Weiβ Schwarz Tier List Discussion

With a potential new influx of players coming from the start of the English game, inevitably people will ask what the Tier List for Weiβ Schwarz is, or at least what the best decks are. For the purposes of this discussion I will be sticking to just Neo-Standard. One thing you need to realise about Weiβ Schwarz, is that this isn’t the reason most people play the game. Most people will be playing the game for the opportunity to play a deck featuring their favourite characters, instead of playing a deck because of how good it is.

Mai Waifu

Thus in most people’s eyes the Tier List would be as follows:

Top Tier:

Mai Waifu

Bottom Tier:

Your Waifu

If you want to try and take the game more seriously, there are some decks which are clearly better than others and will usually see filling up the top slots in tournaments. There are also others that are clearly worse. However you won’t really be able to find any sort of agreement on the decks in the middle. You also have to consider the fact that people will play decks for reasons other than how good the series is. Some series will see more play simply because the anime is popular, the characters are popular, or even because the seiyuu are popular.

Then there are some series that won’t see play for fairly arbitrary reasons. For example Evangelion, which you’d think would be really popular,  isn’t. This is because the set didn’t have any signed cards, instead being replaced by NERV logos, and as such less people bought the set than usual. Another thing to consider is that some decks are practically impossible to complete, due to cards being long out of print and hard to obtain, regardless of whether the deck is any good or not.

The bane of many the player.

Then you just have odd things happen, like what’s happened with Angel Beats! popularity. The deck has consistently performed well at the WGP Finals the past 2 years, and previously had people calling for restrictions to be placed on the set. However after its second Extra Pack, which should have made the deck even stronger, people suddenly seemed less interested in it. There’s also Bakemonogatari, which was fairly popular and well performing back when the series was new, but has since practically disappeared.

Who needs healing?

Whereas in other games like Yu-Gi-Oh! it’s fairly easy to include anti-meta cards in your deck, or even build whole decks for that purpose, it’s a bit harder to do in Weiβ Schwarz. This is because you’re restricted to single series, and you can’t guarantee that cards even exist within most of them to handle the big decks.

There are a few examples out there of what might be considered anti-meta, most prominently Rewrite. This is because most decks are heavily reliant on healing once they get to the end game, and Rewrite has an anti-heal card. Little Busters! has also recently received a similar card, so we may soon see them rise up the ranks as well.

Another possibility is a series like Melty Blood, which features Anti-Encore cards, like Shiki, which can help to shut down decks like Angel Beats! or Disgaea.

You know he's serious now.

For reasons like these, you will often see decks which should be better on paper being used less than decks which on paper should be worse.

Currently it’s a little hard to truly gauge the top decks, because there have only been 2 Bushiroad Card Fight events since the new year, giving results for 3 tournaments, but there are a few things you can say for certain. Out of the 12 decks listed, 5 have been Disgaea and 2 of the 3 events have been won by Disgaea. Disgaea has also previously had very strong showing, even since Laharl got restricted to 2. As such, it’s a pretty safe bet to say that Disgaea is currently one of the top decks. The deck generally has powerful cards across the board, in addition to global Encore support and one of the strongest Level 3s still allowed.

Mmm fish!

Out of the other results, the only other 2 decks to secure more than a single place were Rewrite and Madoka. As already mentioned Rewrite has an anti-heal card, making it a perfect counter to most other decks. It also has access to generally useful cards, like a Runner, a Level 1 suicider and a 9500 you can bring out during Level 1. Madoka on the other hand has access to a huge number of healing cards and in terms of raw Power one of the strongest Level 3 cards around.

Other decks worth considering, although they might not have had as good of a showing recently are things like IdolM@ster and Angel Beats!. IdolM@ster has access to a huge variety of cards, some of which are very strong. However the deck has had a bit of a weaker showing since the new restrictions placed on it. Angel Beats! has been a good deck for quite a while now, partly thank to its global Encore support, but has apparently seen a decline in popularity recently. Some people view it as a standard ‘good’ deck that you have to be able to beat if you also want to consider your deck to be ‘good’.

Even if the deck is terrible, it doesn't mean you can find the cards.

At the other end you have decks that are generally considered bad, usually either because they’re so old that certain types of card didn’t exist yet, or because they were from such a small set that you can’t really do much with them. This includes series like The King of Fighters and Lucky Star. Even then, people will still enter the WGP finals with decks like these, simply because they like them. And you do have to consider the fact that they can sometimes still win against the other decks out there.

Ultimately, if you just want to play for fun, you can still play with your favourite characters, and you may often still win. Even when you don’t, you’ll probably still have fun playing. Just because you’re not playing one of the ‘top’ decks, doesn’t mean they can just roll right over you without you putting up a fight. We’ve had unusual things like a Bakemonogatari Trial Deck winning a Regional in Japan the week it came out, so anything could happen.


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