Adventures in Nipponbashi: Not so Lucky Star

Last weekend I took my Lucky Star deck out for another spin, but also decided I wanted a few friendly games with some of my other decks for the sake of variety. Since I now have 9 different decks it’s getting a bit unwieldy to take them all in at once (not to mention heavy), especially since I no longer have enough room in my Haruhi storage box for all of them. Since they’re slightly more unusual decks I decided I’d bring my Miyuki deck out and Usual Haruhi decks, in the hope that they would give my opponents some new playing experiences.

Before heading to Nipponbashi there was something I wanted to try out in Senri-Chuo, so I made my way over there for lunch. The Attack on Titan burger promotion had recently started at Lotteria, and I had to try it out, even if just for the experience. Since I was going to be spending a relatively large amount of money on it (¥2000 / nearly £12), I decided I had to go for the 10m class burger (named after the Titan class, not the actual size of the burger), which came with 10 patties. I didn’t see the point in going smaller if the price was going to be the same.

In addition to this the burger came with a choice of keyring and burger voucher for a future visit. I opted for the 3D maneuver gear one, which came with a voucher for a shrimp burger. However, there were no accompaniments, so I also got a Melon Soda to drink.

The burger was pretty large, at about the same height as my drink, but it was sort of disappointing compared to crazy things, like the burger that I’d tried in Bristol a few years ago. Then again, I’d advise against trying something like the latter, because there’s very little chance of you finishing it, or feeling well afterwards. Each individual patty was quite small, both in width and diameter, which meant finishing all of the 10m class wasn’t really a problem.

It was more a matter of how to actually eat it. As you might imagine, the burger was not structurally sound, and was threatening to collapse as soon as I unwrapped it. There was also the issue that at its full size it was impossible to take bites out of it. Without a knife and fork, I also couldn’t split it up easily like the Bristol burger. In the end I decided to split it in half using the wrapper, and work through a half at a time. Barring issues of things falling apart, it wasn’t that hard to finish.

Having now eaten it, I can’t say I’d want to try it again, but it’s really something you do for the spectacle more than anything else. There was nothing amazing about the taste, it was just a normal burger, but bigger. For slightly less crazy people, I think 5 patty burgers are also a regular option at Lotteria now, and much cheaper too. I’m not entirely sure if you can go bigger or not though.

Having now consumed my burger, I set off for Nipponbashi once again. Prior to playing any games I did some quick scouting around the area, looking for cards once again. Some friends back in England were after some higher end Monogatari stuff, and I was still on the look out for some final Lucky Star cards, and the Etna that was eluding me. I was only successful in spotting the former, which was mainly just a matter of price / stock check for now.

After finishing my search for cards, I met up with my friend again for some pre-tournament friendlies. I started things out with the Miyuki deck, which predictably lost. Given it’s only ever won against someone who had no idea what I was doing, this wasn’t really surprising. The fact the deck sends Climaxes to Memory did leave him on edge though, and we had fun playing. After this I switched over to the Usual Haruhi deck, which generally worked with it’s whole killing everyone and being untouchable strategy. However I was really drawing too many Climaxes throughout the game and eventually lost.

Once this was done it was a quick journey over to one of the C-Labo for their weekly tournament. In previous weeks the numbers seemed to have been growing week on week, but this time we barely even scraped 8 players, partly thanks to someone who entered with a Kantai Collection TD to up the numbers. A late entry would later increase this number to 9. The tournament had its share of unlucky moments for me, but I still managed to come out with a respectable 2-1 record. I’m determined at some point to pull off a clean sweep.

Who needs Level 3s when you have me?vsI hadn't realised Level lowering cards had been around this long.

Round 1 saw me facing off against an IdolM@ster deck, which I really didn’t experience many problems against. However, a mistake on my part arguably lead to my defeat. I was leading most of the game in terms of field presence and stock, regularly wiping out all of my opponent’s cards, and completely outmatching him in Power. Even his early play Level 3s were no match for Fast Girl Konata, and it wasn’t long before he’d also thrown away most of his support cards at me.

Arguably my mistake in this game came a couple of turns before the end, when I used Composed Type Miyuki to boost Fast Girl Konata over his Level 3. At the time I had a good hand already, and didn’t really see any reason to trade off any of my cards for ones from my Deck, so I didn’t use her first effect, especially since I was also planning on doing Fast Girl Konata’s Climax combo. In hindsight I should have used this chance to grab a copy of Strongest Character Miyuki, who could have saved me later in the game.

Come my final turn I was on 3/6, with about 12 cards in Stock and a small enough deck that I was probably going to take Refresh damage on the following turn, whatever happened. If I’d had Miyuki I could have healed to a safe amount, and probably also set up Stand Up! Konata to help finish my opponent off. Instead I just had to hit my opponent and hope enough damage got through for me to win. It didn’t and I lost on the next turn. This was a disappointing result given my dominance in the game, but it was giving me better ideas for future games.

The deck doesn't work without me!vsPower at Level 1 is no match for me!

For Round 2 I was up against a Vividred Operation deck and had possibly the worse opening hand I have ever seen in all my time playing the game. It consisted of 2 Book Triggers and one of the +2000 +1 Soul Climaxes, of which I drew another copy post-discard . This meant that before the game had even begun, I was already out of half of my chances to cancel. I’d hung onto the latter because at least I didn’t lose cards by playing it, and given my terrible hand I’d be needing it help get over some of my opponent’s cards. I was just about ready to write this tournament off at this point.

This turned out about as well as you’d expect early game, with me being forced to use Climaxes in order for Kung Fu Master Konata to get over anything. As we transitioned into the Level 1 game I’d managed to get copies of Sundress Konata, and Battlefield Konata, meaning that I was finally able to put together a decent stage and fight properly against my opponent.

Most of the rest of the game was a back and forth between my huge Konata and his cards, with his Level 1 reverser proving particularly annoying. My opponent kept on using Morning Special Training Aoi, obviously hoping to dig for cards from his deck, but this felt like a waste of Stock to me. I was quite happy that he wasn’t able to keep a decent Stock up because of this.

Thankfully in this game it didn’t look like my opponent was drawing many of his Climaxes, so I wasn’t taking too big hits every turn, it did however mean he was cancelling my hits quite a lot though. Pre-Refresh I think I cancelled a whole 1 time, which was when I was down to my last Climax, which was about 2 or 3 from the bottom of my deck. Throughout the entirety of the game I think I only cancelled about twice. However thanks to my field presence I was able to keep the damage I received down to a minimum, even if my hand was being damaged by this.

As we got down to the conclusion of the game, I was on 3-6, with the fate of the game resting on this turn. I can’t recall exactly my opponent’s Stage, but I really had no choice but to send everything I could into his characters whether I could beat them or not. After all of my attacks my opponent was at 3-6 as well, but with only 2 cards left in his deck. Unless my opponent had a heal in his hand, or could draw one, it’d all be over since they weren’t even able to attack me once. I could tell that my opponent didn’t have the healer in his hand, so it was all down to the draw. He drew his card and conceded the game, realising that victory was impossible.

I’d somehow turned around a terrible start and managed to win a very tight game, so I was feeling a bit better about my prospects for the day. In hindsight in that last game, if I’d realised my opponent’s last cards were not Climaxes, I might have been able to win outright, rather than leaving it to a tense luck of the draw. However I can’t recall if they hit their final Climax in that turn, or whether it was already gone.

Everybody jump!vsMe too!

My final round was against a Genius 4 / Police deck from Milky Holmes, which I honestly do not remember all that much about. I remember being really stupid early on, which could have cost me the game, but I ended up winning out in the end. The Level 3s in this deck really did not put in much work today, but I think in this game at least, Miyuki did a bit of healing.

My big mistake was due to unfamiliarity with cards, and not bothering to read them, instead just making assumptions about their effects and what Power they could reach. I was nearly undone by Self-Proclaimed Genius Beautiful Girl Kokoro, who gains 1500 every time one of my characters Rests. I did not realise this, and attacked her last, after resting every single one of my characters, meaning that she was at 9500, and I rammed by Battlefield Konata right into her. If I’d just attacked her first, I wouldn’t have lost a card for no reason, and been in a much better position for the rest of the game.

Despite this, I was able to win out in the end, although I would have liked it to be a smoother game.

You've fallen right into my trap!

Following the tournament I played a few friendlies against my last round opponent, whilst his friend (my 2nd round opponent) watched. I managed to play a game each with the 3 decks I had on me, with Lucky Star being the only one to win.

I started things off with the Miyuki deck against Guilty Crown, which actually had a fantastic start for once, managing to build up Stock with Laharl & Etna, and due to generally having a good Level 0 field. In the rest of the game I only ever drew 1 copy of Suginami though, which really messed up my Stock gaining capabilities for the rest of the game, and made it a bit harder to keep my card numbers up.

For some reason my opponent decided it was a good idea to use a Stock boosting Climax combo that let him put the top of his deck into Stock when he beat one of my guys. This could have gone disastrously for him, because you do not want to be blind-stock things against this deck. Unfortunately for me, he never did Stock a Climax via this.

By Refresh I’d put 4 Climaxes to Memory, and left him with 3 in deck. Unfortunately I lost before I was able to get rid of the final climaxes and play Miyuki though.

After this it was Usual Haruhi vs a Sara Da Capo deck. The deck pretty much did what it was meant to do in terms of field presence, but it just kept on drawing Climaxes, so I took too much damage in the end. This is especially bad for a deck which relies on taking direct attacks all the time to increase cancel chances. I think I even managed to blind Stock a Climax with the deck’s one Gold Bag Trigger.

We ended the day with Lucky Star vs Railgun, where I have a feeling my opponent deliberately chose a deck to mess up Lucky Star deck. (I’d let him choose which of my decks I’d play). He was running the Level 3 Mikoto who could kill Level 0s, so it really hurt my game to have the Sundress Konatas sent to the Waiting Room. Despite these kinds of problems, I was eventually able to win thanks to the +2 Soul Climax, and the fact my opponent was down to an 8 or so card deck, with no Climaxes in it.


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