Adventures in Nipponbashi: Rebuild of Lucky Star

Last week I was finally able to get my hands on the missing Otaku cards for Lucky Star (at least the ones I was ever planning on using), due to yuyutei finally getting some back in Stock. Although it was split over two orders. This means I finally have 4 copies of [Favourite Food Konata] and 2 copies of [Innocent Konata]. In the latter case, the card actually arrived on Sunday morning, so I was a bit lucky in that regard. I also finally managed to get the full playset of [Overlord’s Vassal Etna] for the Prinny deck.

The most immediate, and likely permanent change I made to the deck was to switch out one copy of [Strongest Character Miyuki] for a copy of [Favourite Food Konata]. This would still leave me with a Miyuki for ridiculous plays if it ever came to it, but would allow me to heal more consistently. I’m currently not sure the deck needs 4 of the Konata, but I got the 4th one just in case, knowing that the card is very hard to come by.

On Saturday I swapped out one copy of [Way of Hobby Konata] for [Innocent Konata] to try and see how much difference it made. So far I’ve not been a fan of the former, since it rarely seems that necessary, but having access to a Brainstorm is always useful, so I’ve kept one copy in. On Sunday I also decided to swap out the Miyuki counter for the Konata one, once again to see how much difference it made. In theory being searchable by [Swiftly Running Girl Konata] is a big plus for the card. Also, I suppose the Soul Trigger helps to cause damage, not that the Lucky Star deck is particularly wanting for more Soul Triggers.

On Saturday there wasn’t really much to report. I was tired and generally just had problems asking people to play. Had one game with Otaku where I lost, at least partly due to hitting 3 climaxes in a row on my last turn. Not much you can do about those games.  Then played one with Miyuki and lost, but that deck is more for fun / to see if I can ever pull it off. I also modded my Glasses deck, but haven’t had time to use it yet.

Sunday got off to a bad start, but gradually got better. Pre-tournament I had two friendly games against my friend’s Project Diva deck, and managed to lose both of them, which was a remarkable change from the last time we played. In game 1 I’d gone through 6 Climaxes by the time my second turn started, so I was probably due to lose that one anyway.

In game 2 I held off my +6 Soul counter, hoping to use it on the 3rd attack, rather than the second. I died on the second hit. Turns out that if I had played it, I would have survived that hit, and cancelled the 3rd hit. I would then have had a good shot at winning on my next turn. It was a 50/50 choice there, I just made the wrong one.

Afterwards it was time for the tournament, and at first it looked like it was going to be a very small one, partly because some of the regulars were playing in what looked like a Level Neo launch event. (I don’t know anything about that game, other than the fact it has Kara no Kyokai / Garden of Sinners and Wake Up, Girls! in it). We eventually managed 16, which is one of our larger events, but 6 of them promptly dropped after Round 1. I once again managed a 3-1 record, with some very close games, but X-0 still evades me.

Miyuki to the rescue?vsYou guys were a pushover.

For round 1 I was up against a Junes deck, which was a pretty bad game for me. I was still feeling pretty exhausted and out of it at this point, and my deck really wasn’t cooperating. Except for the Kuroi-sensei counters, I didn’t draw a single card that was above Level 2 all game (well except maybe opening hand, where I don’t really need them). This meant that I couldn’t really keep up with my opponent Power wise, or in terms of damage output.

As the game was drawing to a close, I’d hoped to use Miyuki to search for a copy of [Stand Up! Konata], who would then try to fish another Level 2+ from the top of my deck. However it turned out I only had 1 Level 3 left in the entirety of my deck. My attempts to end the game that turn predictably failed, because I had to somehow cause 7 damage in a turn without access to 2 Soul characters. I lost the following turn.

This game was also a bit weird, because we had some mixed Japanese / English communication between us, since my opponent was trying to help out by using English where he could.

Did you miss me?vsYou guys sure did suck last time.

For Round 2, I somehow ended up against Junes again, which was being piloted by a friend of my first round opponent. The two of them looked to have very similar decks. Due to the number of drops in Round 1, it was also a pair up for me, so this wasn’t looking like a great start for me.

Thankfully, my deck actually functioned this time and I was able to put up a better fight. I think for 0-1 we were fairly evenly matched, with us generally just trading off against each other. I think I made a few dents here and there, but thanks to his Climax combo he was able to keep his card numbers up. Once we started to enter the late game, my Level 2 Konatas were able to make short work of anything below Level 3, and even some of his 3s fell before my Counters.

We reached a very tense point once I got into Level 3, when I realised I was down to 0 Climaxes in deck. My opponent was running relatively low on cards at this point, and only had 1 Level 3 out on the Stage. With them sitting at 3-2, it felt like do or die on that turn, and I was pretty confident I could get through, given that I only needed two successful hits. I decided to go after his Level 3 first, figuring there was really nothing he could do, and that I didn’t care much if my [Favourite Food Konata] lost, given that I wanted to end things that turn. What I didn’t realise (largely thanks to lack of knowledge on sets I don’t use / play regularly with), was that my opponent was playing [Jack Brothers], an event counter that lets my opponent Rest one of my characters. This cut out one of my attacks, and left me short of game. Given my opponent’s follow up hand, I’d have won that turn if I’d attacked his Level 3 last.

Fortunately for me, my opponent had also made a mistake by playing that Counter, because it left him with only 1 Stock, meaning he could not play a single 2 Soul character. He also didn’t have any Climaxes, which is how I knew I would have won last turn, had I not been stupid. This meant a tense turn of watching what my opponent triggered, because at that point I knew that 1 or 2 triggers and I’d be dead (either from attacks or Refresh). Thankfully I only took 3, and was able to end things on the next turn after an extra heal. I think my opponent conceded before all the attacks went through, because he was on I think 3/6, and knew he’d lose whatever happened.

Who needs Level 3 cards?vsI'll always fight on!

For my 3rd round I was up against Madoka, which I strongly suspected given his Ultimate Madoka sleeves. Oddly I’m not sure if he actually played that card at all, instead forgoing it for the new Homura PR.

Level 0 started well for me, but badly for him, and this generally seemed to be a theme for most of the game. I got down a 4500 Kung Fu Master Konata early on, and this pretty much just beat up every card that he played, never really finding a way around it.

Once we got into Level 1, it was time for the Apples combo on his part, with him putting one of his Kyoko front Stage, in order to keep his Brainstorm Homura back Stage. On the next turn [Battlefield Konata] and friends swiftly dealt with these cards, putting my opponent even more on the back foot. It wasn’t until my opponent got all the way into Level 3 that he was able to mount some kind of comeback thanks to Sayaka and the deck Refresh Homura. Sayaka took down [Swiftly Running Girl Konata], with Homura falling to my Kuroi-sensei counter. I decided to Encore my Konata and spent the rest of the game sitting at 2/6, refusing to clock myself higher.

Next turn I tried to ram my 13k Konata (boosted by Miyuki), into his Sayaka, but he of course used healing wish to heal himself. On my opponent’s final turn he still wasn’t able to knock me off 2/6, and was fast running out of cards. In the end there was only the vanilla 1/0 Sayaka left up front for him, and I was able to finish him off that turn. I was a little annoyed when my Side Attack for 1 turned into 2, and got cancelled, but my final attack finished him. By that point I’d amassed 3x [Favourite Food Konata], alongside 1 copy of [Strongest Character Miyuki] and [Innocent Konata], but never had to need to use them.

Finally I got to use this card properly!vsTwo can play at the big 1/0 game!

For my final round I was up against Love Live! in what was really a closer game than it should have been.

We both got off to fairly bad starts, with me having to do stupid things like use a Climax so Miyuki could beat things. After a turn or two I was able to get out [Kung Fu Master Konata] though, who pretty much controlled the rest of the Level 0 game.

Once we progressed into Level 1 my opponent immediately dropped 3 lots of Eri (who gains 500 per Music), and two global Music supports. This crushed Kung Fu Konata, but I was able to fight back with cards like [Battlefield Konata] on the following turn. After some exchanges with counters and Encore being involved, my opponent was eventually down to just 1 copy of Eri on the Front Stage and 3 cards in Hand.

It was at this point that I decided to break from my normal style of play and actually get a use out of my +2 Soul Climax. I’d realised that my opponent was down to either 1 or 0 Climaxes, so I decided I would hit him hard. In hindsight I really should have just killed off his Eri and dragged out the Level 1 game longer, in order to establish complete control over the game. This would have meant a much more comfortable and smooth game. As it was, I hit my opponent for 8 damage and then the final card in their deck was a Climax.

With my opponent now shifted into Level 2 they were able to shift momentum back towards them, and it certainly didn’t help me when they got a +2 off of their Brainstorm. (Although admittedly, this would contribute to their defeat later). Between that and Gates, they suddenly had lots of cards again, and I found myself on the back foot for most of the rest of the game.

As the game was drawing to a close I realised that I’d need to just keep on hitting my opponent for damage, because they were running low on Climaxes by this point. Unfortunately so was I. I realised 2 turns from the end that I only had a single Climax card left in my fairly large deck, and that I was likely in a lot of trouble. I was at 2-6 at the time, so could afford to take another 8 damage, but I really needed to win the game as well. I decided the best way to go about this was to simply ram everything in and leave myself open to direct attacks. This would increase the damage I took, but hopefully also push me closer to that 1 Climax, which could save me. I didn’t feel that just side attacking, then taking 6 damage would be a good idea, because I’d add no damage to my opponent. I think they cancelled a good amount of my Front attacks though, so I didn’t actually cause much damage, but I’m sure them drawing a Climax would have been worse for me.

My opponent hit no triggers, and I blocked the middle attack, leaving me at 3-5. On the following turn I had about a 7-8 card deck, with 0 Climaxes left after I’d drawn for the turn. I thankfully had a bunch of Stock, but couldn’t really do much with it. I did have a copy of [Stand Up! Konata] though, who I could use for deck thinning, and didn’t really care what card I picked up with her. Unfortunately I could only get 2 other Otaku on Stage, because the rest of my hand was Counters, which I either couldn’t play or weren’t Otaku. This meant I could only thin the deck down by 3.

Once again I decided suicide runs would be the best bet, because at least I’d get a slim chance of a cancel post-Refresh. I have a feeling that I needed at least 1 Soul Trigger to win here, but thankfully about half of the Otaku deck is Soul Triggers, so this wasn’t too tall an order. What was a bit nerve wracking was the fact that I hit a 2nd Soul Trigger on what would have been an attack for game, even without it. My opponent was so low on Cliamxes though that it managed to all go right through.

After all these games I’m still not convinced about the [Innocent Konata] counter. I haven’t yet had a time where it was more relevant than the Miyuki counter, except maybe for the fact it has a Soul Trigger. Not that the deck is really lacking in that department anyway. The fact the 2/2 can search it, thus essentially giving you a 13.5k on the defensive, should be an advantage, but this hasn’t come up yet. I’ll really have to play some more games, and test some more to be certain.


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