Adventures in Nipponbashi Part 3

Last Sunday I made another trip out to Nipponbashi, this time once again in search of more single cards. I was also planning on meeting up with the friend I’d made a few weeks ago for some games.

The whole of last week I’d been feeling pretty bad, I think due to eating something bad on the Monday, and had only really started to recover properly by the Sunday. So I was quite looking forward to having some fun playing cards, and not worrying about feeling ill.

Before that, I decided to venture out for some of the more unusual food on offer in Japan. I’d read about Lotteria doing a Chocolate and Honey Mustard Chicken Burger, so I felt I had to try it out before it disappeared from the menu. I’d spotted a Lotteria the other day at Senri-Chuo, and since it wasn’t too far out of the way on the journey to Nipponbashi, I decided I’d make a stop there for lunch.

After arriving at Senri-Chuo I eventually relocated the Lotteria and ordered the meal version of that burger. (I didn’t go all out and get the chips with chocolate dipping sauce though.) It wasn’t actually all that bad, and I didn’t think that the addition of chocolate was as weird as I’d been expecting. I can’t say I have any plans to try it again (I’d rather go for taste over novelty), but there was nothing wrong with it.

Afterwards I made my way onwards to Nipponbashi, and learnt an important lesson about paying attention to which way the train is going. Normally I get on at Yamada and just ride the train straight through to Nipponbashi. What I hadn’t realised was that the line splits at Awaji, and I didn’t realise this until I passed through an unfamiliar station. Fortunately in the end I only ended up two stops off track, so I was able to get to my final destination eventually. It just took longer than usual.

When I finally made it into Nipponbashi my first order of the day was to return to the shop that had a couple of cards I’d been after the previous week. This time I knew how to fill in the request slip, so hoped I’d be able to obtain the cards easily. What I hadn’t realised was quite how complicated (to my eyes anyway) the name of the Level 0 Accelerator was (最強の能力者 一方通行). This lead to the fun task of me trying to copy this was a printed copy of the card picture, in the middle of a crowded shop, whilst trying to balance the folder containing said printed copy on my arm. This was pretty uncomfortable, so I was glad when I finished it. The shop had 3 copies of that, plus the Tabitha counter, so I was getting a step closer to finding all the cards I wanted.

After that I went on a look around all the other shops I regularly visit, on the search for single cards, and looking through all their folders of singles for anything interesting. Unfortunately, I didn’t really have any luck finding the cards I was after. I eventually remembered that I should also be looking for extra copies of the 3 Idiots card, but hadn’t realised how expensive they could get.(¥1000 at the first shop I saw them in). Thankfully I found them in the next shop for about ¥700, so decided to opt for that.

After that I met up with my new friend, who let me know that there was a tournament on in the evening at one of the C-Labo that he usually attended (The one I happened to find the KoF card in before). I’d been planning on heading that way anyway, so we went to see if there was any space for us to play prior to the tournament. We were out of luck though, because the play area was absolutely full when we arrived. I did manage to locate two copies of [Overlord Zenon Defeated!!] though, which was good.

What's wrong with that Prinny?

After unsuccessfully trying a few more shops we finally found some space in the Card Pal, and settled down for a couple of games. We stuck to Neo-Standard in preparation for the tournament, so I used Eva and Haruhi, whilst he used Project Diva.

We'll see who's the bigger sadist!vsI'm not sure that's where CDs go.

I started off with Eva for the first game, but I honestly cannot remember too many details about this game. I’m pretty sure I got off to a decent start with Shinji and some characters, and that Shinji helped keep my power Levels decent, but can’t recall much beyond that. The effectiveness of Shinji is sort of diminished when the opponent has the same card, but for Miku.

I think late game I had loads of Level 3s and was just able to keep control of the game.

Have fun in Canada!vsNo! Not Canada!

Once again, the full details of this game escape me, so I’ll have to recount as best I can. Kyon & Koizumi dealt with some Level 0s as usual, the Level 1 game was pretty much battle of the vanillas, and then Level 2-3 was just protect Summer Festival as usual.

During Level 1, the free Encore was useful, which makes a change. Ultimately I think a big deciding factor was that I managed to stop Sadistic Music Factory Miku’s Climax combo with the Ryoko counter, and was able to stay in the game because of it. I eventually won, but don’t think I ever did the Summer Festival Climax combo.

After this, it was pretty close to time for the tournament, so we decided to head back over to C-Labo. Since it was only a ¥100 tournament, there wouldn’t really be much on the line. In the end we had 9 players, which meant 3 rounds of Swiss. I decide to take Eva in, because I have the most faith in it.

Against a lot of the decks I wouldn’t really know what they were doing, so this might have negatively influenced my playing. It wasn’t until the evening after the event that I actually had a chance to check what lots of them did.

Shinji, why didn't you help?vsDon't hurt me!

I sit down against my first opponent and sort of recognise his sleeves. After a bit, I realise they’re for one of the characters from Accel World, so I’m sort of expecting an Accel World deck. I’ve never faced one before, but I’ve heard they’re not too bad, so I’m feeling okay about the first round.

During the first turn, my opponent dumps [Mikoto & Kuroko , One Roof], which makes me realise I’m facing Railgun, and my heart immediately sinks. When he starts playing though, it turns out it’s a Saten/ Uiharu deck, so it’s not too bad for me. In fact my opponent would never actually get to draw the Mikoto & Kuroko card.

This game started off with no Shinji in sight, and I’d only ever get one when I salvaged it later in the game. This put me in trouble as far as power was concerned, especially when my opponent put down two copies of [Haruee, munching] at Level 1, providing them with an across the board +2000. Eventually I managed to claw things back with [Finishing Blow Asuka] and start to set up a decent field.

Eventually they drop 3 copies of [Uiharu in Swimsuit], but fortunately they’re unable to use her Recollection effect, so her Power isn’t too much to deal with.  On the following turn I try to break their Power a little bit with the [Experimental Plugsuit Asuka] Climax combo, to get rid of one of the supports, but I don’t make too much of a dent in the Uiharu.

The next turn I follow up with the Climax combo for my Level 3 Asuka, and managed to get in a bit of burn, whilst also damaging their Stage. I somehow survive another turn, and finish them off on my next turn, by which point their Stage has fallen apart.

I need more than you Shinji!vs I still think this is a stupid way to spell Charles.

For Round 2 I was facing off against a Da Capo III deck, and I’d have an absolutely terrible start. I think the only playable character I got for the first 2 turns was a copy of Shinji. This really put me on the back foot for a lot of the game, because I was really behind on damage and Stock.

By Level 1 I’d managed to draw more copies of Shinji, and had managed to build a pretty solid Stage, but was still a bit behind. At some point my opponent used [Playing in the Creek], and followed up with a Brainstorm, which allowed them to add 3 copies of the Level 3 Charles from their Waiting Room to their Hand. Things really were not looking good for me at this point.

During Level 2 I was able to start picking apart their Back Stage with [Finishing Blow Asuka], which helped keep my Front Stage going. It was only after the event that I realised that one of the supports only gave Power to the Middle of Centre Stage (albeit a 1500 boost), which would explain why a Level 0 reached about 9000 Power at one point…

At Level 3 they dropped 2 copies of Charles and hit me with a double Climax combo, giving them both the ability to burn for 1 damage twice. I can’t help but feel that they wouldn’t have had the 6 Stock to pay for this if I hadn’t had such a bad start. I somehow survive this onslaught and start to fight back.

By the end I’ve turned the advantage around completely, now in complete control of the Stage, and with overall card advantage. However I was behind in damage, and couldn’t actually kill my opponent off, so a last few suicide attacks were able to end it.

We meet again!vsThis time won't be so easy!

For the final round I was paired against my friend, so we were in for a rematch of earlier.

For once in the tournament, I got a decent Level 0, meaning I could actually put pressure on early game. We both ended up cancelling a lot, so spend quite a long time in Level 0. Since we both have quite a lot of similar cards, we mostly end up trading off different guys at Level 0, with neither really establishing dominance.

At Level 1 I have to deal with a bunch of 1/1 vanillas, which isn’t too bad for my deck when on the offensive. I can’t recall too much about Level 2, beyond that Cooking Asuka probably got big and caused issues.

I think generally in the later game I was able to control the Stage quite well, but things came very close to game over, when I realised that I would lose if his final attack hit a Soul Trigger. Fortunately this didn’t happen, so I was able to take game on the next turn, by which point his resources and Stage were exhausted.

In the end I go 2-1, and get one random choice of a card. I end up with a R from Accel World which I don’t really care for, but a card’s a card. My friend ends up with an RR from the very first Da Capo set, which is terrible and tells you just how far the game has come. It was a 1/1 6K Encore, with a negative effect, compared to the 1/1 6.5K with no negative effect that you can get now.

After this we get in one more quick game with my Glasses deck, which just falls apart (never drew any Lit Club Yuki), before we decided to call in a night.

I had fun in the tournament, and hope that in the future I might be able to perform better, now that I’m getting more exposure to cards.


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