, and hurt me quite badly in terms of Stage position and damage. At this point he was also keeping a Sayaka Back Stage, which I was pretty sure was going to be used for the healing counter, if he got into trouble.

I followed up with some Level 3 cards, including [Stand Up! Konata] who was ready to use her Climax combo. To try and avoid causing too much damage in one blow, I put the Soul boost from my Climax onto my Level 0 Miyuki, because I was pretty sure they wouldn’t have a Counter strong enough to stop Konata anyway. Eventually, after hits from my other Level 3 and [Stand Up! Konata] twice, my opponent was on 3/6. Unfortunately, my final hit for 2 was cancelled on the 2nd card. With no Climaxes left in deck, my opponent finished me off on the following turn.

If I’d assigned the Soul different with the Climax, or attacked once more earlier in the game, then I probably would have won this game.


My 3rd round was against Genei, and a different build from my friend’s, this time focusing on Red. I was able to start with a fairly large [Kung Fu Master Konata], but they got over her thanks to a Climax. I don’t really remember much of the middle of the game, beyond fighting the 1/1 Clock Encore, and having [Hinata Taiyou] take out some of my Level 1s. There were definitely some Climax combos in there somewhere.

Eventually my opponent got out some of his Red and Blue Level 3s, and overpowered my characters. On the following turn I made a choice that may or may not have cost me the game, depending on my opponent’s Climax distribution. I had a chance to got for a double attack with [Stand Up! Konata], but instead I used the one stock I needed on my Brainstorm. At this point I had 2 Climaxes in deck and over 15 cards in deck, so thought it would be for the best. Instead I hit both Climaxes, leaving me in a position where I pretty much had to win that turn.

All I could do was get my opponent to 3/6. On the following turn my opponent’s first attack got me to 3/6, so whatever happened, I’d be losing to Deck Refresh. If I’d gone for the double attack, I’d still have been out the Climaxes, but I might have won, assuming the damage wasn’t cancelled.


For my 4th round I was up against a Monogatari series deck, which looked more like a fun build, designed around Blue and Yellow cards.

I had a terrible start, where after my opening discard, I ended up with 3 Climaxes in Hand, in addition to 1 in the Waiting Room. The former 3 were all [This Year Begins], which weren’t much good without characters to use them on. Early game I took lots of hits, and Leveled up pretty quickly. It was only later on that I was finally able to start turning things around thanks to my Level 2s. I was massively behind on damage at this point though, with my opponent barely into Level 1.

Post Deck Refresh I’d reached a point where I was dominating the Stage, because my opponent could not keep up with my Level 2s. Unfortunately though, I was at Level 3, whilst he was still part way into Level 2. When I had a chance at a couple of direct attacks, I decided to use my Climax combo, because it was a good chance for me to regain card advantage, and also a way to thin my deck. I really wasn’t expecting my damage to get through at this point, but anything that happened would be nice.

I can’t recall the exact numbers, but my opponent took at least 9 damage in a row, and actually went straight through Level 3 to defeat in 1 turn. After the game, my opponent checked his deck, and nearly all the Climaxes were grouped together about halfway through the rest of the deck. I suppose it made up for my terrible situation at the start.


My final round was against Kantai Collection, and it was my same opponent as last week, but now with a new updated build. We tried to move through this game pretty quickly, because it was looking quite likely that the event wouldn’t finish before the shop closed, if rounds kept to their current times. Unfortunately I can’t really recall much of the early details of the game, except that things went much better for him than last week.

I’m drawing a blank on most of the Level 0-2 game, but I do recall getting out some copies of [Battlefield Konata], which managed to survive most of the game. His Level 1-2 game couldn’t really do much about their Power, and when he could, I was just able to Encore them.

Once he hit Level 3, he was able to put out two copies of [2nd Yamato-class Battleship, Musashi], which threatened to do a lot of damage, especially when one of them hit a shot Trigger along the way as well. I managed to survive this onslaught and even took down both Musashi, thanks to the Kuroi-sensei counter on [Battlefield Konata], which was enough to force a tie at 12,000 Power. By the end of it all, I think my opponent had a completely empty Front Stage. Unfortunately for my opponent, he hit two Climaxes during this time, which left him with about 0-1 in deck.

On my final turn, I was on about 3/4 or 5, with [Strongest Character Miyuki], [Stand Up! Konata] and one Climax in my hand, and my opponent was currently at about 3/0. Since one of my cancels on the previous turn had been [Hiyori Starting], my +2 Soul Climax, I decided that the only sensible thing was to go all in with Miyuki. I salvaged the Climax with Miyuki and threw my hand away to at least heal 1. Then I struck directly with everyone for a combined total of 14, before considering triggers. As I suspected, my opponent only had 1 Climax left in deck, and after cancelling the first hit, he took 6 off the next one, emptying his deck at the same time.

It’s because of turns like that which will make sure those two cards always have a place in the deck.

The tournament finished about 10 minutes before the shop closed, and for I think the first time ever, I got a male card out of my participation prizes, in the form of [“Sardine Power” Valvatorez]. I also had some thoughts about what I was going to be playing in future weeks at the tournaments. I’ve been playing Lucky Star for quite a few weeks in a row, and since there’s very little on the line at these events, I thought it could be fun to mix things up. Next week I’m planning on using my Yuki deck, regardless of how well it performs, and on any future weeks I’ll be playing a deck selected at random from my 6 Neo Standard decks. Yes, this does mean that I could end up entering a tournament with the Tabitha deck.


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