Adventures in Nipponbashi: Unlucky Star

Two weekends ago I was out in Nipponbashi for my normal Sunday tournament, and had my worst performance since picking up the Lucky Sta deck. Admittedly, I still managed an even win/lose ratio, but it was a bit of a let down from the streak of X-1 finishes so far. Oddly, I didn’t feel as frustrated as when it happen with my Evangelion deck though. Overall so far, it means my Lucky Star deck has a tournament record of 14 wins and 6 losses, so I don’t think a 70% win rate is all that bad.

Something I also realised on Sunday was that in the entirety of the time I’ve been playing Weiβ Schwarz, I’ve never played a mirror match before. Even when I’ve faced off against the same series, it’s always been a different build (i.e. Alien vs SOS Brigade). This might in part be attributed to me playing what aren’t particularly popular decks, bar Haruhi back when it was good, but when I didn’t really have many people to play with. This strikes me as quite unusual, especially compared to other card games.


Pre-tournament I got in a few games with my friend, who had just retooled his Genei deck. Seeing as I’d not yet played a single game with my Robotics;Notes deck since arriving, I decided that it was high time to use it again, and to try and remember what all my cards did / re-read them. At Level 0 I mostly relied on the Loner Airi to keep things going, until the game progressed into Level 1. Unfortunately though, I’d not really drawn much in the way of Level 1 cards, except for the Airi counter, which I’m sure I drew every copy of early on in this game. So, I could really only go in with 1 copy of the Frau with experience, and 2 more Airi.

After this, I got knocked to 2/2, with 1 card left in deck after my draw. Unfortunately, to meet experience requirements, I’d had to put copies of the Frau and Airi Level 3s into Level, when I’d really have rather put a Level 1 for the latter. This meant I’d have to rely on getting Yellow in my Clock, which was thankfully the bottom card. This allowed me to play two copies of the Level 3 Akiho early, followed up by the Frau change. Frau was upgraded into the Level 3 Frau, and followed by her Climax combo to get me the global Science support back. From here on out I was pretty much overpowering my opponent’s Stage, and top-decking Level 2 or lower cards with Frau’s effect.

After this, it was time for a pre-tournament Lucky Star game, where I don’t remember too many details, beyond losing. I think I’d been ahead for a long period of the game, but my friend was able to make a big change in momentum in a single turn. He realised the bottom 3 cards were Climaxes, so used [Luna in Combat], rather than triggering them on the attack. He then hit a 4th one off the top. This of course allowed him to gain a +4, and some pretty useful cards from his Clock. I lost before I could capitalise on his loss of Climaxes. This wasn’t really a good sign of the tournament to come.

This week was the first tournament after the release of Kantai Collection, so it was going to be interesting to see how much difference it made to things. As it happened, my first opponent was playing the deck, but I didn’t really get a chance to see it at its best. At this point, I can’t recall too many details of all these games, so they will sadly be less detailed than usual.

Stand Up!vsKongou

My opponent got off to a terrible start, having to pass away their first two turns due to not having anything to play. After that, we had a bit of back and forth, but I was fairly confident that I’d come out on top, due to having controlled the Stage for most of the game. Kongou and her Climax combo had me a bit worried once my opponent reached Level 3, but I was ultimately able to triumph. I think I ended the game with [Stand Up! Konata], who reached 16,000 thanks to the Climax and Miyuki, because I wanted to make absolutely sure Konata was out of Counter range. Konata’s 2nd attack won me the game.

BattlefieldvsSay goodbye to your Climax!

My next opponent was playing a Vividred Operation deck, making use of cards like [Operation! Vivid Green]. Given that it’s now over a week ago, I really can’t recall much about this. I remember pushing [Battlefield Konata] to stupid amounts so I could get over [Operation! Vivid Green], and [Operation! Vivid Red] giving my Level 1s problems. Once we reached the end of the game, my opponent closed it with [Wakaba Saegusa], who placed a Climax on the bottom of my deck, allowing my opponent to win.

I'll show you guys who a real Kung Fu Master is!vsRei

For my third round I was up against Vividred again, but this time it was a deck much more focused around Rei. The vast majority of the early game, my opponent just spent his time playing copies of [Blunt Replies Rei], and using it to salvage more copies of itself. This wasn’t really a concern for [Kung Fu Master Konata], who ran them all over, with my opponent once again trying to ram Rei into her at some point. I’m not sure if it was a friend’s deck, or if he was just new to it, but he also seemed to be making some mistakes with his cards, like trying to use [Operation! Vivid Red] to search from deck, rather than salvage from Waiting Room.

At one point it looked like I was even going to knock my opponent to Level 3 whilst still at Level 1. Eventually, my opponent was able to put on some pressure via [Mysterious Being Alone], but the rest of their Stage wasn’t really up to much. I think in the entirety of the game, they never played anything back Stage. Once I reached Level 2, I took down the Noise and my opponent’s resources just kept on dwindling.

On their final turn, all they had left after attacking was one copy of [Akane Isshiki], with no other cards on the Stage, or in hand. There’d been a scary moment where Akane nearly took me out with her 5 burn damage, but I survived, and was able to end things with [Stand Up! Konata] double attacking.


For my final round I was up against a Ledo / Chamber version of Gargantia, which was making use of the new anti-heal PR. This got off to a terrible start and just got worse from there. Blame it partly on my unfamiliarity with the series, but also on the fact my opponent wasn’t doing all of their card’s effect (i.e. not top-deck checking with the 4K Ledo etc).

I pushed [Kung Fu Konata] to get over a 4.5k on turn one, but this left me terribly exposed, when I should have just gone around it for a direct attack. This really messed up my card numbers, and left me on the back foot as far as that was concerned. Eventually I went all out, doing a double Miyuki search for my 2/2s, and then playing both of them. This was a big waste of cards and Stock, but I had no Climaxes in my deck at the time, and needed to reduce the immediate damage as much as possible.

Eventually Level 3 Chamber came down and just started beating up all my cards. I fought back and was starting to turn the tide of things, but couldn’t win. I realised that I was once again stuck with a big deck with no Climaxes left, but thankfully had the +6 Soul counter. When my opponent went for the kill, I decided to go for it, not even bothering to count how many cards left in my deck. Turned out there were 7, and I cancelled on the 8th. Refresh damage and burn damage from Chamber pushed me to 3/6 though, so it was soon all over.

Overall, even though I went 2-2, it’s still useful for me to play against lots of different decks.


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