Adventures in Nipponbashi: Even more Lucky Star

As usual, I was off to Nipponbashi last Sunday for yet more card games. I arrived into Nipponbashi fairly late in the day, meaning I didn’t have much time for pre-tournament games, especially after picking up a Moguera figure first. I did manage to get two games in with my friend though.

Due to the fact that all of my tournament games recently have been with Lucky Star, I’ve been using friendly games as an opportunity to use my other decks. With this in mind, I started things out with the Wooser deck, which I was finally getting a chance to play. I’d managed to pick up [Everything is within a dream Wooser] the day before, so I thought it would be appropriate to try out the deck with the Wooser Rares. I opted to use all of them except [White Day Wooser], because I figured I’d never actually get enough Stock to play him. As it turned out, I might have actually gotten the chance to pull this off.

Evil lurks beneath that cute exterior.vsWe were no match for Wooser!

Wooser was facing off against my friend’s Symphogear deck, which got off to an utterly terrible start, allowing me to get an early lead. Once I reached Level 1 I put down two copies of [Proof of Manliness Wooser], which allowed me to build Stock up for the rest of the game. The Level 1 game wasn’t really much of an issue either, because [Go on a journey Wooser] is a 1/1 10,000. When it was eventually defeated, during my friend’s Level 2 I think, I used my journey to scout for what packs I might want to buy later.

Once I got into Level 2 I decided to use [Shopping Wooser], because why not, and bought a pack of Milky Holmes 2. I just so happened to pull [Saku & Hirano & Tsugiko, Phantom Thief Incident Investigation Team], which is one of the Green RRs in the set. With only 9000 Power it wasn’t particularly useful in game, but an RR is an RR. When I finally reached Level 3, I had 13 Stock, meaning that if I’d used White Day Wooser, and held off on Stock earlier, for example [Shopping Wooser], then I’d actually have been able to win with it.

Instead, I just put down [Everything is within a dream Wooser] in the centre, alongside a [Wants to destroy the world Wooser]. The latter card cleared both of our Stages out, and I Encored the former in case I lost on the next turn. [Wants to destroy the world Wooser] ended up striking for game anyway.

Hey look, a Level 3!vsNo Encore for you!

Afterwards we had a game with my new and improved Glasses deck against his Genei deck. Despite the distinct lack of Red in the deck (bar the Level 0 Kanji), it still had the Gate Climax in it, which actually ended up being fairly useful. There was a bit of back and forth at Level 0, and then once we were into Level 1 I used Shiki to clear his Stage out. Once I got into Level 2 I was able to put down copies of Chihiro and Lit Club Yuki, but beyond that I don’t really remember the Level 2 game all that much. I probably used [Battle Mode] at some point I suppose?

In Level 3 I was able to finally use a decent attacker, in the form of Shiroe, who could be pretty big. I can’t actually at this point recall how the game ended, and whether I won or not. I either won the turn I played Shiroe, or completely forgot about his top deck check ability when he was attacked, because I never used it. I think it might have been the latter…

Once this game was wrapped up we headed over to the C-Labo for our regular Sunday tournament, which had an unusually large turnout of 20, which would mean we’d be going to 5 rounds for the first time. I was still unable to break my habit from previous weeks, once again finishing on an X-1 record.

Even my Climax combo wasn't enough!vsI really don't know what happened...

My first round, and only loss, was against a Blue Macross deck, which was really quite an embarrassing loss. Given that he somehow also went 4-1 in the tournament, at least I wasn’t the only one to lose to him.

I really honestly cannot say what went wrong in this game. I think we had a bit of back and forth at Level 0, but he couldn’t really stand up to my Level 1 game. By the time I got my 2/2s out they could pretty much defeat all of his cards, whilst constantly gaining me new cards due to their Climax combo. Then I just died at Level 3 after taking 4 damage in a row. This wasn’t a good start.

This card actually did something this game!vsMy friend just had too many Level 3s this game.

For the second round I was up against my friend, who was using his Miku deck. We both seemed to get off to terrible starts, with him sending out his Len Brainstorm on turn 1, and me having to use a Climax so [Kung Fu Master Konata] could get over it. It didn’t get any better for him after that, sending out 39 Miku for a direct attack, due to having no other Level 0s. After we both sort of stumbled through the Level 0 game, things got a tiny bit better at Level 1.

Unfortunately for me, I was lacking in both supports and Otaku, so both [Battlefield Konata] and [Summer’s Day Konata] were unable to reach their full potential, whilst my opponent was able to put down stronger cards, thanks to his 1/1 vanilla Miku, supported by extra copies of the Miku support. Thankfully though, I had two copies of [Innocent Konata] to hold off his attacks and keep my Stage. By comparison, I don’t think the Miyuki counter would have had enough Power, but it did mean I was spending 2 Stock to keep my guys around.

On my next turn I was able to make my own Stage better, whilst hitting against a mostly empty Stage, and I think I left him at 1-5. I didn’t make a final direct attack, because I assumed that at this point his Level 1 game wouldn’t be able to keep up. This was correct, and I was able to build a bit more advantage.

What happened between here and the very end of the game escapes me right now, but eventually we reached Level 3 and my opponent put down two [“Electronic Diva” Hatsune Miku] and one factory chief Miku, but without the Climax combo. I think I might have had a Kuroi-sensei counter to protect one of my characters, but I lost the rest. On the following turn, I think I won though, by dealing enough damage to end the game.

Aya Hirano showdown!vsWho will win?

For my 3rd round I was facing of against an SOS Brigade version of the Haruhi deck, so I was relatively confident that this wouldn’t be too hard a game. This turned out to be correct, because it ended up being the easiest one of the day. As I’m writing this now, I only just realised this game was a battle of the Aya Hirano characters.

I started out with [Kung Fu Master Konata] backed by supports to defeat my opponent’s opening character. My opponent then followed up with the plays that were probably his downfall. He decided to send 3 characters after me, and one of which was [Kyon & Koizumi], which he sent right into Konata, not realising it was Level 1. (Despite the fact I let everyone know this when I play her). This knocked me into Level 1, at which point I stopped Clocking, and didn’t do so for the rest of the game.

My Level 1s dealt easily with his Level 0s, and then his own Level 1s couldn’t really keep up either. After sticking him at Level 1, like in my previous game, I was able to gain even more of an advantage over him in terms of both card advantage and Stock. He wasn’t really able to do much of any use until Level 3, when he put down a bunch of [Trouble Girl Haruhi] and used her Climax combo, but this wasn’t enough to finish me off. I cleared his Stage and won the game on the next turn.

Yaoi to the rescue!vsYou again?

My 4th round was against yet another Junes deck from Persona, in what was generally a poor game all around for me. I don’t recall getting any supports early in the game, at least not without searching them with Miyuki, which lead to me generally having problems in terms of card numbers throughout. We had a bit of back and forth on the Stage during the game, but my opponent always seemed to be ahead on cards. I also kept on clocking cards that weren’t immediately useful, then regretting that choice a turn or two later.

As the game was reaching a close I made what could have been a mistake, by using my Level 3 Miyuki to heal 1, meaning I didn’t have enough Stock for [Stand Up! Konata] to Stand again. This ultimately didn’t matter though, because my opponent cancelled all 3 of my attacks that turn, meaning that even the extra attack wouldn’t have been enough. My attacks had at least been able to deal with some of his Level 3 cards though.

On the following turn my opponent tried to go for game, but I cancelled enough to stay in the game, helped by the fact I’d just hit my Refresh. By this point I was really low on cards, but I knew my opponent had already gone through most of their climaxes, especially based on the previous turn. I had the +2 Soul Climax in my hand though, and it looked like it might finally be a chance for the card to shine. To get enough cards to attack though, I had to move supports up, and play Kuroi-sensei to the Stage. My opponent ended up taking 7 damage straight, the last hit being from my Counter.

I didn’t really feel like this win was deserved, but I was glad to have won. It’s exactly for these kinds of situations that I’m playing 1 copy of the +2 Soul Climax.

I'll show you guys who a real Kung Fu Master is!vsThat's a guy.

My final round was against King of Fighters, which was also using a copy of [Assisting Shiyoko], in order to increase the number of attributes on the Stage.

Level 0 got off to a reasonable start, thanks to [Kung Fu Master Konata] being hard to kill, however she wasn’t at full Power due to not having enough supports. Instead I’d had to place a copy of the Otaku Trio back stage and hope for the best. Later during Level 0 I debated sending a support to take out his [Chris] card to prevent the Change, but decided I’d rather keep the support card.

I seem to recall really not getting much in the way of Level 1 cards at first, instead having to rely on the Otaku trio to beat the 1/0 vanilla that [Chris] could change into. However, once it got up and running the King of Fighters cards couldn’t really fight back.

Later in the game I debated whether to hit my opponent into Level 2, because I actually need to be able to win at some point, or leave them stuck at Level 1 longer, so I can drag things on some more. I decided to go for damage, because my opponent had been getting loads of cards via Gates, Brainstorm and Event cards, such that I wasn’t confident that they’d run out of cards quick enough. This allowed my opponent to use [Ryo Sakazaki] to switch one of my supports out onto the Front Stage, which put a bit of a dent in my Power.

When we finally reached Level 3 it was time for [Plunderer Ash] to come into play and start sending some of my guys off to Memory. They first came down during my Level 2, meaning that most of my Konata weren’t strong enough to hold off Ash, however my Level 2 + the Kuroi-sensei counter managed to take at least one of them down. On the following turn I put some [Favourite Food Konata] into play, allowing me to heal a bit, and also reduce the number of attributes on the Stage by getting rid of my Level 2 (and it’s Net Game attribute). Since all of the cards I had left only had Otaku and Manga, it meant Ash could only gain 2000 Power from my side of the field, making defeating Ash a little easier.

On the second turn in Level 3, my opponent made use of [Ryo Sakazaki] again in order to weaken my supports once more, alongside the Climax combo for Ash, which boosted his Stock levels back up, after exhausting it all. I think both of Ash’s attacks were cancelled though, with my only damage coming from Ryo. I did lose a support to Memory though, which was a bit of a pain.

On my next turn I took out a few more of my opponent’s cards in battle, but I think I only managed to deal 1 damage in the process, with the rest being cancelled. At this point my opponent was running a bit out of steam, but still had a few last tricks up his sleeve, like [Omega Rugal]. I think I was on about 3-3 at this point, which meant that two hits could finish me off, but I was unlikely to go down in a single hit. At this point my opponent just sent everything at me to try and finish me off, and thanks to [Omega Rugal] he essentially got 4 attacks, due to his burn for 3 effect. I think every hit ended up being cancelled, maybe except for one for 2, but it wasn’t enough to take me out of the game.

On the final turn I had to cause 6 damage against an empty Stage to win, so went all in with 3 cards with 2 Soul. I hit for 7 off the first 2 attacks and won.

Once the tournament was over, we picked up our prizes, and I realised that not only had the Macross deck somehow gone 4-1 as well, but that another Lucky Star deck had won the whole thing. From looking at things his build was a little different to mine, but the core was probably the same.

After that my friend and I went for Sushi to finish off the day.


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