Weiβ Schwarz Cards of the Day: 7th+8th of May

We’ve got a trio of cards for the past 2 days, first up we’ve got support for Monday’s Akane card, and then we’ve got a Little Busters! Climax combo. Following that we’ve got another Blue Psycho-Pass card and a trap.

“The Beast To Hunt The Beast” Kogami

Looks like yesterday's Akane could be quite strong.

Red / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 1000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«サイコパス Psycho-Pass» / «公安 Public Safety»

[CONT] All of your other characters whose card name includes [朱Akane] gain Power +500.

[AUTO] Bond / [Ability Becoming Of An Inspector, Akane] [Place 1 card from your Hand in the Waiting Room]

Today’s Kogami card provides support for all your Akane cards, whilst also bonding to the 1/1 from Monday. This means you could quite easily have an 8000+ during Level 1 thanks to that Akane. However due to the small size of the set, the global Akane boost might be of limited use compared to plain support cards. There can only be so many Akane cards in the set, and then only so many of those will be worth using. This could lead to you sacrificing the Power of your other cards in order to increase Akane’s.

The Bond effect is of course useful, but since you have to discard a card you can’t use it to build up your resources. However the fact it doesn’t need any Stock means that could be saved for another card instead.

“Sun After the Rain” Nishizono Mio

Where'd her pupils go?

Blue / Level 2 / Cost 1 / 8000 / 1 Soul / 1 Soul Trigger

«本 Book» / «マネージャー Manager»

[CONT] If this card has a Marker, this card gains Power +1500, the «影 Shadow» attribute, and the following ability [[AUTO] When this card’s battle opponent is Reversed, you may place that character on top of the Deck.]

[AUTO] When [—Let’s go … Let’s live] is placed in your Climax Zone, and this card has no markers underneath it, you may choose 1 character with [美鳥Midori] in its name from your Waiting Room, and place it under this card face down as a Marker.

Mio has a Climax combo that could make her quite a painful Level 2 to face, but might be lacking at other times. After the combo she will be a 9500 card that can send her defeated opponents to the top of the Deck. This means that not only will she stronger than many Level 2 cards, but your opponent could end up suffering extra damage and will be unable to Encore the defeated character. This is all considering the fact she only costs a single Stock.

The fact she gains a marker can also be useful for making your Deck smaller for when a Refresh happens. However it does mean that sometimes you might not have the required card in the Waiting Room to make the marker, preventing the effect from working. I assume there are enough Midori cards in the set to make this a rare problem though.

I’m not entirely sure whether the «影 Shadow» attribute is for show or thematic reasons only, but I’m sure there must be something in the series to support this.

If you fail to pull off the combo this card will be lacklustre at other times with only 8000 Power, so you’ll need to be careful.

—Let’s go … Let’s live

Where'd the scenery go?

Blue / Book Trigger

[CONT] All of your characters gain Power +1000, Soul +1.

This is the Climax that goes with the above Mio.

Sharpened intelligence, Makishima

When will his Level 3 appear?

Blue / Level 0 / Cost 0 / 2000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

«サイコパス Psycho-Pass» /«本 Book»

[ACT] Brainstorm [(1) Rest this card] Turn over the top 4 cards of your Deck and put them in the Waiting Room. For every 1 Climax amongst those cards, draw 1 card.

This Makishima is the standard kind of Blue Brainstorm card which requires a Stock and Resting the card to use the effect. The ability to draw per Climax is a very powerful effect, and hence why it’s basically limited to once per turn. Like all the other cards with the same effect, it means you trade off a good effect for the fact you can’t repeatedly use the effect to force an early Refresh.

“Suitable clothes” Riki

Yu-Gi-Oh! isn't the only game with traps!

Green / Level 1 / Cost 0 / 6000 / 1 Soul / No Trigger

No Attribute

[AUTO] When this card is placed on the Stage from your Hand, if your Stock is 2 or less, Rest this card.

Riki is a straightforward Level 1 card with an unusual choice of attribute. Considering the game has both Maid and Crossdressing as Female attributes, I’m surprised that this card has neither. This does however mean it could possibly be added to a no attribute deck in Standard.

As a 1/0 6000 Riki can defeat many other 1/0s, and his drawback will hopefully not come up too often, except those times the game starts terribly for you. In most games it’s not too hard to gather up 2 Stock by the time you get to Level 1, thus allowing Riki to attack freely. Even if you somehow don’t, you could always try and hide him Back Stage for a turn if you have space.

Wowz, that’s great

That's how Bushiroad translated it, not me.

Green / Level 1 / Cost 0 / No Trigger


Choose one of your cards whose character name includes [理樹 Riki] and send it to the Waiting Room. Afterwards, choose 1 of your [“Suitable clothes” Riki] from your Waiting Room and place it on any Border on your Stage, all of your characters, during that turn, gain Power +2000.

Finally we have an event card that goes along with the above Riki card, which makes it even easier to play. You’ll need to make the Power boosts worth it with this card though, otherwise you’ll end up a card down.

On the face of it, using an Event, even though it’s free, and giving up a character card, just to bring back a 1/0 with just above vanilla Power doesn’t seem worth it. Especially considering that you will often just be able to play said Level 1 from your Hand for free anyway, and not lose a card in the process. What you’ll really be using this for though is the fact it provides all your characters a 2000 boost as well, which can be a very important amount during Level 1.

You’ll need to make sure you can win at least 1 battle you would otherwise have not been able to, or this card might feel like a waste.


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