Weiβ Schwarz Restricted Cards

Since there are potentially soon to be lots of new players around, I thought it might be a good idea to help get them caught up on the Restricted cards in the game.

In Weiβ Schwarz you can usually use up to 4 copies of a card, but there are a few special exceptions to this for especially strong cards. There are currently 3 different categories for restrictions; Banned, Up to 2, or choose from X. The former two are obvious to anyone from other card games, but the final category might be unfamiliar. Basically a few series have cards that are too strong when played in combination, but Bushiroad didn’t want to ban them outright. Instead you can only play 1 card from a selection of cards and you cannot mix it with the others on the list. You can however use as many copies of that single card as you wish.

In addition to this, there are separate lists for  Neo-Standard / Title Limited and Standard / Weiβ / Schwarz Side.

Neo-Standard / Title Limited

Da Capo

From the following 2 cards you may only play 1:

Swimsuit Anzu

Xylophone Fortune Reading

I'm sure you've heard Konata quoting Anzu at some point.Your guess is as good as mine about how this works.

Both of these cards are useful healing cards, which when used in conjunction can make it quite hard to defeat a Da Capo player. If you’re Level 2 or higher and Anzu is on top of your Clock, she will go to the Waiting Room at the end of your turn. The Xylophone card will send any 2 cards from your Clock to the Waiting Room before sending itself to Memory, allowing you to easily heal damage.

Alone they’re not too bad. Anzu will usually be a free heal that will often allow you to Clock for free, whilst the Fortune Reading is just a fairly normal healing card, apart from the fact you don’t have to heal from the top of the Clock. When combined though, it’s quite easy to heal 3 in a turn, since Fortune Reading can clear the way so Anzu can get to the top of the Clock.

Often Bushiroad do these kinds of limitations on healing cards so that players will play properly, rather than try to stall for a win, instead of being inherently overpowered.

Little Busters!

The following card is banned:


Rest! simply allows you to heal 2, which might not seem like much, but for a single Stock is incredibly cheap. As with above, this is partly banned to stop people abusing time procedures. This is one of 5 cards that is completely banned in all formats.

Zero no Tsukaima / The Familiar of Zero

From the following 3 cards you may play only 1:

Operation Hostage Rescue

Noble’s duty, Louise

Unconscious power, Louise

Quite an appropriate effect.Getting Level 3s out early is always good.Is Louise being mind controlled?

These 3 cards are all fairly powerful in their own rights but maybe not enough to be banned on their own, however Bushiroad decided they were too good to be combined in a single deck.

Operation Hostage Rescue is guaranteed to get you a character back from your Waiting Room for just a single Stock, but could potentially get even more back thanks to the Brainstorm effect. Even if that effect fails to hit a Climax, you’ve still thinned your Deck by 3 cards.

Noble’s Duty Louise can be played a Level early under the right circumstances, and heals when she comes into play. This allows you to play less Level 2s and instead bulk up your Level 3s, whilst also increasing the deck’s healing capability.

Unconscious power, Louise is a multipurpose card that can salvage a card from your Waiting Room whilst providing a free Deck Refresh, and can Change into a Level 3 card.

It’s sort of understandable why some of these cards can’t be combined, the first and last together would allow for lots of retrieval in a single Deck, whilst the second and last could allow you to get large numbers of Level 3s out during Level 2. Combining the first and second doesn’t seem too bad, but I suppose it does make playing Louise easier.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

The following card is banned:

The World has Lost its Colour

Haruhi is one of the more heavily restricted series in the game, and up first we have one of the 5 cards that are completely banned in all formats. By getting rid of a Level 1 or above character on your Stage you can get back any 2 characters you want from your Waiting Room to your Hand, in addition to bring back a Level 0 Brigade Leader attribute card. This will usually result in an instant +1 for only a single Stock cost, and potentially gives you instant access to some of your best cards. Even if you don’t have a Brigade Leader card to bring back it’s still only break even.

From the following 3 cards you may play only 1:

Trouble Girl Haruhi

Dress Up Nagato

Summer Festival Nagato

Haruhi would never cause troubleThis card is ridiculousMy poor Alien deck.

This trio of cards used to give Haruhi, specifically Alien, Decks an incredibly powerful late game. This is because all 3 are strong in their own rights, but just became ridiculous together, with many decks opting to run 9 Level 3s, and sometimes not even bothering with Level 2 cards. 2 of these are even outright banned in Standard.

Trouble Girl Haruhi combines heal and burn in a single card, and unlike similar cards doesn’t have any kind of Cost for her burn causing Climax combo.

Dress Up Nagato  has one of the most powerful effects in the entire game, since she essentially allows you to rearrange your opponent’s entire Stage, completely ruining their plans. On top of this, she can also heal 1 damage on the turn she’s played, if she manages to defeat something in battle. This is easy enough to do if you’ve just moved support cards into the firing line.

Finally Summer Festival is another card that can be played a Level early, in this case when you have 4 or more Aliens on the Stage. For a Deck that is nearly entirely Alien, and featuring a support card that can search for Alien cards, this is incredibly easy to pull off. On top of this, she has a Climax combo that gives her a big Power boost, in addition to healing 1 damage.

When working together your opponent would have a hard time keeping pace with all the healing, in addition to seeing their plans torn apart, whilst also taking burn damage. Separated they aren’t so bad, because you end up having to compromise on other aspects of the deck in order to incorporate them.

A Certain Magical Index / A Certain Scientific Railgun

You may only play up to 2 copies of the following card:

Mikoto & Kuroko, Under One Roof

Where's the roof?

Mikoto & Kuroko is one of the strongest Level 3 cards in the game, since it has built in healing and burning capabilities. When you attack, for one Stock and a card from your Hand, they can gain 2000 Power, and cause burn damage when they defeat an opponent, which shouldn’t be too hard with the extra 2000 Power. On top of this, you can also Change into this card during Level 2, potentially allowing you to dominate the Stage even earlier.

From the following 3 cards you may play only 1:

“Heaven Canceller”

“Multiskill” Kiyama

Kuroko, Tokiwadai’s Lady

Encore for everybody!Power for everybody!Mikoto!

Index / Railgun has another trio of cards that you must choose between, all of which are pretty strong, but can become dangerous when combined.

“Heaven Canceller” gives all of your Espers Encore, which could be pretty much your entire Deck, and what’s more he’s a Level 0, meaning you don’t need to worry about colours or waiting to play him.

Kiyama is Level support, but instead of just giving it to characters in front of her, can give a Power boost to all of your Espers. This can result in a pretty tough to beat Stage, especially if you could use it alongside “Heaven Canceller”. You’d end up with not only strong characters, but also ones that would be practically impossible to kill permanently.

Kuroko, Tokiwadai’s Lady becomes 7500 when a Mikoto character is around, giving you a very strong Level 1 card with very little drawback. If combined with “Heaven Canceller” it becomes a real pain to get rid of, because you can’t even get rid of the Mikoto character to weaken Kuroko. Her interaction with Kiyama is nothing special, but I think it’s just a consequence of stopping the other combinations that you can’t can’t play these two together.


The following card is banned:

Akinari Kamiki

Shame if you were to lose your hand.

Akinari is a rare type of Weiβ Schwarz card that allows you to discard your opponent’s cards, and because of this he’s ended up as one of the 5 completely banned cards. When he goes to the Waiting Room the opponent has to discard a card, meaning he can be used to simplify the game very quickly. He’s arguably more of a problem card in Standard because of a combo that I’ll get to later. However even without that he could still be a problem in Persona decks, and it stops any other combos being built.


You may only play up to 2 copies of the following card:

Supreme Overlord Laharl

Will D2 push Laharl over the edge?

Laharl is one of the earliest Level 3 cards in the game, but also one of the most powerful. He was one of the first cards to have 10,000 Power and a healing ability, which are fairly standard nowadays. However at the time Bushiroad might not have realised just how powerful his second ability was. By sending Laharl to Memory, you can get back up to 2 Angel or Demon cards from your Waiting Room to your Hand. As you might imagine, this can easily get out of hand  if you have multiple copies of Laharl. The 1st Laharl could get back Laharl 2 and 3, the 2nd one can get back a 4th copy plus another Level 3 and so on. So you not only end up healing lots, but also increasing your resources every time.

At 2 it doesn’t get out of hand so easily, but still gives Disgaea a strong Level 3.

Shining Force EXA

The following card is banned:

Cyrille, Changing

Which outfit do you prefer?

Cyrille is a powerful support card that is another of the 5 completely banned cards. She’s versatile providing both Power boosts and the potential for healing. The first effect gives one of your characters +1000 attack when one of your characters gets attacked, but you can only use it once per turn. This isn’t that impressive a boost compared to some other support cards, but it is more versatile. You also need to consider the fact it’s free to play her.

The second effect is what helped push her over the edge though. Every time your damage is cancelled, you can pay 2 Stock to heal 1 damage. This means you can start healing as early as Level 1, and having damage cancelled is no longer a negative for you.

The IdolM@ster

From the following 3 cards you may play only 1:

Haruka, Gentle and Positive

Azusa, Easily Lost

Takane of Ancient Capital

Hail Haruka!Where am I?Level 3s that come out early seem to be a running problem...

The restricted trio for IdolM@ster are all powerful standalone cards, but they don’t actually interact with each other like some of the other trios. The restriction is instead likely just due to overplaying of the 3 cards, and the fact that together they allow you to have a strong Level 0 to 2.

Up first is Haruka, who is potentially a very strong attacker and defender during Level 1. Whilst she might only have 4000 Power, she gains 1500 every time an opponent’s Standing character is Rested. This means she’ll always be at least a 5500 when defending, but could go as high as an 8500 if she’s left until last. Or even 11,500 if your opponent Rests their support cards, although with Haruka around they’ll be reluctant to do that. This will also force your opponent to attack in a certain order, and of course becomes even worse when multiple copies of her are around.

This does leave her lacking on the offense though, but she has a Climax combo to make up for that. Her combo not only gets a Music character back, but also Rests all of your opponent’s Standing characters. This is likely to make her a 7000 before you consider any outside boosts, enough to take on many 1/1s.

Second we have Azusa, who is the strongest “Runner” in the game. This is a type of card that can run away to an empty space on the Stage before the opponent tries attacking, allowing her to dodge your opponent’s attacks and helping you build up Stock. For most decks the only real way around this is to flood the Stage, which isn’t really something they want to do. Azusa has the highest Power of all of these types of cards at 2500, meaning she can potentially defeat characters before running away from the counterattack. She’s allowed this much Power because if you reveal a Climax from the top of your Deck when you play her, she cannot attack, but this will happen rarely enough to not really be important.

Finally there is Takane who can be played a Level early, and heals 1 damage when she comes into play. There’s nothing fancy about her, but the requirements to get her out early are relatively easy, only requiring a copy of herself in the Level. Although you do have to discard a card if you do this. She allows you to easily increase the number of Level 3s you play, and shifts the late game into the 10,000 range very quickly. She’s probably not as good an individual card as the other two, but it might be a bit much to have to take her on after already dealing with one of the others.

Milky Holmes

The following card is banned:

Cordelia’s Garden

You'd think they'd stop making healing cards like this...

The final card restricted in Neo-Standard / Title Limited is Cordelia’s Garden, which is the also the final of the 5 completely banned cards. It is once again another healing card, but also gives a heft Power boost on top of this. As well as healing 2 damage it also gives one of your characters a +3000 Power boost. So not only will you be able to stay in the game for longer, but you can also take out your opponent’s more powerful characters. Thanks to this card and characters with healing abilities it became very difficult to defeat Milky Holmes once they’d reached Level 3.

Standard / Weiβ / Schwarz Side

In these formats there are several cards which are outright banned. 5 of these are also banned in Neo-Standard / Title Limited, whilst some others are less tightly restricted in those formats. This is because once they’re introduced to the full card pool they become even stronger. Then there are a few cards which are okay in Neo-Standard / Title Limited, but become too strong when combined with cards from other series.

The following cards are banned:

Playing in the Creek!Playing in the Creek!

Oddly these two cards are exactly the same.Oddly these two cards are exactly the same.

These two cards are exactly the same, despite the fact they come from completely different sets. They both allow you to draw 2 before placing 2 cards back on top of your Deck. Normally this won’t be that useful, since it leaves you a card down. When combined with Brainstorm cards like Louise of the Void it becomes very strong though, since you can guarantee that you’ll hit at least 2 Climaxes. So with that Louise card you’d be able to get 3 extra cards from a simple 2 card combo. The ease with which you could gain cards via this combo would factor into another combo we’ll see later.

Kirche Augusta Frederica von Anhalt Zerbst

Guaranteed damage is always good.

Kirche is another card that is okay within its own series, but could really be problematic when combined with cards from other series, such as those that can burn for 1. As well as being a standard Assist card, she can also place a card from your opponent’s Waiting Room on top of their Deck by sending herself to the Waiting Room. This means you can guarantee at least 1 damage, which is especially useful as the game is drawing to an end. With access to the full range of cards in the game it becomes much easier to hit for precision damage, and when you know it won’t be cancelled you can seal games that much more easily.


As you might expect, this card is also banned here, because it would lead to stalling.

Trouble Girl Haruhi

Haruhi would never cause trouble

Unlike in Neo-Standard, you cannot use this card at all in Standard. This is because she’s one of the strongest Level 3s in the game, and she completely outclasses other cards that do the same, but for a bigger cost.

The World has Lost its Colour

As already explained, this card is usually a +1, and at worst a break even. Decks would use this, even if they played no Brigade Leaders, simply for the chance to get their strongest cards back. Otherwise decks could just use Haruhi, Hands Full of Bouquet, and easily gain a +1 from this.

Dress Up Nagato

This card is ridiculous

As stated before, her effect to rearrange the Stage is probably one of the strongest in the entire game. It’s strong enough within the Haruhi series, but when exposed to the full card pool your follow up plays to Nagato become ever greater.

Akinari Kamiki

Shame if you were to lose your hand.

Akinari reaches his full strength in Standard, and is probably at least partly responsible for seeing the decline in popularity of Standard. In Standard you could get rid of your opponent’s entire Hand in a turn, practically sealing the game for you as early as Level 1.  By combining it with a card which can repeatedly send Akinari to the Waiting Room, such as “Jyurin” Akechi Mitsuhide, and cards which give Encore, such as “Brutal chibi-child” Illya(FS/S03-080) you can wipe out an opponent’s hand in one go. Of course you first need to have more cards than your opponent, but this was easy enough thanks to the combos involving Playing in the Creek!.

Supreme Overlord Laharl

Will D2 push Laharl over the edge?

Laharl is completely banned in Standard and Schwarz Side because he was severely restricting what Level 3s people would use because he’s just too good. During the season prior to this ban coming in, pure Disgaea decks were winning Schwarz Side leagues, and other decks were simply running 4 copies of him.

Cyrille, Changing

Which outfit do you prefer?

Cyrille is even better in Standard / Schwarz Side  than Neo-Standard, so she of course has to be banned there as well. Just about every deck would run her, limiting the variety of decks that people were running. Also since she’s Magic attribute she benefits from the huge amounts of support available to that attribute. Also she benefits to a lesser extent from all the Book support available too.

Azusa, Easily Lost

Where am I?

Azusa as already mentioned is the best “Runner” in the game, so would be an auto-include for Standard / Schwarz Side Decks. This led to much less variety when it came to deck building.

Cordelia’s Garden

You'd think they'd stop making healing cards like this...

Finally we have Cordelia’s Garden, which only gets more useful in Standard / Schwarz Side because of the abundance of other cards that can heal alongside it.


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